Bfsalfas -Fuck Everything, I’ve Got Work To Do – April Photoshoots


Starting with a fuck you to you fucking WordPress, my website host. I’m frustrated about other shit and now I can’t access the classic editor like I used too. I remember how frustrating last post was because I was forced to use this new blogging system, and somehow, I went back to the classic, and I had to manually copy paste everything because this new fucking system is all fucking broken.

Fuck you fucking WordPress.

Moving on to fuck you fucking Facebook.

Seriously. What a trash community and what a trash website in general. More than 15 years in that shit and whenever I go on it, I fucking regret it. I just use to advertise myself and this blog and my YouTube videos. But I forgot my fucking golden rule. Do not fucking comment on anything or post much. I don’t know who the majority of the people on my Facebook is. I don’t give a fuck about most of them. And I get a million notifications about shit I don’t give a fuck.

My opinion goes here. Sometimes on Reddit. But not really.

In my own blog. It’s better.

Where I’m free to say whatever the fuck I want.

And on to the wherever the fuck I want. Aren’t we supposed to be all adults?! LIKE FUCK!

I’m the one that plays video games all night like a kid but I understand that the world is fucked. Shit. People want everything covered in plastic bubblewrap to avoid getting hurt wherever. Not only physical. But emotionally. And more.

There are shit people in the world. It’s the majority of the people. If not all.

Fucking people.

Told you I fucking woke up hating fucking everything.

And the biggest fuck you goes to my fucking student loans. I haven’t paid them in a long time. I couldn’t pay them then… I can’t pay them now. The letter I received says I could pay up to $0. I hope that’s true. It’s fucking devastating to carry that shit with me all the time. It doesn’t matter how much I pay, it doesn’t seem to make a dent.

Writing is therapeutic.

Going to therapy is also therapeutic.

I forgot when my next therapy session is. I like going to therapy. I like my therapist. But I think it’s time to find a new one. It’s been a bit over two years.

Buy my books.

Tijuana Adventure.

Paparazzi Daze.

226 pages were read through Amazon prime today. 145 pages on the paparazzi book. 81 pages on the Tijuana Adventure book. I made an estimate of $1.01.

If only two 0s were added on that page count.

22,600 pages read today. I would have made $101.

Yeah… an increase of 1000%.

Like that’s going to happen.

I haven’t written dick all of 2021. Just my shitty blog.

I woke up to a message from an award-winning journalist letting me know that Eater is looking for a bilingual writer in Tijuana / Valle area.

I forgot I can write to make money besides the books which net me cents per day.

I’ve been focused on selling prints and making it as a photographer that I forgot that I could might as well wake up and write on the daily and make money.

Almost 2 pm and I haven’t had breakfast. I went to bed late. I woke up late.

I had my pop-up store and photo studio over the weekend. I took pictures with a black background of a lot of people. I’m not totally in love with the pictures, but all my subjects were really happy with them. Some posting them immediately. Some taking some time to post. Some haven’t posted them at all. But all in all, they were all happy.

I’m not sure where I am taking it, but it’s going.

I was also sick this whole weekend…

Because I had the pop-up store and studio sessions… I was in denial. I wasn’t sick. My nose was just clogged up with mucus. It might be allergies for the season. I’ve never had allergies. But I didn’t want to be sick. Much less during a pandemic.

And I didn’t really want to party. But I did. Friday and Saturday of drinking caguamas until late and blowing my nose constantly.

Sunday was shit.

I just played Dota for hours.

That was fun. But I felt like shit most of the day.

And yesterday, Monday, was my Sunday. Did some laundry. Ran some tasks. Cleaned up the place.

And today Tuesday is my fucking Monday. Maybe that’s why I hate it so much. Maybe is because after two drunk days, I’ve been sober for two days. Maybe I’m just still pissed at the stupidity of Facebook. And my student loans. It’s probably also that. That frustration and paranoia and the feeling that I can’t really do much about it. Debt. Anxiety. Depression. Over debt.

Oh yeah.

I saw that girl on Bumble.

One of hundreds that make me sad.

She made me the saddest for a while.


The thing I dreaded the most was the easiest.

Student loans. They’ve been calling me daily. They call my ex-roommates from more than a decade ago. They call any family. They call anyone and everyone to try to find me. They rarely email me. But they call every morning.

I finally called back.

It was relatively painless and very understanding. A reminder that I am not the only one with student loan debt. There are literally millions of us suffering the heavy burden.

It feels better.

I feel better.

Facebook drama continues.

One of my favorite breweries has some controversy. I’m siding with the brewery. It’s dumb and having an opinion for being a man is not valid for some people. And I don’t care enough about people. I care more about the brewery and the people of the brewery than fucking strangers.

So fuck those people.

All of them.

I’m with the brewery.

I’m going to visit them.

After I pick up a picture I sent to get it framed.

I have an idea to get viral on Reddit. I’m going to get a hot chick to hold my picture framed, post on /r/pics with the title of “I framed a drone picture I took!” or some shit like that!

Front page material perhaps.

You have to post early in the morning and posting early is tiresome. Then you have to get lucky.

We’ll see what happens.

A new cover came out today.

It’s cover #8.

It’s this one.

That’s chef Nick Brune. Super photogenic dude. Photogenic place. It took me less than 3 minutes to get that picture.

I also took pictures of chef Robert Watkins:

I posted it on my foodagram. It’s seriously the best fried chicken I’ve ever had in my life. I want to get some again. I wanted him for the cover… but I understand why the other one was a better choice (besides having better light and lower ISO).


Fuck this new WordPress shit.

I have shit to do and I don’t have time to deal with this WordPress non-sense. It’s glitchy as fuck and it crashes. I was trying to save draft and it said “I wasn’t authorized” and I lost a bunch of text.

Fuck this shit.

In summary. I’ll be in Pasaje Rodríguez for mostly all of April. Fridays and Saturdays guarantee that you find me there.

Come visit me!

High five!

For pics like these:

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