Goth Kids Photoshoot and Puppies – Nett Nett Radio and Space – Upcoming Eater Contributor

Pain fucking Mondays.

But I feel alright.

I cleaned the cats litter box. That was disgusting. Because I’m a lazy POS, I let it accumulate. Not the shit… the empty litter bags. There were over a dozen empty litter bags piled up. I crushed them all and put them inside one litter bag so I can throw it away. My arm got covered with litter dust.

Fucking pain fucking Mondays.

Up next.

My student loans.

The federal ones were simple, they gave me 12 more months of not paying. The private ones… not that nice. They were really nice over the phone and now by email… but I have to pay them $75 a month… for the rest of my fucking life.

I need to make money.

I need to earn way more money.

I’ve been shooting a lot. Like a shit ton. I’m tired. And I haven’t posted anything or finished editing much.

I’ve been shooting a shit ton. And only one for payment. The rest to just grow on likes and hopefully get paid more. I need to get paid more…

I drank a lot and shot shit ton of pictures over the weekend.

Not that many people showed up either Friday or Saturday, but I had beers with the ones that showed including John, a patron of my Patreon.

You can support me on Patreon.

He got a free poster worth $10 and a free photoshoot that I want to charge $100+ per shoot. He supports me on Patreon. I should have bought the beers but I was cashless when he arrived.

Other people showed up. I should post their pictures soon.

Including the front door neighbor of my pop-up studio and her friends. They are reading my book. They like my book. They can’t believe I was a fucking paparazzo.

It’s funny.

Even years later.

It’s still funny to talk about my Paparazzi Daze.

Chimba is meowing loudly. I’ve been feeding them a pack of Whiskas every morning. I don’t have some this morning. Both cats are desperate. They are addicted to that shit. Worse than Temptations.

I haven’t been eating or sleeping right.

Just drinking.

Sleeping early, waking up before dawn and not being able to sleep again until some random point in the day.

My nutrition has gone to shit. I haven’t cooked in months. My kitchen is a mess. My apartment is also a mess. But I’m doing alright. was looking for a contributor in Tijuana. I messaged the editor. They accepted my first pitch. I have writing work to do. Writing about food. I haven’t done that in a long time. I like it. I should write more. I could easily write more cover stories for the Reader. I shall do that as well.

And translate my book.

I haven’t started that at all… but I should.

I posted the goth kids on my Instagram. That was one of the latest shoots. I’m marveled by the goth culture in Tijuana. The mix between people that actually lived through the goth culture of the 80s and kids who just adore that culture despite never even being close.

Post 1 and some text:

I was already drunkish when they showed up…

Post 2 and some text.

It wasn’t my fault… they showed up almost 4 hours later. I don’t mind that they were that late… at least they showed up. And they showed up ready. And it was a great photoshoot.

Before them, I did photoshoots of whoever stopped by. I’ve been shooting so much…

Post 3 and some text:

My battery died after those shots. Then Erick took of his pants and took some shots on a colorful thong. Woweeeee… !!!


My hard drive is a bit of a mess because I’ve been editing and saving files on my Macbook instead of my iMac. I tried transferring the files via USB but it turned out to be painfully slow. Like hours long slow. It was easier to connect my Macbook to my external hard-drive. But now the files are a mess… gotta clean it up.

Then do some work.

Then do more work.

This post needs a profile photo. Here’s one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken lately and not in my studio at all.

It was taken for a story that will come out in the upcoming weeks, but it won’t be a cover :(

It should still be printed in the magazine. I took over 300 pictures of French Bulldog puppies and a duck. I love pet photography. It’s one of my favorites. After that, I also did some drone photography by the OB pier.

And so continues my path of no niche photography.

It’s 4/20 today. Stoner’s day. Or Hitler’s birthday.

I don’t usually partake in any type of celebrations, much less silly ones of something I do everyday. But Insurgente has a special munchies 4/20 menu today and I’m curious. So I’ll pretend that it means something for me today and take some time off of my already time off life.

I’ve been drinking a lot of beer, but not on camera. Drinking beer with Matingas has been on hiatus due to my continuous lights not being in my apartment and that I’ve been busier than usual, especially on Fridays.

My continuous lights? I meant the office’s continuous lights. They asked for the them this morning and I shall take them back tomorrow. And since in San Diego… why not. I’ll get my Covid vaccine if it’s easy and available or at least schedule an appointment for it.

If you like my work, any of it, and you would like to support me, you can do it on my Patreon. I got a new Patron today by the name of Kevin. I believe he listens to Nett Nett Radio and that’s where he heard about my Patreon and my work.

Nett Nett Radio / Nett Nett Space is where my pop-up studio is. Edgar and Haydee both interviewed me (in Spanish) for a show on their continuous live radio. They also asked me to share my favorite music. I told them three things: Classical guitar, jazz, and mathrock (and videogame music). With the help of Haydee’s boyfriend, Mike Meanstreetz, they nailed a perfect playlist that describes my usual ear. With some of Mike’s own shit… which is fucking fantastic.

New Patreon goodies are coming I promise!!! Bear with me for a bit. I’m thinking of providing my links that way provides all access to a shit ton of images that you can print or use for whatever for only $10.

Does that sound good?

If not… let me know… What should my patrons get?!

It also means you are welcome to have beers with me and if I have a studio going, I’ll take some shots in a mini-session.

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