Mid-September Already – Food Photography Is Life – New Roommate, Blast from the Past

And holy shit!

Just like that, it’s September.

I didn’t post shit in August, and already halfway through the month and I haven’t written much. I had another cover in the San Diego Reader, here:


In the beginning of the story, I tout myself as a food photographer. And that’s what I want to do.

I decided that at the beginning of the year, but I didn’t want to cross the border. I figured Tijuana restaurants would pay as much. But I am horrible at knocking on doors. If it wasn’t for the Reader, I wouldn’t meet any restaurant.

I worked on a tacos issue for a different writer and that’s how I met Gerry of City Tacos. He liked my photography and hired me to do some more. At first, I thought he was disappointed with the photos. He took some time to reply and to pay me. That happens to me all the time. I don’t think I’m that good.

But he loved them and paid me shortly after. And they’ve been using them for their social media.

Following that, I created a message that I want to send to food places. It reads something like this:

I am Matingas. I am an everything photographer, but lately I’ve been solely interested in food photography. I like real food photography, none of the fake shit. Food porn. Pictures that make you salivate. For $150 I provide 2 hours of professional shooting (and many more editing). Here are some examples of my work:

Thank you for your time,”

How is that? Too dumb? Too cheap? Stupid?

Or good to just start spamming businesses?

I’m thinking of taking out the “fake shit” but not sure what to replace it with. I’m also thinking of charging $250, not $150…

After that, I should have a nice clean page intro page with some examples of my work and my pricing.

Before I even sent that message to anyone, Doggos Gus messaged me that they were looking for a photographer. The owner (Gus) told me he was busy because of a newborn child but that please stop at the shop to do photography. The day I stopped by, he completely forgot…

I manage to fix up some hot dogs, take some pictures of several items from there, and meet with Gus. Same feeling as before. They already have great pictures on their Instagram and their website, that when I sent mine, I felt he didn’t like them.

The opposite happened again. He loved them and paid me immediately.

Besides him, there is also Ali’s Chicken. I did a photoshoot for them for free. They seemed skeptical when I showed up with all my studio lights. And… He loves the pictures. They’ve been using them all over their social and website.

Same with Firebirds Chicken.

See… I’m already making a list of places that use my photography and there could be more.


And the chef I featured in the cover. She’s also great and loves my photography. Yet still. In the back of my mind. There’s a nagging thought telling me “you are not good enough.”

Fucking life, huh?

I haven’t been going to therapy. My next appointment is on October. I changed therapists and decided to switch back. And my previous therapist is busy as fuck. And got more expensive. But I feel like I need it.

The IRS is after me for something that isn’t my fault. While filing my taxes, I claimed I didn’t get my second stimulus (because I didn’t). They credit me with $600. A month or two later, I received the second stimulus… so of course I cashed it. Months later, I receive a letter from the IRS saying that I owe them $600. Makes sense. I feel like I could fight it, but at the same time, I should just pay that money back.

My student loans are after me as well. I can’t pay. I have to take care of my taxes, rent, and fix my car.

I need more money.

Speaking of rent, I have a new roommate. Sort of.

My oldest brother who I haven’t seen in 8+ years finally moved back to Mexico from Spain. He seems to be in a similar spot than me. Needs more money, unsure on how to make some, but willing to do some work in our own field. He likes crypto and online businesses. That’s how he made money around Europe and how he plans to keep making some. But still needs way more.

Tijuana is not as cheap as it used to be.

And though 8+ years passed. He is my brother. It feels like… normal.

Besides that, there is little to no work. I could write another cover. In fact, I will write another cover. I already have 10% done and the other 50% in my mind. I could easily write another cover story.

Cover story to end the year.

DotA all day. DotA alone. DotA with friends.

And now Fantasy Football with friends.

My draft was shit, but my team is alright. Fantasy be fantasy. Of course I drafted Gus Edwards for the fucker to get injured before the season. I was too hungover during the draft that I didn’t do a right job. I also didn’t really pay much attention to the preseason or anything.

Already lost my first game.

Already lost my first parlay.

But more are to come.

Much more DotA much more fantasy football with friends.

Friends and food is all I need (and beer).

Facebook memories tell me that exactly 10 years ago I felt at home in San Diego after months on the road. I didn’t. I didn’t last long in that house.

Facebook memories tell me that exactly 11 years ago I posted that I was next to a practically naked Lady Gaga.

Remember those pictures of her at the airport basically just wearing a thong, handcuffs hanging from such said thong, fishnets, and a black leather jacket?

Those were my pictures. That shit didn’t even make it to my book.

My second book is a complete fucking flop. I have over 40 copies with me in my house with no one really wanting to buy it. I sit low on the Amazon ranks. I made almost no money from telling all my paparazzi stories.


But my fucking video of Axl Rose punching my former boss is popular as fuck on YouTube. Bunch of new subscribers who have no idea who I am. A shit ton of stupid comments not knowing the law or common decency. Fucking stupid people.

But yeah.

Second book is a complete flop.

I thought it was going to be the opposite. I thought it was going to be a hit.

Here’s a link to it. Paparazzi Daze.

I think I’m going to make it free soon. See if that sparks some interest. Maybe it should be a movie. Maybe it’s just shitty. It has good reviews. That’s something.

Yeah. The e-book will be free next week. Look for it if you wanted it for free.

I posted a new video of Drinking Beer with Matingas. Just like writing, I haven’t done videos in a long time.

Thanks to Buffy and Steve for the beers!

And thanks to all my patrons on my Patreon!

I started sending posters and books to my patrons. If you like all the shit I write and all the stupid shit I do. Subscribe to my Patreon!

Patrons get discounts in all my merch (it’s a growing line). Also a discount on my photo services (or whatever other service I can provide for you, wink wink). And you also get access to any and all my photos full quality HD so you can do whatever the fuck you want!

Print it big!

Print it small!

Use it as your phone background!

Or just give me money because you like me.

Here’s my Patreon:


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