Only Fans: Exclusive Matingas – Lil Jon Private Party – Sleeping in My Car, Busy March

It’s working!


It’s working!

I’m working. That’s what I mean. The idea of working every day is sort of going. I didn’t do shit yesterday, but that’s because I did too much on Tuesday afternoon and I was exhausted. I felt lethargic all day and was unsure why. It’s because I was tired.

So I got my favorite pizza to make me feel better. Then I went on a coffee date with a girl I met on Bumble. And by girl, I meant woman. She’s 9-years my senior. Which I like. She just says age doesn’t matter.

I went on a date with her on Sunday. She said she didn’t like beer. I took that as a challenge. It was an easy challenge because no matter what beer I gave her… she liked them. And she seemed to enjoy what she said she didn’t like, the bitterness. I gave her a variety of IPAs and she was liking the hoppiest one. Not sure what will be next, but I enjoyed my time with her showing her new beers and places in Tijuana. We might take a trip to Ensenada… and everyone knows how I feel about Ensenada.

My OnlyFans is a thing!

It’s my PATREON but it has a new tier for Exclusive Matingas. If that’s your thing. I have three subscribers. One doesn’t even want to be there but he is still there. One I knew he would because he said he would. The other surprised me. All gay guys.

What did you expect? Who would pay for naked selfies of a man?

If that’s your thing, then subscribe. So far I just posted a link to an album full of selfies with some nude but nothing graphic. When I hit more subscribers, there will be a surprise. Because why not. I don’t give a fuck.

I hope the woman that I’m seeing (and any other future date) doesn’t mind. I’m just getting income from all sorts of places because I really want to buy new gear, a new car, even new fucking underwear. And eventually, property in Ensenada. So if Exclusive Matingas helps the cause… I don’t care. Subscribe HERE!

This webpage needs to be REDONE again. And I’m going to invest some money in it. It’s time it looks more professional and less of a personal page with a shit ton of rambling all over the place. It needs to be clean for the clients. And this word vomit of a blog will go behind the scenes into a tab instead of being the main feature of the website. That will take some time. Probably by the next blog, everything will be different. And some shit will be eliminated.

I have a lot of work.

And that’s fucking great.

I have work later today. I have to cross the border for some silly and real easy pictures. I don’t want to do it. I was supposed to do it yesterday, but there was too much border wait and I was too tired. Today is better. Not much border wait. The gig is easy. I already got paid. I should do it.

Friday I had a gid that my friend Danny got me. Danny is a young photographer who I met on a Tijuana Adventure tour many years ago. He does amazing drone work. In fact, he taught me everything I know about drones. I flew yesterday to take pictures of the pig water tower. I basically copied Danny’s technique he taught me to accomplish this:

The gig he got me was event photography through someone that hired Danny before. I was supposed to do a NYEs event through him but it got canceled due to the pandemic. This time, Danny was supposed to do the job, but he moved to Texas. The gig went to me.

It wasn’t an easy gig. I’m not sure how Danny would have handled it since he has never really used his flash. And this had a lot of flash photography. Oh. And it also had Lil Jon!

They told me there was going to be a celebrity guest. I had no idea it was going to be Lil Jon. Much less that he was going to DJ the party. There he is DJing. He played some Blink 182 and other shit. And his hits. He played for around an hour. There were Go-go dancers. There was an open bar. This party cost upwards of $40,000 probably. And I got $500 of those. Even the bartenders and waiters made more money than me. But that $500 saved my month.

I stopped working at around midnight. I had shot plenty and was extremely tired. The party was all the way in Costa Mesa. I had some drinks (five beers and two shots if I recall correctly). I wasn’t going to drive back all the way to Tijuana. I passed out on the back of my car. It was not comfortable at all. But it did the trick. At around dawn, I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. I started driving south.

I had issues with my flash. I ran out of battery. I shot over 1,700 pictures and sent over 600. That’s way too many pictures. It was a difficult shoot. I hope the guy that hired me liked my work enough to hire me again. It was fun.

For more pics, my Instagram.

Saturday I edited that shit all day and sent it over. Sunday I went on my date. Monday was a day of rest because the Sunday date went long. And Tuesday, I had a photo shoot with a guy that hit me up for photos. I told him my price. He paid in advance. $150 an hour. That’s my price. Since he paid in advance, I wanted to get everything perfect. I got there extremely early and had time for a selfie. This selfie:

He arrived shortly after with his motorcycle. To my surprise, another photographer was doing almost the same thing, except he had a couple on motorcycles by the beach. Flash and all, but with an assistant. I took pictures of the dude near the other dude taking pictures.

We went for a beer to talk about the next concept I had in mind. And I think I knocked it out of the park. Like always, I shot a lot. More than 600 pictures and delivered around 200. I edited all night and delivered around 2 a.m. I woke up in the morning to a really nice message.

He messaged me:

“This is perhaps one of the craziest things I have ever seen.

I always have an internal battle with my look and how like you I don’t know my value or even know if there’s anything of value in me.

These images, fuck me.

I feel like a goddamn rockstar. Thank you Matt.”

So… that’s like the nicest review of my photography I’ve gotten in a long time. People are really nice.

I still need to work on writing some stories. I still need to go to Mexicali. I have so much work to do and I shall not procrastinate.

Emails! Shower! Breakfast!

Instead of making breakfast burritos, I am making gohan furikake tamago nori for breakfast. I went to the Asian store and bought sushi rice, kimchi furikake, and noris. It’s delicious. I’m proud of myself for switching it up.

Now work!

I double booked next Tuesday. I wish I was double booked all the weeks. Tours were not confirmed. I still have to confirm some photoshoots. There are still a few days in March that I don’t have any photoshoots in my schedule. So if you need a photographer (of any kind) in March, hit me up. Weddings, lifestyle, boudoir, Quinceaños, motorcycle dudes, whatever. I can do it all. Starting at $150 an hour. Photographer extraordinaire in the Baja and San Diego and California area. Words for SEO. Because I’m also good at SEO and marketing reasons.

But seriously, hit me up if you need a photographer. Or if you want to drink a beer with me (you buying).

Thanks for reading.

If you like me or my blog or my videos or pictures or whatever and want to support me… Please do so on Patreon. My drunk ass heavily appreciates it as I still don’t have a real income. Making it as an “artist” is not easy. Every $ is appreciated.

Once I make it. The rewards will be grand.

There will be a new drinking beer with Matingas soon… I promise!!!

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