Tijuana I love you, but you are bringing me down – Richmond, Kentucky and Spartanburg, South Carolina – Influencer Package

Tijuana I love you, but you are bringing me down.

Tijuana I love you… but you are bringing me down.

I feel so stuck and alone. With nowhere to go but to the same place. And that same place is never the same.

Tijuana is never the same.

I leave for a weekend and nothing is the same. So many new places already. New people. People leaving. People coming.

I move in slow motion while the city goes in fast motion. And it consumes you. So many things happened. Nothing happens.

Work is brutal. But the pay is in that threshold of I’ll keep doing it because I can. I finally see some okay money in my bank account. My weekends were gone on the job. And I like it.

Bye weekends of nothing. Like this weekend of nothing.

I worked.

So many dance routines. So many photographs.

Sit down. Try to get comfortable. And shoot non-stop. All these dances. It’s a mini-game. I start to read when the flips and the hits will come. Increase shutter speed. Click click click. For an okay pay.

Already feel burnt with camera work. Some dude contacted me via IG. He wanted pictures of him playing football. I quoted him at $175. After a couple of days, he asked if I could do it for $100. I said “Nope, good luck.” He quickly replied “I don’t need luck, I already got someone else.”

Good for you bro. Good for you.

$175 was already my cheap price. Should’ve told him $250.

This other dude hit me up on IG. He wants to be my friend. I sold him a book and went beer hopping with him. He got drunk and started hitting on girls and talking about me. I was not cool with that.

I’m a shy dude.

I don’t think people understand that. I’m a nerd that rather be alone. An observer. Not take part of the game.

Sometimes, I don’t play that role. But that’s the role I’m comfortable.

Sometimes, I have to play tour guide. I charge for that. That’s why I do it. Money.

We pounded beers. He kept saying how much he loves Tijuana. Like I used to love Tijuana. It used to be the greatest thing. For so many people it’s their favorite city.

Tijuana is a weird fucking place. Tijuana, I love you… but you are bringing me down.

That dude wanted to go to Hong Kong. Sounds nice. But I won’t. I went to bed and crashed. I was going to play Overwatch. But I just crashed.

I don’t sleep in the new job. I like sleep. I woke up at 2:00 am but just went back to bed and slept another 7 hours.

My job took me to Kentucky. Richmond, Kentucky to be precise. I had a red-eye flight, with a connection in Atlanta. I was supposed to arrive and work, but Kentucky received me with a tornado. My first tornado in 18 years. Half my life.

18 years ago was half my life.

I’m still four years old in my new life. It’s so lonely without my mom.

We didn’t work that Friday. The tornado canceled the dancing event. It also canceled the flight of other teammates that were supposed to work. Tornado hit our location, but not strong enough. Some signs were blown and the awning of the hotel broke. Garbage flew everywhere and the power was out in nearby places. But the hotel was fine. The event started early on Saturday and went on till Sunday night. Taking pictures non-stop. Sunday night I wanted to try a bourbon drink in whatever bar. But there were no bars open in that town on Sunday night.

I had a beer from Kentucky that wasn’t very memorable. And okay juicy IPA that just tasted like an IPA. Debaser Hazy IPA by Gravely Brewing Co. From Kentucky but brewed in Ohio…

In the airport, I bought two bottles of bourbon. I’ve only opened one, the other one waits. The other one looks better.

Old Bardstown for $39 and Barker’s Mill for $59. I might open it today.

The lady at the airport was very good at recommending what bottles to buy. There will be a TikTok on that later. A TikTok that, most likely, won’t get many views. TikTok works in mysterious ways, but I do whatever I want. Other TikToks get a ton of views. So many, that I created a social media package thingy.

Page 2 has my prices. Page 3 has more information. Weird fucking future.

I already got my first customer. I visit the restaurant on Monday. Let’s see how it goes. Pictures and TikTok review.

I gotta do a TikTok about Selena Gomez part 2. Fucking people love that shit. I just photographed her. I have no idea about her drama or about her life. And people hate that I don’t know anything about her or care. She was just a nice girl I photographed.

The flight back from Kentucky was another difficult one. With a connection to Atlanta for three hours. So I slept on the floor. I’ve been sleeping on airplanes and airport floors. Except for the Chicago airport which has very nice couches to sleep on. Sleep surrounded by people. It’s a weird experience. But when tired… The fucks given are so little.

I’m drooling on the airport floor having sexy dreams that I’m also hard. Wake up. Realized where the fuck you are. Go to the bathroom to wash your face and get on the airplane again.

Chad picked me up from the airport when back from Kentucky. He went to Tj with a new date. Weird to see him with a new date. We parted ways early on the trip and didn’t see each other again though we said we would. I’ll see him again soon.

My job also took me to Spartanburg, South Carolina. What a trip.

This flight wasn’t that bad. Flew Thursday early afternoon. The border decided to be a dick and had a system failure which worried me that I wouldn’t make my flight. I made my flight. Got an expensive airport breakfast sandwich and flew to Houston. Connection flight to Gainesville, South Carolina.

During the connecting flight I met my teammates coming from Los Angeles. Cool dude and pretty girl. That’s all I’ll call them in this blog. Cool dude drove us all to the Marriott hotel in Spartanburg. Very nice hotel in the middle of a tiny town. The town couldn’t be larger than 8 blocks.

Work was brutal again. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of non-stop taking pictures. So many pictures I start to hallucinate and my back goes into a lot of pain. But better work than other work. So I’ll keep doing it.

Money in the bank is good. Crossing the border only once a week is also good. Fuck the fucking border.

Friday I got stressed on the job with the addition of the failure of Silicon Valley Bank. Supposedly, the bank that pays us. After work, I went to have beer in town. Two blocks away from the hotel. I met townies. It was fun. Moises from Puerto Rico seemed to run the bar. He bought me a beer.

I drank South Carolina beer. The bartender knew NOTHING about the beer she was serving. Luckily, Google did. South Carolina beer is good beer. At least what I had.

Saturday, I barely slept. I went back to the hotel and crashed because Sunday was going to be more of the same.

That Sunday night I went to go get more South Carolina beer. Chris from Main Street Pub in Spartanburg was fucking awesome. He knew about local beer and was great at recommending exactly what I should have. I ended up with a great taste of local South Carolina beers. Good IPAs. Good sours. No mistakes.

Super happy I had a chance to drink beer. Though I was by myself. In a tiny town in South Carolina. Slept for less than 3 hours. And back to the airport. Slept on both planes after reading one paragraph of how Monica Lewinsky would have been loyal if Clinton fucked her in the ass (it’s a Philip Roth book).

First time in South Carolina.

First time in Kentucky.

Loved them both despite that most of the time I was at work and could barely enjoy the tiny towns.

Next time in Kentucky, I want more bourbon tours.

Next time in South Carolina… not sure what I want. More time with local people and more food and drinks.

My job takes me to Ohio and Atlanta next.

And then it supposedly ends. It’s going. It’s a job. For the first time in years. Some sort of job.

And I could still write and make more money. I should do that. And do more influencer shit. And sell more books.

I have 48 copies of my book in español available. I have an event next week. My pictures and books shall be there and last a month. I should do more about that today.

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Yes. I still miss my ex. I’ve made the mistake of texting her. She doesn’t reply. Concentrating on work is good though. Need to do more work. Work work work work.

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