Birthday 36 – Astrophoto and Tennis in Anza Borrego – Exclusive Patreon and YouTube is Back

I’m 36 now!
I’ve been saying that since the beginning of the month. Since the beginning of the year. As soon as the year turns, I assume the age I’m going to be. I assumed it so early, that I forgot and I thought I was turning 37.

The math doesn’t check out. So yes. Thirty-six.

There’s a scheduled post on my Patreon for my birthday. It contains pics only apt for my patrons. Who are all gay. Here’s the text.


Sorry for the lack of content. April was a rough month. Also, Patreon told me I could be nude but not explicit. I’m not sure what that means, but I don’t want to overdo it. That sort of made me not want to do this anymore, and I’m still on the brink of deleting it. But here we are. I owe you some pics. There was a request for soft… so…


These are old pics. There’s even older. And more. But those are the ones that were labeled on a file called my penis. There are more pics. Some more recent. Some older ones. And if there are requests for new ones, I can probably do them. I’ll have to be more artsy.

Now… all my patrons are gay. And I’ve been getting messages from more gay guys. You guys know me, I’m straight. Like the new patron said, “too bad you are in the pussy team.” At first, I thought “he’s calling me a pussy!” Then I read again. And I was like… oh yeah.

I love pussy (sorry). All the pics were taken with the intention to send it to women. But women… Women are fucking complicated. I went from dating one that was 10 years older than me, to try and date someone that is 10 years younger. I like her a lot. But I don’t understand women.

That’s why gay sounds easy. I see gay relationships and I’m sort of jealous. Two best friends, playing Smash Bros. Then smashing bros. Alas, I am not. I get stuck trying to figure out women. I know gay relationships aren’t always that easy and they have their own drama. But women… fuck meeeee I don’t understand at all.

I am 36-years-old now. I intend to get in better shape. I went to the desert to play tennis with my friend. He took a picture of me after the pool. I didn’t like how I looked. That’s another reason I wanted to delete this. But hey. If you paying. I’m showing.

I talked to straight guy friends about this. Almost all of them say “making money to show your dick? Yeah, I would do it.” And it’s a strange thing. Is it gay to give content to gay dudes? A lot of gay porn stars are straight. How they do it… I have no idea. Because I could never. Drugs probably. Lots of drugs.

Hey. Thanks for being a patron. Hope that this nudity was within the legal limits of what is allowed here. Which makes me sort of laugh. Now some poor dude or woman that doesn’t want to see a dude naked has to go through the trouble of seeing this. Sorry random patron worker! 

Thanks again!”

You only missed out on the pics. You want to miss out on the pics.

The pics you don’t want to miss out on are from the astrophoto I did on Monday morning. It’s tough to choose which one is my favorite, so I’ll just go with this one:

For more. Visit my Instagram.

Here they are in post format:

As for the details. Like most astrophotography I do, I wake up groggy and tend not to know what I’m doing. This time, I brought a new camera (for me) and no tripod. It’s the A7II with a 24-70mm/4.0f that Andy gave me. I still owe him a good $$$ for that (money complaints incoming). The one I uploaded was taken at 8,000 ISO 15 second-exposure 24mm/4.0f. Really pushing the limits in how high I usually go on ISO but without a fast lens, the ISO must go up. I can’t even imagine the magic I can capture with a 1.8f or a 1.4f. Other pictures were taken in similar ranges. Balancing the camera in the middle of the street leaned against my wallet or on a chair that was outside my hotel room. I played around for almost an hour in the dark with my camera. I wished I had my tripod. Lesson learned. And better lenses. And better cameras. But that will come later. With money.


The magazine paid me half the money they owe me. Not sure if it was a mistake or if they simply don’t want to pay me. I’ll have to figure it out on Monday.

There are awesome covers coming out. Pictures I took. So they should pay me like they always do.

Other things that give me money. I was supposed to have a tour. We emailed back and forth forever. Tour never happened. I don’t think I was too expensive. But maybe it seemed too expensive to them. I was cheap as f. Oh well. I hope they are having a great TJ adventure.

I have a tour at the end of the month. They already paid the deposit and promised the rest after the tour. It was the same price as this other one. It’s going to be a blast.

Tours are back.

Starting at $150 and then going up. for that.

I was translating the book. I got to the part I stopped before. And I stopped again. The book needs a new ending. Tijuana already changed a lot. I also changed a lot. There will be version 2.0 of the book. Thanks for the ones that bought version 1.0. Patrons will get to see the new ending ahead of time and for free (well, for what my patron costs). I plan to write in English. Then translate it into Spanish. I can’t write creatively in Spanish. That’s why I came to a stoppage.

Most of the writings I’ve done in Spanish are translations of what I write in English.

Funny how the mind works.

So? What was I doing in the middle of the desert in a motel? I was meeting my patrons of course!

I’m kidding.

My friend Tony Tee invited me over and paid for my room. He wanted to play tennis. I took the opportunity to bring my camera. We played tennis all Sunday afternoon then some pool fun with beers and whatnot. He is new to tennis, but so far, he is a good challenger to have. He goes to classes, so he can only get better. He also invited everything over while in the desert. It was a blast.

The sun was also blasting hard. I’m still peeling the skin off my back, face, and even scalp. It’s not dandruff my friends. It’s dried skin. Which I guess is dandruff. But this time is from the sun burning my scalp.

Now it’s Saturday. I have nothing ahead. The girl that I liked came over yesterday. She left me a rose and a piece of artwork she got in downtown Tijuana. It depicts a crying demon with black wings and elongated claws over the naked troll woman with large orange nipples, hairy armpits, and bush. She’s laying belly up on a field of grass with a rainbow in the background.

And with that. She said goodbye to my cats. And that was that. I think that was that. I messaged her good morning. That was 8 hours ago.

My birthday is in two days. I have nothing planned for that. To avoid depression and get busy is what I hope. I cleaned the kitchen today and got fresh sheets for my bed. Something.

Next week I have a photoshoot on Tuesday. Should be good except the fucking border. And on Saturday, I’m going to be on a TV show. Let’s see how that goes. Besides that, not much, and I should get busy.

May got busy and I hope it continues that way. I hope 2022 gets really busy and I make real money. And I hope by 2023 to be in Ensenada. Still making money. With a more tranquil life.

Perhaps selling my nudes online is the way to go. If that’s your thing, then you should already be joining my Patreon.

If you like me or my blog or my videos or pictures or whatever and want to support me… Please do so on Patreon. My drunk ass heavily appreciates it as I still don’t have a real income. Making it as an “artist” is not easy. Every $ is appreciated. And if you want to see me naked, now you can.

Once I make it. The rewards will be grand.

There will be a new drinking beer with Matingas soon… maybe… I am not sure. I am drinking less. Though I do enjoy making videos. So probably. I try to do too many things in life.

I did two new drinking beer with Matingas. I might be making more soon. Reviewing beer is fun even though I get like 10 views.

Chapter 57! Beer from Madueño.

And Africats collaboration South African ale by Ensenada breweries.

I’ve also been doing a lot of TikToks. WEIRD HUH?! You can join me on TikTok.

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