May 16, 2023: 37th Birthday – So Many Tours, So Much Work – BorderKid Podcast and New Cover Coming Soon!

Welp shit.

I’m 37.

For years, my birthdays have brought misery with them. It doesn’t feel that way anymore.

May is always money. It’s been like that for a while. Before the pandemic, I covered Gator by the Bay and made good money during May. There are a lot of events. I get busy in May.

And this year, it is the same.

I’m making more money this month than when I was working traveling taking pictures for that greedy corporation. I’ve been booked every week for a tour. I have an upcoming tour this weekend. It’s the whole weekend. It’s going to be wild. Another chapter for a future book.

So many things to write. So many projects.

Like fuck… I’ve held myself back for years. Perfectionism. I wouldn’t want to play music because I need to be perfect at it before performing. I wouldn’t write because I need it to be perfect. I won’t act because I think actors are silly but I can easily do it. I won’t do stand-up because it’s scary but I’m confident I can do it. I have routines in my head already. I love stand-up.

Can I fucking do it all?!?!

Not fix cars.

And my car is fucked.

I finally finished that seafood article that I’ve been writing for almost a year. Sent it on Saturday. And it will be a cover sometime in the future. I still need a killer picture for the cover. I might take that today.

I tried to do an event on Saturday to celebrate my birthday. Like always, it bombed. So I’m not good at making events. That’s another thing I’m not good at. And I don’t enjoy it.

I meant to do birthday celebration / closure of my supposed photo gallery at Cervezartistas. It worked as neither. Around 8 friends showed up, mostly women and Tyson. Hey Tyson!

My brother was also there. Hanging out with my brother is always good times.

So we drank a few at Cervezartistas and were merry. I sold two books: one to an old friend of mine, the other to her cousin. I’ve known her since my beginnings of Tijuana. We used to drink caguamas at Chips.

It was around 2014. I was walking to the border or to work or something. I know I was walking somewhere important. And she walked by me and grabbed me and told me to go with her to grab a beer.

I flipped a coin for it. Tails.

She won.

I didn’t do what I was supposed to do and I went drinking with her. And she bought my book to give it to her dad.

Helluva a tour I had on Sunday. She found me through TikTok. I made a TikTok about it. It went like this:

Mary found me through TikTok. Like always, I didn’t know what to expect. She said she wanted to go shopping and some tequila. She got to Tijuana early. So I thought it was going to be a short tour showing her around during the day. After talking for 10 minutes while having coffee near the border… I knew this tour was going to be a great Tijuana Adventure. She loved seafood, dive bars, and hidden spots like that. She also said she loved lengua tacos. From the first brewery she was like “I like this, this is hoppy.”

Oh. And the seafood tostada we got was amazeballs. New favorite thing at Otto’s. And I didn’t include in the article.

From there… tour around Tijuana in Donatella, the casino, La Recta, Cacho, and more. And then… party in downtown! She said she visited Tijuana before but couldn’t find Revu. So it was an easy tour in my home turf doing what I like doing the most. Drinking and eating with a beautiful woman.

And getting paid for it.

That’s 37 for you.

I was in a podcast again. This time with El Border Kid. I talk too much. But I guess that’s what podcasts are for. Here’s the full thing on YouTube.

I’m episode 54:

Apparently, I talk with my hands.

It was Mother’s Day. I cried after posting. I always bought something for my mom. Mostly a wine bottle or a tequila bottle because those were her favorites. Motherless now, but I still have my Tía. I felt the need to buy her something. She doesn’t drink much alcohol, but my cousin told me she loves tea. I bought her supposedly the best Chinese black tea from Amazon, a photographer friend recommended the brand and the tea. She already received it though Amazon told me it was going to take a week to get there. It took them a day. Amazon efficiency over at Texas.

My tours are getting popular through TikTok. I’m getting more popular all around. It’s a scary thought, but I know it means money. Which is the reason I’m doing all of it.

A stranger hidden behind a blank profile talked shit about my tours. How there’s more to Mexico than just drinking and eating (and I agree). But in Tijuana, and my tours, that’s what it is.

She deleted the comment and send me a message with her instagram.

Turns out… she’s a total babe.

Here I was thinking the anonymous profile was just some fat troll… but no. Total babe.

That’s how romance movies begin.

I uploaded a picture doing the George Constanza pose a few days before my birthday. This blog needs a picture. It will be a low quality screencap as my WordPress runs out of space. And also, so you can’t zoom in the details. If you want a full detailed version of me in my underwear, you are going to have to pay for my Patreon. There are outtakes of this photoshoot there as well.


Yes. I could have arched my back more. Yes. The couch is different.

It was not an easy task but I think I did a good job of it. I haven’t seen anyone do something similar.

I did it for the lols.

But that’s 37.

Me in my underwear. Enjoy.

The rest of May will continue to be busy. The long tour I mentioned that’s coming soon. Another tour the weekend after that (shorter). Perhaps a tour in the middle of the week (too tired to take more tours). Photoshoot tomorrow. Perhaps more photoshoots through May.

And I can write more. Way more.

The reality show thingy is coming to be true. We are all getting busy so I feel like it’s going to get pushed back, but I do see it happening. Tijuana Adventure the Show.

I’m getting t-shirts made through my brother. There will be more Matingas and Tj Adventure merch.

Things are looking up. And growing.

This is 37. Just shy of 40. Fucking insane.

Buy my books on Amazon. PLEASE DO!

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