Cake Day, Wedding Days, Tour Days!!! – She Got The Job – Bryan is Back and He got Fat

She came home yesterday when I was finishing my blog looking defeated.

“Oh fuck,” I thought.

But no. She got the job. She just doesn’t like it. Today is her first day. She described her boss like Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. Never saw the movie. But I get it. Meryl Streep was a complete demanding psycho bitch. It probably ends with them bonding or something nice or I’m not sure. I never saw it.

She was nervous about it. Her new boss asked for so much useless paperwork. A letter of recommendation from her parents?! Who the fuck asks for that?! Of course a parent is going to recommend their child. Which parent is going to be like “Ohhh no, you shouldn’t hire my daughter, she is incompetent and stupid!”


Point is. She got the job. It’s her first day today. Apparently they interviewed a lot of people for that position and she got it. She’s really smart. And brave. I don’t deserve her. Friends say I deserve it… but do I? Really? I’m nothing but a dude who writes a daily blog and then writes more articles and stuff. Does tours. Posts on Reddit. Gets drunk. And pets and feeds his cat.

But thanks friends. She does make me very happy.

Now I want to do everything for her. She’s doing it for me. She got the job because she wanted to stay in Tijuana so she can be with me. When she is at her job, I will be doing my jobs. I can’t just go fuck around forever like I have. She’s working. I’m working.

It’s my cake day today!!

I have nothing reddit worthwhile to post though :(

The slice of cake next to my name is not showing either. Maybe it hasn’t started yet… ?

Oh yeah. It’s also Valentines Day as well. I never really had a girlfriend during the date (that I can remember). She doesn’t care about it. And she might be reading this before I even have a chance to surprise her… but I feel the need to buy her something. Besides tickets to La La Land… Maybe I’ll go buy her a present soon.

And La La Land perhaps another day. I feel like all couples in the universe are going to that and being all gross and romantic.

Wedding day!


Not ours. Don’t worry.

But we are silly. And we already plan attending friends’ weddings. She has one in Monterrey at the end of April. And a friend of mine is getting married October 7th in Oaxaca. We need to make money so we can travel and go to the weddings. And to Japan. I think one of our first targets to travel together outside the Americas is Japan. Anywhere really. She already travelled all over Europe. I don’t feel the need. But she has friends there. So who knows.

I also got a tour confirmed for Saturday March 4th thanks to Tony Tee for hooking it up. Eight guys from Minnesota that want food and beers and explicitly said “no strip clubs.” That will be good money for one day of fun and I avoid them places.

I have to work on the Tijuana Adventure webpage and get more tours going.

Yesterday I didn’t do much besides the blog. She came home. I helped her do all the paperwork that was demanded from her for her new job. I accompanied to her new job. She was tired and stressed after leaving the building and just said “I need a beer.” So of course we went to go get beers.

I did some work on my iPhone while I waited. Some. Not much. Light edits. Wrote two paragraphs. So I’m probably not going to finish it today, but tomorrow.

Mother fucking Bryan is back.

This mother fucker.

And his fucking adventures.

Dude got fat. Doesn’t look like a baby anymore.

Ok. Not fat. Just gained some weight. I guess how they told me I gained some weight when I hit 30.

But come on, he is… 23? He is still a baby.

But fucker is back.


This is weird to explain for anyone that doesn’t know who Bryan is or why this is insane that he came back. But basically Bryan left, it seemed really hard for him to ever come back, but fucker just decided to come back.

Yesterday we were going to meet her friend who is like her mom, so I had myself all presentable (to my shitty standards). But instead of meeting her friend, we met more of my friends. We had a beer with Andy and Bryan. And then some Korean tacos sponsored by Andy. Andy also took our first picture together. That might get posted later.

This post needs a picture.

My tummy just grumbled with hunger.

Here’s a picture of a street dog.


His name is Furper Fipee.

I just made that up.

Breakfast. Push-ups. Shower?

Guh. I need to fix the hot water situation. She’s not having any of that bucket shower thing.

It takes a girlfriend for me to finally be like OKAY I NEED TO GET HOT WATER.

I’m going to miss my ghetto bucket shower or just the painful cold showers :(

But yes.

Breakfast. Push-ups. Shower? Work work work work workwork workworkowrkworkworkwokrow WORK!



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