Celebrity is a state of mind: Macaulay Culkin in Tijuana again

Fame is in the eye of the beholder.

There are so many celebrities now a days and so much information online that we can give ourselves the luxury to love or hate as many we want. You know how many fucks I ever gave for the kids of Gossip Girl? I saw all of them, and they were all mean assholes. I tried watching the show once because my roommate was into it. I couldn’t watch it for more than 10 minutes.

It messed with my head that someone like Paul McCartney could be the nicest person ever when you are taking pictures of him at LAX and someone like Leighton Meester, Blake Lively and the rest of the cast can be complete dicks. I mentioned Leighton Meester because she was outright over the top crazy about her picture not being taken. She covers herself in the craziest fashion and even accused me once of hiding in a dumpster outside of her apartment in New York ….I’m never been to New York. Her airport assistant told me this information, she also hated her (and she liked me, many times gave me free tips).

Leighton Meester:

She goes over the top for you not to get her picture, like hiring an assistant to guide her through the airport while she wears a massive coat over her head. That was the day she accused me of hiding on a dumpster outside her NY apartment….

lm8-30-09 npg

This other day she hid behind her ticket in an incredible fashion that it made my shoot worthless. WHO ARE YOU!?!? I only cared because a picture of her would sale between $50 to $200 (if I’m lucky, otherwise worthless).

This one time, I was stealthy like a ninja and she didn’t see me. After this picture, she basically just hid behind the guy that is carrying her Marc Jacobs bag or whatever she has.

Blake Lively:
bb 1-10-11bb 3-3-10bb 11-12-09bb 3-23-11

She likes to carry a pillow and hide behind it, however, she’s not that great at hiding. She was never as bad as Leighton, but just a worthless average blonde.

Speaking of worthless people, Macaulay Culkin visited Tijuana again. This time with his insult of a band, The Pizza Underground. Their name like that because they play covers of The Velvet Underground and Nirvana and replace the lyrics with pizza jokes. Something that would have been great if I were 14 and it was still the 90s. It cost $10 at the door, which I refused to pay, so I missed the show (and it was the right choice). Friends that did make it informed me that the show was horrible. Well, you can judge for yourself:

The next day, Retox played the same venue. This show I did attend and it blew my fucking brains out (and it was free…). I chatted with the singer of the band and the other musicians like it was nothing, but in all honest truth, I was a bit nervous. These guys are fucking fantastic musicians and are celebrities in my mind. But people prefer to pay $10 (it was $30 in San Diego) to see fucking Macaulay Culkin insult the art of music. Here’s a review from a fellow writer for the San Diego Reader.


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  1. Justin bieberはよく、どこにいますか?



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