Big Bass, Want More Strings – June is Suddenly Gone – Tijuana Adventure en Español

Where did June go?

Instead of June is Finally Here… June is suddenly gone.

That’s a mathrock reference.

Don Cab.

Classic math rock.

So good.

I’m back to playing music. That has made me happy. I need a bass amp.

My primo Joe gifted me his 6-string bass that he had in his closet for years (not being played). I play it everyday now. But I plug it in my guitar amp. It sounds punchy. But I enjoy it. I enjoy the fuck out of it.

That’s me with the big boy. He ain’t that big. I could still play a bigger bass. Having a lot of strings and a big neck is so much fun. I could honestly go for a 9-string guitar or even more string bass. I fucking love having a ton of strings.

I thought it was going to be hard to adjust. Or that I was going to ignore the extra strings in the beginning. But I do not. My mind adapted pretty quickly to having a low B and a high C and the scales got engraved in my brain after a few runs of the neck.

I only play it as a 4-string when I play old songs that I learn on a 4-string. But when improvising or just fucking around in general, you know I’m going to use the fuck out of those extra strings. That low B is so chunky.

Oh yeah. If you look closely on the picture, I’m holding the trigger for the camera. Playing bass and taking selfies with studio lights is no easy task.

My back and most my body aches. I didn’t work out. I carried my niece yesterday like a horsey for a long time.

It’s my mom’s birthday soon. I found a pic of her that I’ve never seen before. My whole life I never remember her exact birthday. I always confuse June with July just to later know that it was always July. Her birth year always confused me. Was it ’60? or ’59?

I had to check. It was ’57. Her passport, her IDs, her SSN, and a lot of her old things. What is one supposed to do with all of this?

And I still have two newspapers that she kept from the day I was born.

I miss her so much.

The end of June disappeared. I guess I was depressed over a girl. And I’m still seeing her. We have a weird relationship.

Besides playing bass, I also played a bit of classical.

I did it more for the pictures than actual playing.

The last blog I said I would be translating my book into Spanish. I have been doing that. I’m a third of the way done with the first translation. I already went through the most painful parts. It’s all fun stories from now on. I think…

I don’t remember my own book. There are stories that I tell that have happened to me. But I noticed how some minor details change in the way I tell those stories in Spanish versus English.

And my book is so fucking dumb I can’t believe I’ve sold as much as I have and that my reviews are actually good.

If you haven’t read my book, you can find it here.

Oh yeah.

Two books really. The other one find it HERE!

The second book hasn’t really sold much or almost at all. Yet it has positive reviews. Probably made around $200 and that’s it. Maybe it will blow up later. It’s only been on the market for almost a fucking year… That’s a lot.

Patrons my Patreon will have early access to the book en Español for free. GRATIS GRATIS GRATIS. Bueno, cuesta $10 el mes. Pero yes. My book in Spanish will be on my Patreon until it gets uploaded into Amazon or gets published. You can subscribe to my Patreon, here!

I haven’t really had much work to do for the magazine. I have work this week. I’m waiting for an email response. And its one of my favorite gigs. Food pictures.

The issue is, I don’t have much time. I need to get it done this week ASAP. The issue is that the 4th just happened and that is restaurants busiest day… Between Wednesday and Thursday I should finish the whole thing. And pictures will be fantastic. I hope there is not much border line.

WordPress seems to have fixed a lot of the issues it was having. It’s still a bit glitchy and I still prefer the old version better. But for now, it ain’t that bad. Except now when trying to link Insta posts, it won’t share right. This post needs a picture. And I need to go back to translating my book.

Here’s my best pic from last night:


After praising WordPress, it almost deleted the whole thing. And after that mini crash, Insta posts are working. Instagram is a confusingly weird social media. I hate it. I love it. I’m addicted. I can’t stop. I enjoy it. But it also affects my mood. And my brain. It’s an odd thing.

The new editor emailed me that they need cover stories. I should write one soon. Based on this blog, you can tell I’m not that inspired. Based on how I’m running out of money soon, I should really work on a couple.

Oh yeah!

New Drinking Beer with Matingas!

I recorded it last night after taking the long exposures. It’s still uploading, but it should be the same link. So here’s the link:

I get naked.

Patreon paid me today!

$71.08 out of $74 pledge! Patreon doesn’t take much money from you. It’s nice. I need more patrons!

If you want access to my photographs for printing or for personal usage… subscribe to my Patreon. I will try to offer more when that more comes. But full access to whatever you want from Matingas, subscribe!

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