November Before CDMX: TJ Cover Story (again) – SAD – Infinity Content

I woke up before sunrise at 4 something a.m. It’s cold out. It’s cold in. My apartment is freezing.

I’m SAD. Seasonal affective Disorder. It happens every winter and I fucking hate it. I hate daylight savings time. No reason for humans to do that anymore.

And I miss her.

I miss waking up next to her. Or waking up to go pee or to go get water carefully not to wake her. But she would anyway and look for me with her hand in the cutest way. I miss so many things. But that will be sent to her in detail. And I’m going to ask her to get back together.

I love her.

My latest cover for the San Diego Reader is out!

Here’s the cover shot.

You can read it by clicking HERE!

I took the drone shot in January of 2021. I wanted to reshoot. But the photo is so good already I didn’t put the effort into it.

I photographed over 100 covers for the Reader. I think three or four have been drone shots. I’ve written over a dozen covers. It doesn’t feel like anything anymore.

I used to get super excited about getting cover stories. Now it’s just like oh yeah. Cover story. It’s a relief. It’s over.

I have other cover stories in mind. Two to be exact. I just don’t want to write them because I’m lazy.

I told my new editor of my book in Español that I would finish the book this week. She was editing chapter 4 and said she would get it all done in a week. I told her I haven’t even finished it.

I have to finish it.

Tijuana Adventure in Español. Coming soon. This time for real.

I have nothing to do until my trip to CDMX. I’ve been drinking beer for TikTok. I drink beer for myself all the time. And for YouTube. But I’ve been finding TikTok success.

I posted part 1 and part 2 of drinking every beer in Tijuana. I’ve recorded half of part 3 and I can record more soon. When I’m drinking all the beers. It will be one long video of drinking all the beers in Tijuana.

That’s my goal.

It’s fun.

I get views.

I get free beers.

I might get more.

TikTok is fun. I hate and love it. It’s a weird future. It’s always a weird future.

Twitter is tanking. Good. Good riddance. Never cared for Twitter. Care about it less now.

I still use Instagram a lot. But my usage of Instagram is crossposting TikTok shit. That then gets posted on YouTube.

Oh yeah. YouTube rejected my channel from monetizing. Something to do with copyright. In my shorts, there’s music that crosses from TikTok. That might have been it. I can reapply in 30 days.

New prints!!!

I need to do more prints. I forgot those sold well. And they go well with the book. Buy my book. Or buy my prints. Or buy both!

That’s sorta the December plan because I don’t have much in December. Let’s see how much money I’ll have left by the end of the CDMX week, or of the month, or the year… if any.

Out of nowhere, a dude just hit me up for a photoshoot. It’s on the cheaper end. But fuck it. I have nothing to do and I rather make some cheap money. Some of the money will go to my NFL parlay though I’m never close to winning. But hey. If I win. Then money problems go away for a bit.

And again. It always makes my Sundays a lot more fun. Not only are my parlays shit, my Fantasy team is in last place. But I worry not.

And now the World Cup.

Probably the shittiest World Cup in a long long time. Qatar seems like a shitshow. I haven’t watched or cared about soccer since the Querétaro vs Atlas incident. I don’t know any of the players anymore. I have no idea who is playing for Mexico or the other popular international teams.

I’m still going to watch some.

But I don’t care much.

Stupid to make it during winter. It doesn’t even feel like World Cup season. It doesn’t even feel like a real World Cup.

Even with a shitty World Cup, I feel like the end of the year is going to come fast and hard. 2023 is a mystery. I want Ensenada. Sometimes it looks more difficult than possible. But I want Ensenada and I will achieve Ensenada.

The Cantinas of Manolo episode already aired on Mexicanal. I haven’t seen it. Someone saw me on TikTok and informed me. I want to see the episode. I want to see how much airtime I got. And how stupid I look.

I talked to the producer/director of the show last week. He wants to do something with me. I might meet him later to discuss what our show could be.

More TikToks. More videos. More content. So much fucking content.

I went to the Korean place in Cacho recently. I wanted to go there with my girlfriend (I hate calling her ex so much). But I was in the area so I went solo.

It’s pretty fucking good. On the pricy side. But it’s Cacho so it’s understandable. Any place in Convoy can blow it out of the water. But for Tijuana Korean, it’s pretty great. I need to try the rest of the menu. They had Korean fried chicken and that ain’t that easy to replicate. The gimbap bulgogi was delicious with some beefy broth to accompany it.

And so much video content.

Posted that shit on Facebook and it also got a lot of traction. I get recognized in the street from those videos. People like them. People say it’s going to be great for me. I just want money.

I’m always too high to be recognized on the street.

But that’s the path I’ve chosen.

Doing content and viral shit. Because I’m good at it and people like my shit.

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If you are my patron already, I owe you prints. Or whatever else you want from me.

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Thanks for your support. Now I go drink beer. You can also Venmo me some money! Just send me money. I promise I’ll spend it on beer.

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