Second Cover: Ensenada Seafood and Beer Paradise – Procrastination Station – March Booking, Let’s GO!

It’s Monday.

And like Garfield. I fucking hate Mondays.

It’s gloomy out. It’s gloomy in. Though I look gloomy days. Sunset looks really promising.

It’s a fucking shitty Monday.

“It just sounds like you are procrastinating a lot.”

That’s what my therapist told me. Sounds so obvious. I couldn’t figure it out. I’m fighting depression. Which I always blame for why I do nothing. But it’s not depression this time. I just love procrastinating.

I’m being more assertive this year. Knowing my value. And I’m trying to work every day and make money. But it’s hard.

I have a gig tomorrow. The type of gig I usually get every week. Bread and butter gig. Should be very easy.

I have a gig on Friday. Not the type of gig I usually get every week, but I wish I did. It’s an event all the way to Costa Mesa, California. It pays me more than usual but it’s also way more work than usual. I’m sure I’m still being cheap. Need more gigs. Need better gear. Need more money. Need more everything.

Happy thoughts.


Ensenada is great.

My Ensenada cover came out. It looks like this:

You can read it by clicking HERE.

And like the cover says, any excuse for Ensenada. That’s what I did this weekend. I took the excuse of delivering magazines to take a weekend trip over there.

I crossed the border on Thursday and grabbed a whopping 400 magazines to deliver in Ensenada. With nothing to do in San Diego, I just grabbed the magazines, went grocery shopping mainly for cat litter and Chimba’s crack (Temptations), and back to the border. It is probably the shortest cross-border trip I’ve done.

I went to therapy Friday morning. Told her how I did nothing for two weeks. I just fucking waited around for jobs to appear. Created more Instagrams. And shit posted all over social media trying to get more gigs. I just procrastinate. Procrastinate fucking everything.

I need to not do that anymore. Ritalin would help.

After therapy, I went home, showered, packed my things, and headed to Ensenada.

It takes me NOTHING to get there. It’s supposed to be 2 hours. It takes me less than an hour and a half. It feels less than that. And I’m there.

First stop. El Sauzal. Like my guide says. To Wendlandt. They were expecting me at 4:00 pm. I got there early. The person that was expecting me went to have lunch. I dropped off the magazines and went to another place they were waiting for me. I thought I was going to meet him at Transpeninsular, but Collin (of the brewery) invited me over to La Conchería. Starving and wanting some mariscos, I went as fast as I could.

This is the result.

It started with a bang. And honestly. It was my favorite thing. I love tuna. And delicate cuts like that are the most delicious thing ever (for me). It didn’t go downhill from there, but that was certainly my favorite dish of all.

At La Conchería I had one beer and one small glass of champagne. It was delicious, but I immediately could tell it would give me a headache. I swung by Chikilla to drop magazines and then the adventure continued to Transpeninsular to drop more magazines. After that, I went to La Camorra to meet with my friend Szavio and his girlfriend. She didn’t have an ID to enter the bar, so we drove back to their place in El Sauzal to retrieve it. She went back to La Camorra and we headed to Wendlandt for one more beer. On my way out, they gave me a free six-pack of beer. I saved the stout and drank it for my show yesterday.

Here’s that show:

I also had a beer from Falling Piano saved in my fridge. Since they would be similar styles but completely different quality, I drank both of them.

I woke up early Saturday to beautiful views of El Sauzal. My friend’s pad is fantastic. And he has an extra room for me to crash in. It was a Saturday morning bliss, except, he didn’t have any fucking coffee and he slept till almost noon.

Ensenada Adventure continued. Dropping off magazine in strategic locations and of course, meeting up with Kelvin, who apparently now lives with his girlfriend.

Walks on the beach, coconuts, and Ensenada chilling in general. The champagne from the previous night kicked in. My head hurt like a motherfucker. And I couldn’t shake it. Coconuts didn’t help. The beach walk didn’t help. It came and went. But when it was there, it hurt.

Szavio took pics of me in general in Ensenada. Here they are.

We then delivered magazines to my favorite place in Ensenada… Cervecería Cardera!

Ooooeee I love that place.

However, I could not shake my headache. I drank the mango chamoy beer which is one of my favorites from last year and Ms. CardeRA gave me two specialty anniversary beers. We opened the Quadrupel there and it was insanely fantastic. Flavors of all kinds with every sip and heavy ABV. Kelvin got drunk. I’m sure it was that beer.

I still felt like shit. Until I finally took some aspirine, got an electrolyte drink, and Kelvin’s girlfriend gave me some herbal ointment that smelled delicious. I finally felt like myself.

Back to Transpeninsular we went. Got a few more beers (for free). Kelvin drank merrily and loved the grapefruit IPA. After that, Tacos el Flamazo. I wanted mariscos. But hey. It was late. I regret NOTHING. They were amazing.

Sunday morning was similar to Saturday morning. Woke up in a lovely space but with no coffee. After a nice brunch in El Sauzal, I drove back home to Tijuana. Sunday was editing all the pictures Szavio took with mine. It was a lot. And back to Tijuana… I get depressed.

Back to the same old.

My new cover rush and Ensenada weekend done. I want to go back again. The Ensenada Beer Fest is coming up soon and I’m thinking of heading over the days before the fest and perhaps staying a day or two. We’ll see what happens. I need money first.

It was a nice weekend. Thinking about it makes me happy. I want to live in Ensenada.

The dream would be to be a drink and food photographer in Ensenada and Valle de Guadalupe. With the occasional wedding or elopement anywhere in Baja. Live my weekdays as a food photographer. Live my weekends as an event photographer. Baja elopement photography. That’s the new account.

It just says event and wedding photographer right now. But my niche should be Baja weddings and elopements for Americans.

Getting married in Baja and want a photographer that is completely fluent in Spanish and English? Look no more. Hire Matthew Suárez.

Also… probably just going back to Matthew Suárez. It’s my most popular name.

I have a gig tomorrow. The easy one. I have a gig on Friday. The harder one. I have a gig next week. Other than that… March is empty.

Now booking March for all types of photoshoots. I rather do tacos more than anything. Or any food. Hire me for food photography.

Or if you have a last-minute wedding or elopement. I can also do that, because seriously. March calendar is empty and I need GIGS and money. So hire me.

If you like me or my blog or my videos or pictures or whatever and want to support me… Please do so on Patreon. My drunk ass heavily appreciates it as I still don’t have a real income. Making it as an “artist” is not easy. Every $ is appreciated.

Once I make it. The rewards will be grand.

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