More and More Gigs! – All Type Content Creator, TikTok Addict – Disconnecting With Her Feels Great


I swore I wrote something in June. But I haven’t. At all. Not even in this shitty blog. And June is almost gone. May was busy as F, and June continued. July seems like it will be the same way.

It’s raining jobs! Alleluyah! It’s raining jobs… OH YEAH!

Sing it.

Not quite as many as I want, but it’s getting there. More gigs. I worked a bunch of times for Tony Tee this month over at his taco truck Corazón de Torta. It’s silly how I can make as much money working in a taco truck for a handful of hours (around 6) than what I do as a photographer taking cover shots for the biggest print magazine in the city.

Print is dead. Print might be reviving.


It’s not.

It’s all online. And short video format is what dominates the market right now. TikTok. That fucker is on fire. And I’m addicted to it. Here are a few of my most popular recent TikToks.


One of my favorite tacos in Tijuana, el perro de marlin y camaron by Cinco Esquinas. #tacos #seafood #tijuana #tacotour #food #foodporn #tijuanafood

♬ About Damn Time – Lizzo

I love those damn tacos so much.

These are some of the best suadero in downtown Tijuana and the best of Revu… Yet people comment stupid shit. I gotta learn not to fight with people online. Them commenting on my posts is a good sign. It has a shit ton of views. Way more interactions that I ever get from other social media (other than Reddit, I still dominate that shit).

And… another video of another tour. This one has 18.2k views and reaching more on the daily. I get a dozen+ new followers on TikTok. At this rate, I will get to the 10k in less than a year. Hopefully less. Like in months. Or perhaps less. People like my stupid content.

So yeah.

I’m addicted to TikTok.

And I consider myself more than anything a Content Creator. I dislike the term influencer. Fuck that term. Content creation sounds more appropriate. Writing. Photography. Tours. And now video.

Video got fucking easy thanks to cellphones and shit like TikTok. Almost the same thing for photography. A lot of people make a living with photography exclusively on their phone. That’s how most of us consume shit nowadays.

I’m not a real videographer. Not like Dan. Dan is a great videographer.

Photography though. Yeah. That shit is awesome.

Dude photographer!

A dude hired me to take pictures for his Instagram and Tinder profiles. He was a short dude from California (from Mexican parents). He has been visiting Tijuana trying to get some TJ girlfriend. He wanted to up his online game. He hired me for dude shoots!

Dude photography is weird, but this was my third time doing it. If you are a dude and want great pics for your online dating profile, then hit me up! Or for LinkedIn or Instagram or whatever the fuck you want.

Since we did the shoot in downtown Tijuana, it also sort of worked like a tour. Though the dude knew his Tj well and he seemed more than fine exploring by himself.

I spent father’s day celebrating as if it was “día del papi.” As in… I spent it with the girl that went missing that was never missing. It all started when she posted something about her birthday and I commented a simple happy birthday. She replied “gracias papi.” She claims to call everyone papi. But I like it when she calls me papi.

I like her a lot. It’s going great. I asked her to be my novia and rejected me. That rejection still stands. But we like each other. So perhaps in the future. Perhaps it was too early to ask. Perhaps nothing will happened. But in the meantime. I enjoy being with her a lot.

I get disconnected with her. She makes me forget that the outside world exists. I don’t touch social media. I’m just with her. And I like that feeling. Just me and her. Listening to music. Drinking. Playing. Talking. Kissing. More.


It’s been a bunch of beer. The taco truck parks outside of breweries. The workers at a brewery often get free tacos or tortas, in exchange we get free beers. That’s how my fridge has been full of beer.

So… more YouTube of me drinking beer.

Chapter 61.

And Chapter 62.

The Cold IPA was my favorite of them all. Probably because it’s the newest type of beer. I had a can yesterday while playing DotA. It was an intense long match, so I didn’t finish the beer quickly. The warmer it got, the more other hop flavors appeared. It’s not a beer that you should let warm up, but I found that interesting.

Beer drinking is how I want to make my life, let’s see if I get there.


I have to contact four different people to take four different sets of pictures with them and their dogs. I just got the ball rolling for that. Should be fun after the text / email exchange that I hate so much.

I have more emails to send.

And more things to write.

I want to finish two articles that I have in mind that I started and went nowhere. And other two that I have planned that I haven’t even started. And write more short stories. Long stories are exhausting.

Besides dude photography!

Family photography!

A friend from TJ linked me with his tía that needed a photographer in Valle de Guadalupe. We agreed to meet Sunday at 6ish pm in Finca Altozano. That day she texted me “our reservation is at 4 pm and we like to be on time.” I thought this meant she expected me to be there then. I rushed out of the house and got there at around 4:20 pm. They weren’t ready. They were enjoying dinner and more. The photoshoot started almost two hours later… So I had time to drink… And drink I did. I got a bit tipsy. And when I’m tipsy, I’m trigger happy. I shot over 1,000 frames to deliver around 300. They loved them. I posted a few on my fourth Instagram account.

Lovely family.

Fun shoot.

After the shoot, I spent the night in Ensenada. Where I want to live. I swung by Transpeninsular for some fish and chips and a beer (and more beers to go). I also wanted to hang a picture there, but the owner wasn’t around and I didn’t leave it. It’s now hanging at my friend Szavio’s living room in El Sauzal.

That’s where I spent that night after the photoshoot. We drank wine and beers and jammed. I like jamming and hanging with that dude. I enjoy Ensenada a lot. I still dream of my life there.

More jobs. More remote jobs. More high paying jobs. And I’m in Ensenada.

When I have more money, I also plan to buy a gaming PC with the whole purpose of live streaming playing videogames. More passive income.

Speaking of passive income. I’ll be taking my Exclusive Patreon. Thanks for those who briefly subscribed, but I’m elimitating this tier. It’s super nice to know I have a backup. It feels like a backup of a backup. I got offered a job that pays around $1,200 a month without having to leave my room. Just writing. Still not enough. But that’s a nicer backup. And there are more and more jobs popping up and I hope more and more keep popping up.

I paid June rent no problem. I already have July rent ready. I still have debt, student loans, and more. But everything is going to be alright I believe…

This post needs a picture. Going through my files, I haven’t shot much in June. I thought I did more. I’ve been working more as a cashier and that cash makes me feel good. But it’s not even that much money either. I need more.

I also finally went to a live show. I haven’t been to a live show in years. Light painting during live shows is my favorite. San Pedro el Cortez was amazing. I did this for free. I could do it for money cuz I’m good at it. But not sure who pays for live music shots except a few magazines.

My favorite is posessed guitarist. This is the shot for this blog post.

Diego, the guitarist/vocalist of San Pedro went wild and in a few shots he truly looks like he got possessed.

Speaking of possessed and sidenote. I just finished watching Stranger Things 4 last night. That was pretty fantastic and can’t wait for part 2. Not much remarks. Just good show that I thoroughly enjoy.

I used that photo and some videos I took to do a TikTok explaining photography. That didn’t go that well. People find my food reviews in a snarky tone the best. I’ll keep doing those instead.

I’ll get to more work soon. My shit is growing. And the patrons that have been around since the beginning are the ones that will benefit the most.

Tours. Photoshoots. Music. Writing. Content Creation. Fucking TikTok. Patreon. And more.

If you like me or my blog or my videos or pictures or whatever and want to support me… Please do so on Patreon (Click Here!). My drunk ass heavily appreciates it as I still don’t have a real income. Making it as an “artist” is not easy. Every $ is appreciated. And if you want to see me naked, now you can on the Patreon premium, though that might get deleted soon.

I was supposed to finish my book in Español by now. I haven’t done that either….

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