Photoshoots, Tours, and Beer Cover – Halloween en La Revu 2021 – NFL Fantasy Halfway There


Here we go.

First and foremost, the Halloween album. You fuckers have no idea how difficult it is to shoot with a huge mask on. Almost all shots are ‘3 of a second at 200 shutter speed and 100 ISO with the flash attached. Blindshooting because I couldn’t really see what I was doing.

This is me as Frank West.

What a night.

No one recognized me as Frank West. Only one person recognized me from MegaMan, which is good enough.

A yearly tradition except for last year, Halloween pictures. A shit ton of pictures.

Here are the ones I posted on Instagram:

My favorite:

And pretty much the top 10:

For the other 200+ pictures, click on the massive album. If you are there and don’t want to be, please let me know.

A much smaller album to please the masses:

Now… we move on.

To November.

And to the end of the year. Coming at me fast.

So fast… that it’s already halfway through the football fantasy season and I haven’t written dick about it. In Español.

It’s Dia de Muertos. People put up an altar. My altar for my mom is always up. With turtles and tequila. No flowers.

I don’t do much for it. I only care about Halloween. The gringo side of me wins for that holiday. For Christmas as well.

There is two new Drinking Beer with Matingas:


A girl is on my mind. I met her on Friday. I thought it went great. It felt like it did, it was almost a blur. And now it feels like it fizzled out. A bit too quick. Maybe it’s too soon. But I like her. And I haven’t liked anyone in a long time.

I toured her around Tijuana and the breweries. I drink too much beer. I like to pretend it’s my job.

I have a cover in mind and I have pretty much written almost all of it. I just have to finalize some details. It’s about beer. An update to my first cover. The beer cover. This old cover.

I should work on that soon. NFL soon as well. I should start getting real busy real soon. I need more gigs. I want more gigs.

I can write.

I can take great pictures.

I can do tours.

All of that shit is coming.

The sky looks interesting. It looks like a promising sunset. Just a few more of those and the year is over. It went in a blink. The last two smooshed together. As if nothing.

I won my fantasy match!

I lost the first 3 games, then I picked up Cordarrelle Patterson and won 5 in a row. I’m in third place. My brother is in the first place. I haven’t paid for the fantasy, my brother owes me it since I paid for his first two years. Sorry Pelón, lo pago pronto.

Sorry, todos.

No resumén.

It’s too much work.

And I have a lot of work. Need way more.

Tomorrow, I get to take pictures of two mothers who are missing their sons. It’s going to be a sad story and it’s going to make me cry.

On Thursday, I take pictures of people rollerblading in a park. It’s a fun story and it’s going to make me smile.

And thus is life.

Both photoshoots are for cover. And I have one more photoshoot for possible cover but most likely just the leading image. It’s an easy one.

Bisho has tears in his eyes. I’ve never seen that. I hope it’s nothing. I don’t mind taking him to the vet, but the vet I go to is always so fucking busy that that’s the main reason I don’t want to go.

He looks fine. Just a bit too fat.

If I find more tears, I will get him to the vet asap.

This girl is still in my mind. I don’t understand women. I never will. I’m trying not to think about it, but I got sad about it yesterday that I ended up ordering mezcal. 400 Conejos went up in price and now a shot is 100 pesos. Didn’t know that. I’m not doing that again.

Life is getting more expensive.

Inflation is real.

I need more gigs.

I have 3 photo gigs set up so far, and an extra one for later in November. Perhaps a tour this Friday. Perhaps more tours later. Perhaps a photo gallery in a brewery, I have a meeting about that today.

I TikTok now.

Here’s a link to my profile.

I’m still not sure how to use it. I had a video with over 1,000 views. That’s pretty good for not having followers. I know the youth uses it. I know I can use it to get more clients somehow. So there I am on TikTok. Pretending I’m not 35.

Haven’t sold a copy of any of my books in weeks. Here’s a link to both of them.

Tijuana Adventure.

Paparazzi Daze.

I have only 2 copies left of the Tijuana Adventure book. I stopped writing the translation, but I should get back to it before the year ends. End the year with a book en Español.

I woke up at 5 a.m. thinking of this girl. Then Día de Muertos came to my mind. I never really done anything, but can’t help to think of my mom. Even if nothing ends up happening with this girl (and we end up just friends), she told me something that stuck with me and it was all worth it because of that.

Seven years.

She lost her brother to a car accident. She told me it took her 7 years to get over it.

When my mom died, people said 3 months, some said a couple of years, others never.

7 years sounds reasonable.

What will I be at age 40?

What will the world be like in 2026?

There’s so much pain all the time, I don’t know how people find the strength. And yet, here we are still.

When I think about leaving Tijuana, my heart gets at ease. I feel like I’m done with this city. I’m just trying to figure out what will be next.

My Patreon is still a thing… and I owe my patrons some goodies. I will start sending them… life has just been fucking weird.

If you like me or my blog or my videos or pictures or whatever and want to support me… Please do so on Patreon. My drunk ass heavily appreciates it as I still don’t have a real income. Making it as an “artist” is not easy. Every $ is appreciated.

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