March 2023: New Travel Job Started (I’m flying to KY) – Tony Tee Cover Story – Box of 50 Books for Sale and Photo Gallery

It’s the last day of February, my brother’s unbirthday is today. Or is it tomorrow? Both?

He’s a leap year kid. So he gets no birthday in 2023. He is celebrating on the 1st of March. I’ll post this on the 1st of March.

I wrote a cover story. That’s how I survived February. It gets published tomorrow. I’ll publish this tomorrow.

I ordered another box of books. 50 books arrive somewhere in San Diego next week. And I’ll have an event with my pictures and books the second day of spring, March 22nd. That’s at Cervezartistas. I’m putting the art in their name. It’s a thing more breweries and establishments should embrace. Art.

After I leave, another artist or photographer should hang their shit in there. Maybe I’ll make some extra money that way.

The book rarely sells on Amazon.

Buy my books on Amazon.

I’m working on other cover stories, but they are going nowhere. But that’s not how I’ll survive March.

The job that was being iffy and wasn’t sure it was going to happen, it’s happening. This last weekend I did my first gig. It was easy but brutal. Brutal hours, a lot of work, but at the same time… Good. Time goes fast. And I need to get out of my shitty routine.

My roommate this time was a 1st generation Guatemala guy from New York, we had similar last names, easy to put us together. He was there during training, but I didn’t see him since he was in the video team. Good family guy. I could tell our morals differed when I mentioned the one year I did a bunch of acid. He recommended a self-help book called “Atomic Habits.” I don’t like self-help books, but I do need to be better about my habits and my vices.

The event took all Saturday and I took pictures for hours. Thousands of pictures. Some of the dancers were amazing doing flips and shit. Though I appreciate tap dancing, it’s boring as f. Especially to photograph. And the place was LOUD.

I didn’t realize how loud it was until I got home. Earplugs might be a good idea for the next show.

It took all Saturday and I was exhausted all of Sunday (after driving home). It was a short show. Next show… next show is going to be a long one.

And I’m flying to Kentucky.

Never been to Kentucky. Much less to Richmond, Kentucky. The flight is a bit brutal. I leave San Diego at night, spend the night in the Atlanta airport, fly to Lexington, meet-up with people, drive to the hotel, and start working.


What I got myself into?!

And two weeks from now, I have another flight. This flight isn’t that brutal and it gives me a free Thrusday night (I believe).

My life got interesting for 2023. I’m not sure how it will go and how I will survive.

Meanwhile, my photography padawan is shooting Mexican pornstars and making good money with it.

What a twist.

I need to create a media kit.

In Spanish and English.

I have more than 10k followers on TikTok now. My videos reach more than 50k viewers every week. People recognize me for my fucking TikToks. Time to translate into money. While I make money with the other gig. And I sell books. And more.

2023 will continue to be good. I hope.

There is no girlfriend. There is no prospect of a girlfriend. I look good shirtless though. I should delete my Patreon exclusive with my naked pics. Things are going to be good without it and I don’t need it though it’s funny that gay guys will pay to see me naked.

I played soccer yesterday. Not even 2 minutes in and my right thigh started hurting. As if I had workout a lot the previews days. So I decided to play keeper the whole time. It felt good because I did some very good saves. But it also meant that I launched myself to the ground several times to try and save goals. My left knee is fucked. My left arm is fucked. And my right thigh also hurts.

But all in a good way.

I’m getting old.

Cover story published:

First cover story I wrote and photographed for 2023. Taking pictures for covers doesn’t seem to be a thing for 2023. I’m glad I got this other job.

I’m growing popular on social media. I’ll get more gigs and more paying things here and there I’m sure. And I’ll sell the 50 copies of my book in less than a month. And I’ll sell some posters and stickers. I shall be fine.

It seems like I have a guaranteed survival for March, April, and some of May. Solid next few months. Then not sure what 2023 will have for me.

I need to write more, that’s for sure. And not in this blog, but for more publications. I need to play more guitar.

I’m going to purchase a guitar for my brother’s birthday today. It’s 1,500 pesos guitar which makes it a very cheap guitar. But here’s the thing… it doesn’t play that cheap.

It’s a Chinese made guitar by a Mexican company called JMT. Their logo doesn’t look like JMT at all.

I’m going to pick it up right now and fuck around with it for a bit. Then I’ll go to my brother’s party. Or small gathering. My brother doesn’t party.

And tomorrow…

Tomorrow I fly to Kentucky.


I’m excited. I’m also already tired even though I haven’t done the job at all. I like flying. Even if I’m not going to be able to enjoy the city. I need to practice flying often.

Travel blogger with an emphasis on beer and food should be my future. I need to do my social media kit.

I did a mock of one yesterday. It was going alright. I have 50k+ reach depending on luck. That’s a lot of fucking reach. And my interaction is higher than 10%. That’s also very good for social media shit.


And they want me to talk about Selena Gomez on TikTok. People are obsessed with Selena Gomez. I don’t know anything about her except that I photographed her more than a decade ago.

That’s on my Paparazzi book. Buy that book.

And with that, I welcome March and stop writing here. New adventures await.

Thanks for reading. Buy my books.

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