New Year, New Job (I Hope) – Houston for the Holidays – Chase money, Not Love

I’m dipping into what little savings I have. I don’t like it.

Broke as fuck. But I’ll be alright.

Heartbroken as hell. But I’ll be alright.

It’s Christmas time.

December disappeared like I said it would. The first week didn’t count. I was sick the whole time and the weather was shit. The second week disappeared. Posadas and everyone leaving for vacation. The third week is basically now. And It’s already Christmas time.

I bought my plane ticket to Houston. My family helped me pay for it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t really be able to afford it. Especially because I took forever to buy it.

The return flight is going to be a heavy one. I arrive almost at New Year’s. And I have a connecting flight in Las Vegas.

There have been no gigs all of December, except one I did this Saturday. I still have to finish the edit. It was a posada of a Call Center. I took 1340 pictures. I’m editing it down to like 400. I should edit down even more. This is the call center: 1Click. they will post the pics there (most of them are mine).

That barely helped cover rent. I’m trying to not spend money. But it’s tough. So I spent a little bit at a time. Sold some posters and some stickers, but not enough to stay even. I finished my book in Spanish and now!!!!

My book in Español is now out!

You can buy it here. Comprar Aquí!

It’s both in paperback and on Kindle.

You can also buy the English version. BUY IT HERE!

And also the paparazzi book. Buy here.

I’ve been promoting the Spanish version, which made the English version have some sales. Not much. Barely any. So that’ won’t save me from being broke.

What will save me from being broke!?!?!


I applied for a job. I applied for two jobs really. They both responded. I really want one. Like really want one. It’s a travel photography job. Not the exact photo thing I wish for in my life, but the right thing for me at this moment. Most importantly, I get to travel and take pictures. Opportunity to travel all over America. And a chance to even go to Australia. It’s taking pictures of dancers. Easy peasy. Also, help the team with whatever they need. Fly Thursdays, intense work Friday through Sunday, and fly back Monday.

It really is exactly what I want. I’ll be hunting new beers in every city. I’m super excited about that. I mean… If I get the job.

I’m too excited for a job before they even give it to me. There is another interview video this Wednesday. Then there should be a bit more. Then some training. Then I shall have a nice constant traveling gig all of 2023 and for however long the future beholds.

I’m… really excited about it. I get to work with top-gear cameras. I’ll be able to purchase my own. I will be able to purchase more instruments. Perhaps even purchase some land down in Ensenada. I want this job.

Hopefully, I’ll get it and life will be swell.

If the job is mine, it won’t really start until February.

I also ordered a box of my books. 50 copies to be exact. It cost me $250 to get 50 copies. I need to sell each one for $15 to make $750. $500 gain. It’s not much for so much work. I need to sell 50 a week. And people don’t read that much or nearly enough.

I’ll figure it out.

I’ve been TikToking my paparazzi experiences. I did a video of the top 5 worst ones and it got removed for bullying (apparently). It already had 50k+ viewers.

I did a video of Miley Cyrus. She was always nice. I wrote about it a lot before. I wrote about it in my book. That TikTok has almost 200k views. I plugged my book in the middle of it and everything. It has resulted in 0 sales.

Here’s that video:

I’ve been doing other videos people requested. Nothing has had as many views as Miley. It is now my most viewed video. And now I have a handful of videos over the 100k mark.

Crazy shit.

TikTok is crazy. I don’t know how it will affect my life, but I enjoy trying to go viral with my face for no reason. It says I can monetize once I hit 10k followers and other things I already accomplished. I’m almost at 8k followers. I’m sure the rest will come.

There are so many shitty profiles of just a hot chick taking selfies or stolen crap from the internet and those profiles have over 100k followers. Then there are some shitty profiles with over a million and that’s how you become a TikTok star.

The future is fucking wild I tell you.

I sent a NO PAY request to the boss in the magazine and a happy holiday note. I didn’t do any work for them in December. He replied that he loves my work.

I haven’t done almost any work all of December. And it’s gone.

For the year, I wrote 4 cover stories and photographed 23. Out of 52 weeks, half of them are my pictures, and 1/12 I wrote and photographed. That’s a nice record for 2022.

I’m really excited about the job prospect. I have a group interview tomorrow. I’ll finish the blog after that interview happens.


It’s now. After the group interview. I’m the only guy gunning for the job. The rest are younger women who love dance and photography. I can’t dance worth shit. But I can easily take pictures of dancers. And the rest of the job is pretty straightforward and easy. A bit demanding. Long hours over the weekend and in a different city. But pretty rewarding. It pays decent enough and I can easily pay rent and cover other expenses in just one weekend.

I get to travel and you get to keep the miles, which means I’ll get to travel more. What I always wanted. They have nice incentives to stay as well.

Now I wait for the email. I haven’t been this nervous/excited about an email in a long time. Whenever I sent a feature story to the main editor it feels somewhat similar. But this is for the long run. At least a good year of traveling and working for this company. After a year, it might be two. It might be even more.

It’s that Wednesday after the interview. I can’t stop thinking about already getting this job.

I go to Houston in two days. And then the year ends. Bye 2022!

Book in Spanish. Check. Now it’s time to sell a lot.

Bunch of covers and photos for the same magazine. Check.

Get published in other magazines. Complete fail. I barely write for being a writer. I have one draft that I plan to send elsewhere. It is still a draft. I look at it every other day. And do nothing.

Writing is hard.

Get popular on TikTok. Check. Sort of. That thing is kinda going. Several popular videos. But it doesn’t mean much. TikTok is good at going viral.

Did a bunch of tours. Thanks to everyone that came on a Tijuana Adventure. Those are going to become rare if I have a steady weekend job.

I had a girlfriend that I was in love with… and she left me.

Take selfies.

Always. And this post needs a picture. Here’s me with my Violencia sweater to end the year.

My favorite thing of the year.

Going to Ensenada. Especially with her. Anything with her was my favorite thing of the year. Ensenada takes the cake. I miss her. I texted her and she didn’t reply. It sucks to love someone. I don’t know why I keep chasing love. I should be chasing money.

The busier I am. The better. I hope 2023 starts with having virtually every weekend busy taking pictures in a different city. It still frees up the weekdays to do other photo work around the city. Or write. Or rest. Or drink beer. Probably drink beer.

I’m too nervous about this email.

I can’t write because all I’m thinking about is that email.

So I have nothing to do. And it’s still cold out. I wish I was busier. But nothing for today or tomorrow… and suddenly, Texas. And suddenly. The new year. With a perhaps new job. I guess I’ll do more TikToks to kill time.

2023 I’m chasing the money, forgetting the love. I mean, I still want her back… but if that doesn’t happen. It’s all about being busy. I might rarely be at home.

I’m going to need a roommate who is also a cat sitter. And perhaps move to Ensenada. Or perhaps somewhere in the US if this company wants to pay me to live somewhere else (first… I need to get the job).

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Thank you for reading whoever you are. And I hope 2023 is great for all of us.


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