November 2022: Halloween Traditional Album – Podcast Goes TikTok Viral – CDMX Soon

Here we go again. Post 621. Can you fucking believe that?!

November 2022. The year is almost over. I go to Mexico City for the last week of November. I’m covering my friend’s wedding in San Joaquin, Querétaro. I bought the plane tickets months ago. I’m not sure where I’m staying. I’m not sure what I’m doing.

I have friends in CDMX. My friend Sanchez will be around. So I have at least a place downtown guaranteed. Next to el Metro Balderas. How much more central can I fucking get?

I want traveling to be my job. Though I’m going on vacation, I feel like I’ll be treating the whole thing like my job. Especially because I’ll be shooting my friend’s wedding.

I have a tour tomorrow. First gig on November. They paid me through Venmo as soon as I told them I was available. They say they love seafood and beer. That’s my thing. The best of clients. I’m sure it will be a great tour.

I have to do one gig for the magazine. It’s not a happy gig. I don’t feel like doing it.

I have to do a gig for a brewery. I want to do that one. I’m just nervous because my car is half-dead.

I spoke to another mechanic. He said the same thing as my main mechanic. It needs a new engine or a whole engine overhaul. I could either spend around $500 for a used engine that might work for a couple months or a couple of years. Or spend around $1,500 for them to rebuild the engine and it should work for years (according to the mechanics).

Besides that, October went well. November rent is paid. There’s money in the bank. There is a bit of money in the wallet. A friend owes me money. My brother owes me some money.

Student loans are still up my ass and now it says I’m close to default. But I’ll be rich soon. I can smell it.

A cover story I wrote and photographed comes out later this month.

The translation of my Tijuana Adventure book is finally getting edited. The new editor in Español thinks it’s fantastic. I still have to write the ending of it.

The new editor is Karlha Ochoa. A writer that has her own editorial and podcast.

I was on her podcast!

And it was great. It’s well done and well produced. Check it out!

The interview lasts a bit longer than an hour. And before that, we hung out and talked about her apartment (which will be featured in my cover story).

A clip of the interview did well on TikTok. It has 125k views as of now. There are some mean comments, and there are some funny ones. But it’s mostly people projecting something I said.

I had an obsession to make it to the front page of Reddit. Now I have an obsession to see what TikTok clicks. And that benefits me. I’m not going to do some silly dance for views.

I’m lying. I totally would and already tried.

It’s usually just me being honest that works best. So I’ll continue down that road.

Halloween was great. I’ve seen better Halloweens in Tijuana, but for a Monday… It was great. Apparently, Saturday was also great, but I was busy working in the taco truck.

I did a massive album. You can find it here. I’m not completely comfortable sharing a google photo album this publicly. But I believe it’s the best way to share all the pictures. 300 pictures edited. I took 619 total. And got drunk as f.

I’ve been drinking too much.

I got extra drunk on Sunday night and hooked up with an old friend of mine. Ended the night together but were too drunk to do anything. My ex-girlfriend is probably doing something similar. Or going out with other men.

She dumped me.

I still don’t know why.

I still love her and I don’t want to move on. But I have no idea what else to do.

It was a bad idea to hook up with her, but in the drunken mind, it seemed like it would help.

I miss my ex-girlfriend. It’s only been one week. I don’t understand how she can tell me she loves me, and dump me. Just like that.

I’ve never been dumped like that. I always thought it would be 500 Days of Summer-esque. I feel like we are great together. But she sees something that I do not. And doesn’t want to be with me. It was like 150 days of her. I want more.

I don’t know what to do. It sucks to go back to my life before going out with her. My days were for her. If I was working, she was in my mind. All the time wondering when I was going to see her again. If I wasn’t with her, I worried about her. And now… just like that. I got to pretend like she doesn’t exist. She doesn’t want me anymore. I don’t know what happened. I don’t what to do.

So I continue to drink.

Drink. That’s what I did during Halloween.

Picture by Luis Montijo. I borrowed the costume from… Luis Montijo. He hired me to do some drone work in Pasaje Rodriguez. I gave him a friendly price.

And then I got hired again to do some drone work around Tijuana.

I forget that my drone can be a tool to generate money. That’s how November started. With nice simple gigs for low pay. Beer money. Mmm… beer money.

Sunday I got drunk as fuck and woke up hungover as fuck. I cured it with an Electrolit de Guayaba and tacos de birria. That Electrolit flavor is my new favorite still behind Lima-Limón. My ex likes grape flavor best then the tangerine flavor second. She needs to try guayaba. A lot of shit makes me think of her. I’m trying not to. She still hasn’t said shit back. I sent a few texts. And felt stupid because she wouldn’t reply.

I just left it at that.

The hangover recovery worked. I felt better. I didn’t want to drink early. But I had a couple of beers with Luis. Then I went back home and switched from drone and Sony A7II to the classic 7D and flash combo.

I had one more beer at Mamut. I didn’t eat any more food.

I was already pretty drunk. And under the costume, it feels like I can do whatever the fuck I want with the camera. Just go up to people. And scared them. With the camera. Who cares. They don’t see me. They don’t who I am.

A lot of people stopped me to get a picture of me in the Scream outfit. I didn’t know they made a new one. There were a bunch with the same mask on. I was the only tall motherfucker.

I had one beer at Insurgente and more at Teorema. And after that, my night shifted into nothingness. I don’t remember much after that. All I remember is giggling like a madman while taking pictures of anything that caught my attention. After 600+ shots, my flash ran out of battery. I thought I didn’t even take that many pictures. But more than 600 flashes is a lot. It was only 9 pm. I know because my camera has a clock.

And I went back home.

I don’t even remember the walk home. By 10 pm I was drunkenly asleep with no memory of the pictures I took.

Here’s the Instagram post with the best of Halloween:

I changed strings on my electric guitar for the first time in years. It sounds good. It could sound better. I still need a bass amp. And I want to start playing music again.

Why must I do everything?!

Hire me for photography. It can be drone. Family-friendly. Pet friendly. Boudoir if that’s your thing. Or for a wedding. I’m sure my friend’s wedding at the end of the month will look amazing. I need to buy another memory card because I’m sure I’ll end up overshooting.

Hire me for a tour. My Tijuana tours are back. Especially if you like beer and seafood or any kind of food. I’m the best tour guide in this city.

Only $150.

For the tour. Or for the photoshoot.

Or if you need a guitarist or a bassist. I’m also available. I need to practice more for that. But I’m open to playing gigs ASAP.

I have to do everything. And I still want to move to Ensenada and work at a brewery. And be a content creator. Influencer. Fuck. I do everything.

The internet will give me money. Give me money. Sign up for my Patreon

Subscribe to my YouTube, I already have over 1,000 and supposedly I can monetize now, but I’m sure I still need ^10 more. Follow me on TikTok and all other social media. Buy my books. I should post more about my books.

If you read this much of my blog. Leave a comment, share, hit subscribe, or something. Or buy me a beer.

I appreciate you.



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