Busy November, Nothing December – Bilingual Wedding Photographer Booking 2022 – Beer Cover and Top 10 Beers

I have nothing to do.

So I’m cleaning my apartment.

I wish I was on Ritalin for it. It helps a lot.

It’s rainy as fuck out. My street is a shit river of sewer and rainwater like it always is when Tijuana gets like this. Not a little creek. Like a fucking river. I can’t cross the street west without getting more than ankle-deep shit water.

So I am doing nothing. I have been doing nothing. And will keep doing nothing.

Which depresses me.

But let’s be happy for a moment and remember that…



November was so extremely busy and great. December comes at like… fucking… nothing. And I’m not making any money. Which I fucking hate.

But the beer cover is happening!

It should run before the year ends. A lot of beer people in Baja will love me. Some will hate me. And I hope I get a bunch of free beer for all 2022 because of it. Maybe. Maybe not. And more jobs.

I am inspired for 2022.

Now breakfast.

I continue to do absolutely nothing.

Half the month of December. It’s mostly been DotA.

The usual. A big story gets accepted. I feel stuck until I see it in print. Then I congratulate myself, feel good, not write for a while until finally, something happens. And I write again.

Nothing happens.

I don’t write.

It’s cold out. It’s cold in. My apartment is fucking frozen. It’s been shitty out. It’s tough to get out of bed in these conditions. And when I finally do… It’s almost dark.

I’ve been sober for three nights.

Not for any reason. I drank a bunch of gin on Saturday instead of just beers like usual. Sunday, I went out with a girl and took pictures of her. I don’t feel like a good photographer when I’m hungover. I did it before and got mediocre results. I thought the results weren’t that great this time either. But she liked them. Her Instagram account is private. She changes her name frequently. Never posts any pictures, and if she does, she deletes them a day or two after. But she finally posted some pictures. My pictures. She’s cute. She reminds me of the girl I wrote the cover story about. Sometimes I think I’m still in love with her.

I had a cover story to start the year.

Had a cover story in the middle of the year.

And I end the year with a cover story.

Next year, I should write more cover stories. And finish translating my book.

Next year will be better.

Next year.

Next year…

My cousin sent me Elephant Gym with the song Finger. Duh! I know that fucking band. It was on my top 10 when I was writing my top 10 bands.

Elephant Gym is still a top band.

Let’s go through my Top 10 of the year.

I’m kidding. I don’t want to do that this year.

Bands that I really liked though: DJ Perro, Sleepy Dog, Louis Cole, Clown Core, Lie and the Chameleon, Frederic, The I.L.Y’s, MOREE…

I bought a six-pack of Tecate on Tuesday. Just in case I felt like drinking. I didn’t.

I bought a six-pack of variety beers from Licores Cactus yesterday. Just in case I felt like drinking. And to make new videos.

I didn’t.

But I haven’t posted the latest three here.

Chapter 45.

Chapter 46.

Chapter 47.

I should do my top 10 beers of the year.

That makes more sense than music.

Some text got deleted. This new WordPress still fucks up every once in a while. But it ain’t that bad. The old one was better.

November was really fucking busy compared to December.

I wrote the beer cover which will be a reality soon. I had gigs every weekend that kept me busy and paid me very well.

December has just been waiting, doing nothing, playing DotA. Oh. And I leave for Houston soon. For 10 days. A bit too many if you ask me. But my brother bought the tickets. That’s a good chunk of the month that I won’t be very productive.

I have a gig tomorrow. Or before I go to Houston. I have a gig when I return. A new year’s party in some fucking mansion in OC. It pays well. Can’t complain. I hate new year’s. But it will be a fucking painful gig.

I’ve done little things in December. Things that don’t pay.

I did the Reddit meetup because I’m a Reddit mod (eww). It was quasi-successful. It was fun. That’s the most important part. Really fun. And I got a new plant. A pachipodium. My balcony garden looks nice.

Not that many people showed up. But a lot of people want to show up for the next one.

I mounted my studio over at Kaminari. It looks like this with me drinking a beer and holding a poster. I gave away some posters. They are 200 pesos or $10 USD. You should buy some posters from me.

Here are some people that visited me, Redditors and non-Redditors alike. Starting with Yesenia.

Other pics were posted on Reddit to alright success.

Other things I did in December. Some drone photography. Buildings downtown that got burnt down suspiciously but most likely it was junkies either trying to stay warm or heating up spoonful of food or heroin (most likely heroin).

That was the most popular of the three. It would be cool to do a long exposure from the ground level. Or a picture recreating the old picture to be compared side by side. But ain’t got nobody got time for that.

I also went to the company’s Holiday party. It was alright. My boss still loves me which is great. There was free food and free drinks. There was so much free food (from DZ Akins fuck yeah) that I took three sandwiches, a bunch of meatballs, some lasagna, and stuff mushrooms in dangerous paper plates to go. I didn’t spill any. I was close several times. I ate that the next two days and they were glorious.

My dream of leaving my Tijuana life got crushed a bit though. One of the co-workers I looked up to doesn’t seem happy with his San Diego life. He loves the city… but when he told me how much he pays for rent and for what… It made me incredibly discourage to seek a life in San Diego. Ensenada sounds nicer. Doing more travel wedding photography and other photography and more writing so I can live in Ensenada seems more plausible.

On Friday I did a photoshoot in front of Insurgente with beers and the arch in the background. One of the shots will be the cover. I think I already got paid for that. But I’m going to tell my boss that I did extra and see if I get paid some more.

2022 will be the year.

Now booking weddings!!!

I only want to do a handful.

Here’s my wedding photography page.

The page could be better. The pictures could be better. It could always be better. But I am good. If you want me to be your wedding photographer, hit me up. In Tijuana, or Ensenada, or San Diego. Or anywhere!

Spanglish wedding photographer! I’m especially great if the wedding is between Americans and Mexicans, or Americans in Mexico, or Mexicans in America. There’s a huge advantage to have a wedding photographer that is bilingual!

I’m typing wedding photography words just for SEO reasons. This blog is the wedding photography blog 2022 now. Correction. The bilingual Spanish English wedding photography en Tijuana si buscas fotografó de bodas que hable ambos dos lenguajes aca sin pedos. Pss yo soy tu vato.

I always forget that I speak Spanish. Like it’s just a given. I did that photoshoot in Valle and a couple of the family members approached me and asked me if I spoke English. I was like well fuck yeah.

I think the pictures were great, but I never heard back… Which makes me think they didn’t love them. I got paid nicely though. And they seemed to enjoy me taking their pictures. It was a shit ton of pictures.

Here are the ones I shared on IG.

Not only a wedding photographer! I’m also a family event photographer. Food photographer.

MORE SEO WORDS to make my blog more relevant. I used to be a paparazzi as well, you know?

I have no idea who reads this. But it gets it’s frequent 20 or so visitors a day. Thank you stranger reading all my bullshit.

2022 will be a better year.

My Patreon is still a thing… and I owe my patrons some goodies. I will start sending them… life has just been fucking weird.

If you like me or my blog or my videos or pictures or whatever and want to support me… Please do so on Patreon. My drunk ass heavily appreciates it as I still don’t have a real income. Making it as an “artist” is not easy. Every $ is appreciated.

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