August of Heat, Love, and Work – Tours and Shoots – YouTube Monetization, Subscribe!

My girlfriend broke up with me on Sunday via text. She said she didn’t want to see me anymore…

And then she showed up Monday morning in my apartment. I was in the bathroom when I got her text message if I was up. I said I was. She said she was outside…

She tries to break up with me, but can’t. Because we love each other.

So that’s still going. And I love it. I love her. It’s great. I think about her all the time and talk about her to everyone (and she hates that).

I’m sweating so much by just sitting on my computer. I have lost weight and people think I look taller. It’s the long hair and that I’ve shed some pounds. Mostly by fasting. My diet, like always, is a shitty mess. It’s 1:36 pm right now and I haven’t had breakfast except two coffees. I woke up early around dawn. An hour later, I went back to bed. I woke up at noon.

The heat messes up my sleep schedule. The heat feels odd for Tijuana. It’s very humid. But memories on Facebook tell me that a year ago, it was just as hot.

It was my oldest brother’s birthday. He is in his 40s. Which feels crazy. Like me, he dislikes his birthday. I’m not sure what he did to celebrate, the only thing I know is he posted naked pictures of himself on Instagram. That’s very much his style.

It was my ex-girlfriend’s birthday. She is in her 30s. And living in Australia. Since we broke up years ago, she spent one year back home, then moved to Australia. She’s been there ever since.

I think of my ex-girlfriend not in the way that you might imagine. But in what my relationship is now. My ex was my age. My girlfriend now is 10 years younger. I never dated that huge of an age gap. It doesn’t bother me at all. It’s not like she acts her age. But I also think about the love I felt then to the love I feel now. Maybe it’s because we are at the beginning of the relationship, in the loving part. Infatuated. Maybe that will fade. I’ve never had the desire to make love constantly with the same person since my first girlfriend when I was 19. I thought it was because I was younger and I wanted more sex, but perhaps it was because of the woman and the connection.

At my age, feeling old in my late thirties. I didn’t think sex could get better. I lost interest in it. I’ve been with countless women. I never felt this way before.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that I feel like I’m in love. And it feels different this time. That’s the way is supposed to be I guess. When she broke up with me on Sunday, my mind turned into I’m never going to find anything like her. I would have to go through hundreds more. But she didn’t. I rather have one of her than thousands of anything else.

Enough about love.


I feel like I don’t even work and money happens. Last Saturday, I skipped working at the taco truck. The line to cross the border was over three hours and I was already 2 hours late… I didn’t go.

I don’t need that gig. I have so many gigs. Though I like that gig, I hate the border. I worked the whole weekend. Monday I took off because my girl surprised me. Sunday, my friend Tamara from CDMX visited with her actor friends. They had a show at the theatre: Hamlet in Español. I can’t picture that shit in Spanish. I couldn’t go on Saturday because I was at my other friend’s daughter’s baptism. Taking pictures. She hired me for it.

Sunday was hanging out with actors followed by hanging out with a Chinese kid named Jake. He hired me to take his picture for his social media. A man of little words, I was confused about what the photo gig was going to be like. But I think I nailed it and I think he is happy with the results.

My friend Tamara and actors:

One of them is semi-famous and I didn’t even know. I only realized it when we were eating at La Cevicheria Nais and a waiter came to greet him and confirm it was him. Then waiters and people around wanted a picture with him. That’s Poncho Borbolla on the right. He was super nice, we ended up talking about TikTok and paparazzi days. All of them were nice. I enjoyed my time with the actors though it was brief. I gave them a quick tour of Tj before they had to go to the airport. Hugged Tamara goodbye. Her laughter will ring in my ears for the weeks to come.

Saturday was Carolina’s baptism (my friend’s daughter). I shot 1,000+ frames and delivered 400+. So many great pictures. Not sure which ones to post.

Friday, a friend got me a gig taking pictures of food. Baked potatoes to be precise. I’m not huge at eating potatoes at a restaurant. Baked potatoes were my go-to my senior year of college. I would buy a sack of potatoes for like $1 and get other ingredients to pack the potatoes with. The fire department came to the house once because we were baking potatoes and forgot about them in the oven. That shit caused the smoke alarm to go off which made the fire department show up just to click it off. The point is, that potatoes are cheap. Why would you pay so much for them in a restaurant?

