Exhausted with Trump – Homecooking – Dreaming of Merida Vacation

It’s been less than 2 weeks since Trump took office and it feels like it’s been more than a year. Each and every moment there is something going on with Trump. It’s tiresome. I don’t remember paying this much attention to every single move a president does in forever. It is especially fucking over innocent people, which is the worst part of it.

And I always end up in /r/The_Donald. I should make a fake account just to join that sub.

Here’s the thing I noticed though… that subreddit has little flags to show where they are from next to the redditors name. Guess what flag is the most commonly upvoted in the comments?


Are you fucking with me Trump supporters? Do you seriously don’t give a fuck about your country just about your racist thoughts and your “winning?”

The thread I was reading also had Switzerland, Germany, and Netherlands flags as commentators. Many of them also have their state flags… but why are people from other countries supporting Trump? It’s like extreme right wingers from around the world unite to fuck over the world in their skewed vision of white power.

Maybe the flags don’t mean anything. But if they do. Then this is way more fucked than we even imagined. And we have been imaging pretty fucked up scenarios. How far will this rabbit hole go!? And how am I supposed to enjoy House of Cards now that the real world is WAY more fucked than the show.

I mean… Frank Underwood seems like a pussy next to how Trump has been handling the presidency.

I should stop being on reddit so much. I can’t. Got two things upvoted massively. One in /r/thecatdimension and the other in /r/Mexico. I posted a gif of a cat rolling into another dimension and it is the #3 all time post there.

I posted the pic of Calle Segunda in Mexico and it was surprisingly well received.

440 votes, 97% upvoted, 40 comments. It’s funny how upvotes start slow, but once you get the ball rolling… the ball rolls (just like that kitty gif).

Speaking of getting the ball rolling, the ball is finally rolling in the long ass article I’m writing.

ANDDDDD I only have like a page and a half out of four. Less than 1/4 done really. But once the ball starts rolling, the ball keeps rolling. Today I will get more than half done, finish it by Thursday, and send it in by Friday.

It’s good. That article is all that’s in my mind right now. I keep thinking about pitching other stories or again, go into other publications, but nah… I should concentrate maximum effort into this story that I have been “working” on for more than a month. Yesterday I actually closed all windows and forced myself to work on it despite the “lack” of inspiration. I worked until 1 am.

I haven’t left the apartment in 2 days.


Almost for the whole month of January I went out to eat for every single meal. My stove/oven wasn’t mounted properly and it was a tad awkward to cook. Also, kitchen sink was so clogged that it made doing the dishes a more painful chore than it already is.

I finally fixed both! Well… kitchen sink is still kinda fucky, but it’s much better. I still need to fix the toilet.

And I’m finally cooking again. And it is good. Very good. For the most part, simple meals, like quesadillas. But also grilled chicken garam masala and zucchini. And yesterday… this!


I made that shit up. Left the chicken marinated with Caribbean spices over night. Made the rice and put Ras El Hanout as the spice. Grilled the asparagus and crushed a few pistachios and sprinkled them on top.

So yep.

Caribbean chicken. Rice with Ras el Hanout. And asparagus with crushed pistachios. It was pretty good. Rice was a bit on the salty side, but in general, I’m proud of myself.

I haven’t even really cooked breakfast yet. Which is usually the only meal I prepare (burritos or scrambled eggs). I don’t feel like eating breakfast either. Weird.

Dreaming of a Merida vacation.

So a friend of mine has an extra ticket from Tijuana to Merida from February 8th to the 16th. She was trying to sell it, but couldn’t. Now she is giving it away just charging the change of name on the ticket (from her boyfriend’s to whoever). So basically I have a round trip to Merida for $50. I started looking at AirBNBs and I could stay in really nice places for all 8 days for $150. That’s a $200 vacation plus whatever cash I spend in food/drinks/other. I’m guessing another $200 would be more than enough. $400 for a week vacation. And I could potentially do some work. It sounds so good. But I’m not sure.

I still count my money relentlessly. Like. Do I have enough? I do. But should I do it?

I never know how much more money I’ll be making….

If I finish the story by Friday, and the story I sent last week gets accepted. I will have more than enough money to do it. So I guess by Friday/Saturday I should confirm if I’m going in this small vacation. I had no plans to visit Merida, but it’s such a cheap opportunity than maybe I shall. But at the same time I’m such a pussy.

8 days by myself at an airbnb in Merida. Do I deserve a vacation? Do I need a vacation? Shouldn’t I be saving money?!

I’m such an undecided little bitch :(

I just did a coin toss to see what it would say. It told me not to go. By Friday I will have a more clear understanding if I want to or not.

The other thing as well, this is a domestic flight. Tijuana to Merida. All my Mexican IDs have expired. I only have my American passport card and SENTRI. I wonder if they would even let me fly. Shit. I have so much tedious shit to do and I’m not doing it. I still need to get my license. I said I would by January and here I am still here sitting without going to the DMV.

And yet another thing is… I only have a huge ass iMac and an iPad. If I went to Merida with my camera, I would only be able to work from my iPad which limits me a lot. Obviously I would take my camera and take shit tons of pics, but then I would have to wait through my whole vacation to finally use my computer and work.

Sigh. This is a tough decision. And whenever I’m leaning towards the “fuck yeah I should do it” I think of things that made me say “nah… I shouldn’t.”

Getting away from this area sure sounds nice. I was planning an LA vacation at around the same time. LA vacation for just a weekend is sorta cheaper. I only need to pay for the train there and back. My friend won’t let me spend any money if I stay with him. And the main reason I want to go to LA is to visit him. So it would just be a weekend trip to visit one of my best friends just to get away from Tijuana and the border for a bit.


2 responses to “Exhausted with Trump – Homecooking – Dreaming of Merida Vacation”

  1. “Do I deserve a vacation? Do I need a vacation? Shouldn’t I be saving money?” YES/YES/NO! Go, don’t think about it, just go! Have fun for those of us who can’t go!

  2. Fuck yeah! I’m going!

    I can’t not think about it. I am always stuck thinking too much. I mean… it takes me like 2 hours to decide what I want for breakfast.

    But after posting, a lot of things lined up perfectly for me to go! So I am definitely going. :D

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