She Eats Salsa – 72 Hours or So – Not Ready for Mérida

Bisho is extremely jealous.

He usually hates any strangers.

Strangers that stay in my bed he gets even worse… And she has stayed with me since we met.

It’s an odd feeling. I miss her already.

In a way, I’ve only talked to women in my life just pretending to be interested. One thing in my mind. Yep. I’m a man who wants bootaaaaay. At some point, I simply lose interest and I start pretending. Or things really bother me, but I pretend that they don’t. I fool myself. When I come to realize that whoever I’m talking to will not be something meaningful, it just decays. And it stays like that. With no warning. I guess I friend zone some girls….

The point is not about the rest of girls. Is my genuine interest in her. I find everything fascinating. Even the way she eats salsa. Yep. She loves salsas and basically just eats them as if they were soup. Everything is adorable. Like the beginning of 500 Days of Summer. When everything is great. Eventually it might end in a tragic demise. Everything does. But so far… I’m simply just enjoying it.

It might still be an illusion. But I can’t help myself. I miss her already.

I haven’t worked at all. I’ve been with her. I should work. But I have nothing.

I can’t work. Not right now.

She woke me up at 4 a.m. Well… she woke up at that time and I woke up with her. Then we just talked.

We can do that a lot. Just talk.

I remember when my roommate met his girlfriend, I would hear them talking all night. Just talking and laughing. I wondered how it was possible. I understand now.

And it’s because she fascinates me. I’m intrigued. And I feel weird about it. Good weird.

Not at all ready for Mérida.

I don’t have any clean clothes.

I haven’t worked.

And now I’m leaving on a week vacation.

I sort of regret it. But I know I won’t once I’m over there. I’m just going to miss her. Just met her, then I leave, then who knows what will happen. I’m never lucky in romantic regards. So I’m not putting my hopes up, though they already are. We like each other.

I got interrupted by a Facebook message. It seems some sort of a job offer… ??? Opportunity?

I haven’t slept. My brain is not into this right now.

Time to do sleepy laundry. She’s going to a job interview. I need to clean all my clothes. Pack my bags. Get ready.

I have my friend’s address. So getting to Mérida safely should be no problem.

Tomorrow I fly in the morning to Mexico City, then to Mérida. With some other girl that I wish it was this other girl…

I’m not even sure what I’m doing in Mérida.

I’m just going.

$50 round plane ticket to Mérida for a week. Free place to stay. Rent is paid. I have some savings. Kinda the same money when I left to Minneapolis and came back. And I came back broke. I spent so much money on that trip…


That trip. This post needed a picture. This picture was one of my favorites. Night pictures were better actually.

This is the whole trip:

Job offer seems like not a real job offer. It reeks of a pyramid scheme.

I haven’t slept.

And I don’t really care much about anything but her.

I thoroughly enjoy being with her.




We also talk politics. And comedy. And philosophy. Life. Her family. My family. Friends. People. Journeys. Emotions. Feelings. Beer. Food. Present. Past. Future. I wonder if she likes Jeopardy… ? Because that would be cool if she liked it. I wonder so many other things. And I want to discover them. It’s too early to say it like this, but I see us together.

She eats salsa. And think about her eating salsa makes me smile. I miss her.

This is the cheesiest post I ever written. I can’t help myself. I’m sorry. I’ll stop. My word vomit is coming out with butterflies. Instead of my usual random rage at everything.

My roommate thought she was fiction. I still think she is fiction. Maybe I’m just dreaming.

Oh god.

Just stop.

Laundry time. Mérida tomorrow. And life…. goes on.


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