July is Gone – All Instagram, Social Media Distortion – Photoshoots for Money Taco Paparazzo

July is suddenly gone. I don’t know what the fuck happened to me. I feel like a mammoth stuck in tar. I feel like I should be big and roaming around. Alas, I am not. I’m stuck in the same space letting time go by.

I had one great Saturday. That was this last Saturday. What a great fucking Saturday.

It’s all on my foodagram. Food pictures are my favorite.

I also had two good Tuesdays. Yesterday. And the Tuesday before that.

Besides that, I don’t remember much of July.

I still have my first boss ever implanted in my brain. Fucking Frank Griffin. He is dead now. But he was my first boss. He was a nice guy when it wasn’t work related. He would tell funny stories about Hollywood and his paparazzi life of the past (he was one of the first ones). He also claimed to have dated Elizabeth Hurley before she was famous.

But when it was work related. Holy shit he was a horrible person. He would yell at me for shit that I didn’t do. Or if the picture wasn’t absolutely perfect he would lose his shit. It didn’t matter if you were getting pushed around, if the bodyguard beat you, or anything. If your picture wasn’t perfect, he would call you and give you so much shit about it.

The pressure of a young paparazzo at age 21.

It was inmense.

And I still have his presence.

I just finished editing some pictures for next week’s cover. And I can hear him yelling at me for tiny mistakes I did during the shoots. Of course, it matters not. It isn’t paparazzi shit. It’s not that important. And the pictures are great.

But I still have that fear.

He implanted that fear for such a young photographer. And now I always strive for perfection knowing I can’t get it.

You can read more about it on my paparazzi book, here.

It’s all on Instagram.

It’s the blog now. And it barely is. I should post more. I should post less. I should care more. I should care less.

What if Instagram disappears?

I still have you blog.

It’s starting to be less of a photograph platform and more of a stories platform. And business. A lot of business.

Still… Instagram dominates the digital world. TikTok as well. And stupid ass fucking Facebook.

I added the Linktree to my website. Too many websites. Too much social media. I have to be everywhere. Except Twitter.

Here is a new Drinking Beer with Matingas:

That mango chamoy berliner by Cardera is a goddamn good beer.

And now to spam my Instagram.

I did my first pregnant shooting with my friend Karla.

There are way more shots than the ones I posted. But I like the ones I posted.

Karla got insanely comfortable being pregnant and wearing almost nothing.

The important thing is that she likes them. I don’t care about the rest.

Selfies in el Valle:

I flew my drone as well.

And some sort of selfie.

It was a great Saturday.

I’m writing the story about that Saturday.

I should get back to writing that story.

Here’s the food though.

Making myself hungry looking at these again…

Chef Andrea Aguari is amazing.

It was a five course meal. If I only could pick one, it would have been that shrimp. But everything was so good that they come close second. Like very close.

Fuck. I’m hungry.

I finally fixed my stove and can cook. I’ve been saving money that way. Since February the hose to connect the gas to the stove was broken. I didn’t bother fixing it until mid July. My first meal would always be outside. And now I can finally cook.

I woke up fucking hella late. It’s 1:24 pm and I’m barely going to have breakfast. I have emails and work to do.

Photography talk.

A lot of photography talk.

People like my pictures.

I should have more confidence in myself.

Fucking Frank Griffin. I’m not sure if it was good or bad that he yelled at me like that. I’m always second guessing myself.

First. Breakfast. I’m not sure what I want. It’s hella late for breakfast. But I need it.

After writing all that and getting breakfast… I went out to get my new framed picture. It wasn’t ready. I went to look for a dude owner of a place where I’m supposed to have an art exhibit. He was gone.

I waited for him. And started drinking. It was a mistake.

I should not drink early anymore. Ever.

It always ends up making me feel like shit.

I’m not sure if that gallery is going to happen. I hope it does.

I finally wrote something. That meal I just posted above and that great Saturday. I wrote a nice article about it. I don’t like it. But the few friends I sent it too liked it. I’m about to add some details and finish it up. Then send it to the new editor to see if they would like to run the piece. If not, I’ll find it another home. Let’s see what happens.

I need breakfast again.

Finally cooking again. It feels basic and repetitive. All I ate yesterday was an egg breakfast burrito and fettuccine with ground beef and tomato sauce. Basic. Repetitive.

Breakfast again today.

Can’t believe it’s Friday.

July is gone.

The cover next week is going to be awesome. It’s tacos. The Taco Paparazzo.

I have to push my photography. I’ve been creating new posters for stories to see if I can get some clients. Here are the two best ones I’ve done.


A dude who is a fan of mine suggested “Canva” to make social media posters. They work great. I need to create more and sponsor some. Maybe this way I’ll get some business going.

I got an email for a tour. The dude has poked through my website and seems relatable. I rarely do tours. If I’m going to do tours, you better be reading some of this or my book or something. If you read my book, you don’t really need a tour. If you read this. You get a discount.

Speaking of discounts.

Subscribe to my Patreon and receive 10% discount in whatever Matingas services I can provide or goods I can sell.

If a tour with me costs around $250, you a patron. BAM. It’s only $225. And you get a free book.

Also, you get access to ALL my photos so you can print them yourself in case you want to save money and not buy a print from me.

Want to buy a print from me and you are a patron? BAM! 10% off.

Also, the story I just wrote that might or might not get published.

Early access to read it.

Hah. My benefits aren’t that great. Want other benefits? Let me know. Shoutouts to those who support my drinking habits. I will grab some beers for Drinking Beer with Matingas tonight.

It’s Friday. And I can’t believe it. July is fucking gone. 2021 is leaving. And corona might be returning. And bam. 2022 soon.

Fucking world.

I work tomorrow. On a Saturday. After working on a cover about tacos… The next one is not going to be a fun one. I have to cover a suicide story. Heavy shit. It’s going to make me cry.

If you like me or my blog or my videos or pictures or whatever and want to support me… Please do on Patreon. My drunk ass heavily appreciates it as I still don’t have real income. Making it as an “artist” is not easy. Every $ is appreciated.

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