Well… “Baked Potatoes” in Rosarito is fantastic. I took hundreds of pictures and though it is not my favorite work, they are happy. I can always do better. It always feels like I can do better. No matter what. I can always do better.

The potatoes. Fucking delicious. A food truck that just makes creative baked potatoes with different things inside. I got the veggie one. The mix of cream, cheese, veggies, and chiles inside a baked potato was sublime. I could just make my own. Again, baked potatoes are cheap as fuck.

Thursday and Wednesday were nothing. It was me waking up late drinking coffee and doing nothing. Pretty much like my today. My latest cover story came out that Wednesday. Like with every cover story, I expect something. Nothing happens. I got paid forever ago. I got paid nicely for it. Here’s the story. And the cover of this blog post.

LINK! To the cover story!

The editor made my end the beginning and my beginning the end. I guess that works better. And riding the rollercoaster that is Tijuana then waiting in line, it’s something my brother always said. So I stole that from him.

Wrote and photographed that story. That’s the third one this year. I finally pitched to a different magazine that I wanted to work for them. The article that I pitched I haven’t even written. That’s how bad I am at writing.

I’ve written three things this year. All three were cover stories. I could write more. I don’t.

I have many ideas and I’ll work on them soon. More cover stories. Perhaps a different magazine. I want to write more about food and beer. And short stories.

I need more money. I need more gigs.

Though my bank account hasn’t looked this handsome in a while (it’s not much money) and I have my rent cash on the ready… I want more money. More gigs. I still haven’t paid Andy for the A7II. He threw in a cleaning kit, the canon converter, and a Sony lens just because Andy is rich and a very nice guy.

I like that people are nice to me. People like my shit. It’s like karma perhaps does work. Subscribe to my Patreon.

I haven’t posted anything to my Patreon… So don’t really subscribe. I will give goodies and upload more shit soon. I feel like I’m just busy and not at all. All the time.

Before my cover story came out, I did a tour! A cute couple from Indiana!

I was ready to drive them around, but the client said they were happy walking around and drinking beer. And so we did. I had a blast and I believe they did as well. It was Grace’s birthday. What better way to celebrate it than drinking on a Tuesday in Tijuana. We hit up four breweries and Cevicheria Nais. Pretty much my standard downtown tour. I always have a blast on my tours. People say I should charge more, but I am content with my price starting at $150. Hang out with a Tj “celebrity” for $150 while drinking beer and learning everything about this city.

Here’s a TikTok I did about it.


Tijuana Adventure tour con Jack and Grace! @Grace Ann ! #tijuana #tour #craftbeer

♬ Movin’ Wes – Pt. 2 – Wes Montgomery

TikToks aren’t working as great on WordPress as they originally were… I’m still addicted to the fucker. I even did a trendy TikTok with my cat and I might try again later.

But my most successful TikTok are of me touring around people or just talking about food or drink in general. So I’ll keep doing those.

I also did a couple of new Drinking Beer with Matingas. I upgraded from shooting with my iPhone to shooting with the A7II. I think it looks and sounds better. On the first video, I went too long, and the battery died.

And… more!

As of right now, I have 928 subscribers on YouTube… I need to reach 1,000 to monetize my channel. The other things required to monetize I already got. So I only need 72 more subscribers and I’ll see some money coming from YouTube. More passive income. And I’ll keep doing YouTube videos. And I’ll keep doing TikToks. And I’ll keep posting on Instagram. And I’ll do some Patreon. No more naked Patreon though, just the last post I keep promising and never deliver. So if you want to see me naked, it’s your last chance. But I rather have you subscribed to my YouTube.

Look at all the content creation!

I do everything and nothing for a living. And it’s going alright. I hope it gets better.

Tours. Photoshoots. Music. Writing. Content Creation. Fucking TikTok. Patreon. And more.

If you like me or my blog or my videos or pictures or whatever and want to support me… Please do so on Patreon (Click Here!). My drunk ass heavily appreciates it as I still don’t have a real income. Making it as an “artist” is not easy. Every $ is appreciated. And if you want to see me naked, now you can on the Patreon premium, though that might get deleted soon.

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