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  • I Skipped Mérida – We Is Has Feelz – RomCom

    I Skipped Mérida – We Is Has Feelz – RomCom

    At the airport at 7 am. About to board the plane. I turned around before going through security and there she is running towards me. Crying. I can’t leave yet. I can’t. RomCom scenario. It sorta happened like that. Yep. I’m still with her. And I haven’t felt like this from…. I think my whole […]

  • Sick Sweaty Good Week – Uncancellations – Lady Gaga

    It was a good week. Even though I was sick for half of it. It was more than a good week. Last week… my beer gig thing for San Diego Beer Week got canceled. Then this week… it got uncanceled. So now it’s back! I am the curator of Baja Beer day in San Diego’s […]