Long Exposure Selfie on the Cover (Again) -July is Over – OnlyFans Photoshoot

I feel the need to be productive because it’s Monday, so I type and type. Otherwise, I would be playing DotA or Fall Guys. I just lost a ranked match. Waste of time. I just won a crown. Waste of time.

Same thing. Win or lose. Waste of time. But hey, it’s entertainment.

This week I work on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday (and perhaps Sunday).

Next week I have booked Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and perhaps more work days.

The rest of the days can be used on more projects, writing, or other gigs. Or I can waste around doing nothing like I always do. More DotA. More Fall Guys. And some Celeste.

Wednesday I have a gay photoshoot. It’s going to be the cover of the magazine which is a rare thing, there’s usually no gayness in it. The subjects in the story have OnlyFans and make a living out of it. There are two gay ones (and trans), a non-binary, and a woman. The chick lives in LA so I won’t photograph her (aww). The two gay guys are set and I’m going to meet them at their place for the shoot. The non-binary said he/she had covid, so it will have to wait for a negative test.

That’s going to be a fun shoot. And I’ll learn about how to make money through that media. I will be deleting my OnlyFans soon, but hey, it’s a nice learning experience.

Thursday and Saturday are at the taco truck. This is becoming standard each week. One or two days I cross the border and help out in Tony Tee’s taco truck. Corazón de Torta. One popular taco truck in San Diego. I’m writing a story about it. It will need Tony’s blessing. And let’s see which magazine wants to run it.

I started writing it. I have less than 200 words. Yet I have a good 5,000 words in my mind. And pictures to go with it.

Working in the truck doesn’t bother me. I sort of enjoy it. I can pretend I am not who I am. And just serve tacos. I make a nice sum of cash. And I drive home to Tijuana with free beer because the truck parks at breweries. And if not, I buy beer. It also gives me a chance to buy cat food and cat litter cuz that shit is super expensive and bad in Tijuana. Speaking of which… I need to clean it right meow.

We didn’t leave the apartment once the whole weekend.

I say we because I was with her. I like her a lot. Enamored with her. I went grocery shopping for the aforementioned kitty goodies and I decided to shop to cook for her. I picked her up Friday late afternoon, we didn’t leave the apartment until I dropped her off Sunday in the afternoon.

I discovered that the Calimax near her apartment is insanely better than the one next to my apartment. They shouldn’t be even considered the same store. Like the old man I’m becoming, I loved that grocery shop. Whenever I go pick her up or drop her off, rest assured, I will stop by the Calimax.

I cooked her tortellini filled with chicken and cheese. It was store-bought, so you know, I only boiled that shit and threw the pre-made Vodka sauce. Threw fresh oregano, and pepper, and added a ton of butter (I don’t have olive oil at the moment). And that was breakfast Saturday in the afternoon.

We drank wine and beers. We played Celeste. Around 6 hours of Celeste. We watched music videos as always. And more.

That was my weekend.

And I loved it.

I want to go camping and go places as well. But in Tijuana, there’s no need to go outside. Unless perhaps to go get food and drinks.

While doing nothing in the living room (she was playing Celeste) I noticed my old broken lens. The 11-16mm/2.8f Tokina I used to love. I tried it out with the Canon converter on the Sony Aii, and holy fuck. It works great. More than great. I haven’t tried it much, but this used to be my favorite lens, and it can be again. I love stupid wide-angle lenses. They are great for astrophotography (I should do more). They are great for skate. They are great for landscape. They are great for pets.

They are horrible for humans. But I don’t care. I still use it for that. I’m going to go outside and play with this lens soon. And loan my 70-210mm to the padawan. It’s not a great lens, but it can help in some sort of situation. And it’s going to help him more than it helps me right now.

Another cover that I shot came out. And then my story that I wrote and I also photograph comes out. And soon this other story that I’m also shooting should be the cover.

And for the first time in my life, I sent a pitch to another magazine. It got ignored. But it feels like at least I did some presence. I did something. And I plan to deliver on what I pitch even if it got ignored. Because it can be salvaged into a piece for here. Or a different blog. Or the other magazine. Or a different website.

I should write more about everything I want.

Here’s that cover I’m talking about:

I put myself on the cover!

That’s the second time I’ve done this. They requested the bridge to look creepy and if I could, take pictures of vagrants. There were some, but fuck taking their picture. I rather pose as one. And so I did. It was a full moon. And I told my girlfriend to look at it. And so we did. While walking back to my car, a rabbit stood in the middle of the road. I took a picture of that. And then more pictures of the bridge.

I did the shoot after working a couple hours at the taco truck. It was a slow day. And I was let go early. So I took advantage of it and did this shoot.

Getting two birds stoned with one joint.


I also swung by Andy’s new place. His $1.7 million house in San Diego that he got for cheap rent for the next few years because it’s Andy and he has a lot of great contacts and good luck. The house is beautiful and extremely photogenic. I’m jealous. Andy always has the coolest shit. And he is like that little kid that invites you over to check out his new toys. Except, he is not only a show-off, he is also a really nice guy. He gave me the convertor for the Sony to Canon and threw a lens he didn’t use (a cute 28mm/2.0f). And also added the cleaning kit for the Sony that was riddled with spots on the dirtiest sensor I’ve seen. That’s how I have new toys in my possession.

I cleaned the sensor three times and it still has some spots, but they are minimal and on very high f stops. I will clean it again when they are noticeable.

Sony AII + converted + Canon’s 85mm/1.8f results:

Playing with the lens photographing Chimba. Which reminds me. She gave me the biggest scare. She was throwing up constantly. Like twice a day for more than a week straight. I decided to take her to the vet on Friday, they told me the blood testing machine was broken and to be replaced by Monday. Then the vet explained it could be a multitude of things, from drastic to nothing. Told me to buy Sukral-on and give it to Chimba twice a day. She stopped puking with that. I went back on Monday for the blood tests. Chimba got her neck shaved and her blood drawn. She hated it. She fucking hated it. She’s always so nice to people. But she fucking hates the vet.

The test came out that she’s a nice and healthy kitty. Why she pukes, it’s a mystery.

Since then, she’s puked once. Saturday night she dried heave in bed. I took her to the bathroom, she dried heave there and then nothing.

I saw a nice sunset incoming, so I took my cameras to the border for some shots and took the flying camera with me as well. This is the result:

A shot from the land camera will be the cover. That comes out in a week.

The drone could not fly to the area I wanted so the angle is not my preferred angle. I’ve seen other drone pics from a different angle, but the drone wouldn’t allow me to fly there. Either they hacked it or have a permit that I don’t have to fly around there.

I want to fly to Seattle to visit my cousin. He delivers wine for a living so he gets specialty booze from time to time. If I visit him, I’m sure he will have a stack of shit to drink, a lot to smoke, video games, music, and camaraderie. And also, it’s fucking Seattle. I want to fly to Seattle and I have some cash to do so. But I’m afraid to splurge even that little bit.

I’m flying to Querétaro. This is not 100% sure, but most likely. A friend is getting married. I want to be their photographer. I’m going if he is inviting me. And I’m shooting it for free.

I finally did a Drinking Beer with Matingas. Chapter 63.

And… I mostly talk about how I loved that Calimax. That Calimax had a variety of beer at great prices. I knew most of them, so I picked up the ones I never had before (and a Piedra Lisa because at 46 pesos that shit is great).

I forgot I did one about Pure Brewing as well.

Chapter 62.

TikTok is calm. I’ve done some more videos, but low effort. I have more in mind, but that shit ain’t easy.

I made picadillo for my girlfriend. She likes it spicy. It was very spicy. I don’t even remember how the conversation started, but I told her I was making her picadillo. I TikToked that.

I had leftover videos of La Justina with Tony (who I call my Sugar just to generate interest) and did this one:

I’ve seen other photographers use TikTok to showcase their pictures, and I tried that here (with some stupid attempt at comedy).


Photos at the border for a gig I had to do. Fun stuff. #tijuana #sunset #photographer

♬ Nintendo Wii (Mii Channel) Theme Song – Julie

Just like that, July is gone. August starts with a cover. And I should get to more writing, more pictures, more work.

Pictures at dusk to edit in the morning is my favorite routine. Photoshoots from 5-8 pm (during summertime) and editing the pictures from 10 am to 1 pm daily would be my favorite routine.

Look at all the content creation!

I do everything and nothing for a living. And it’s going alright. I hope it gets better.

Tours. Photoshoots. Music. Writing. Content Creation. Fucking TikTok. Patreon. And more.

If you like me or my blog or my videos or pictures or whatever and want to support me… Please do so on Patreon (Click Here!). My drunk ass heavily appreciates it as I still don’t have a real income. Making it as an “artist” is not easy. Every $ is appreciated. And if you want to see me naked, now you can on the Patreon premium, though that might get deleted soon.

I switch themes on my website because the other one hid many links (which are a lot). My website and my writing are a mess and that’s how I like it. Get lost in my brain.

I cleaned my apartment a bit and mopped the kitchen floor for the first time since 2018… FUCK. That’s a long time with no mopping…

I still have more to clean. I still have more to write. I still have more to everything. It’s going better. I think. I want to believe.

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