March 2021: Haircute and a Busted Lip – Bars Reopened in TJ – Future Photo Showroom


I skipped my blog last week.

And today… I was thinking of skipping today as well.

There are too many things in my mind. Work things. Many work things.

I think I just book a wedding. A paid wedding. A nicely priced wedding (at a discount because she’s a friend). And trying to do the adulting I want to do. I’m charging her a percentage now to make sure it happens later.

My therapist says I’m doing better.

It feels like I’m doing better… but I’m not quite there yet.

I got a haircute.

I look good.

Here’s the pic:

You see the blood on my lip?

That’s cuz I’m a fucking idiot.

I shave with a straight razor that I got off Amazon. I had some tiny hairs surpassing my lip line and I didn’t like that. So… I shaved with WAY too much confidence and cut my lip open. It bled for hours. It bled so much I had to open a medic-kit that I forgot I had. Cleaned the wound and put an awkward bandaid on my lip. It helped a lot. It stopped bleeding. And three days later the wound was gone.

The haircute was done over by The Hills Barber Shop in Zona Río. A new startup barber by one of the best barbers in the country (or so it is boasted on his Instagram). A young fellow that I met through María because he is María’s brother-in-law. The whole family works in the business.

In fact, here’s the post.

I posted a bunch of book chapters of my paparazzi book accompanied with some pictures that I took back in the day. It has translated into 0 sales. I completely misjudged the public’s interest in a paparazzi book. Perhaps. Perhaps it just hasn’t found the audience just yet.

Britney Spears is back in the news. And what she suffered through her Paparazzi Daze. Britney is Chapter 3 in my book.

A journalist for the Independent contacted me to ask me about my experience with her. My experience with Britney is limited. The first few times were in 2007, it was usually with a ton of people, and she was acting wildly. After that… I only saw her at LAX and she seemed numb to everything around her.

I’ve also been posting a chapter of my Tijuana Adventure book on the Tijuana Adventure Instagram as story posts. That has worked quite well. A handful of people replied to the stories asking what book it is and I direct them to the Amazon link. I got a few sales this last week because of it.

Neither of the books is enough to make any living.

It is now less than $50 a month with some physical sales in person boosting it a bit more but not by much.

I just checked.

One more got sold today.

Posting a chapter a day worked.

I sold a few more prints as well.

And I think I have two sold for $250… More expensive than usual because it will cost me more expensive to have them made. Instead of the cheap frames that I was buying, this time I’m getting them framed by the pros.

I’m a store.

I’m going to be a pop-up store.

A pop-store / showroom. With my friend Haydee at her Nett Nett studio place. That place has changed a lot. From having performers to music therapy to art galleries to events to weird shit, and theater, to a podcast, and more.

We talked about it for hours last week. I think we came to some sort of agreement that I need to finalize soon. Ideally, I’ll be at that spot for four weekends between March 20th to April 20th. Stay tuned to find out.

Also, my brother is getting a new warehouse for his shirt printing company. It’s spacious enough that I could have a spot for a photo studio. That will also be in the works at the end of the month.

I told you it’s a lot.

I am also still doing the Magazine work. I’ve had a few photoshoots. Some sad ones. Some easy ones. And soon I have to figure out a long and tough one but that will end up being great (I am sure). I have time… sort of.

I haven’t written shit for them. I’ve planned several articles… I write nothing.

There’s been one in my mind since last year… I pitched it… I haven’t written it still.

I want to write it tomorrow morning. As I finalized my blog and write a journalistic article for the first time in months. I have the interviews set. The pictures should be no problem. It’s the writing that I’ve been having trouble with.

Two new drinking beer with Matingas:

I was again tired. It’s a bad chapter. It wasn’t Friday.

And I forgot to hit publish. It was on private for a week. Until today. That I remembered that I needed to post another one… and I posted them again late…

The last case of Craft Beer Club…

The best of the Craft Beer Club so far… and… the end of it. I liked them a lot.

On top of all that… All I want to do is play Dota2 though I’m horrible at that fucking game. I do better with Windranger than with Lina and I’ve played with Lina almost 100 times and only 5 times with Windranger…

On top of all that… I want to do a Tijuana beer newsletter weekly as a Patreon incentive though my Patreon doesn’t really have incentives.

On top of all that… I want to do more drone work. I’m going to go fly today. Again, just to the arch. I’ve already done that shot, but once more why not. Because I want to go to Nelson Bar and speak with the bartender for the article. And because bars re-opened today after almost 4 months of closures.

On top of all that… more photoshoots. Way more photoshoots. Way more photoshoots. And it seems like it is going that way…

What a life.

Let’s see what happens.

It was a weird Monday. It started weird. The morning was blue:

I forced myself to write and it ended up weird. The only thing I ate yesterday was old Domino’s pizza and beer. The bars are opened back up again and I went to visit one of my old-time favorites, Bar Nelson. It’s weird. But time flew. I only drank two caguamas and one especial… and I was there for four fucking hours. Didn’t even feel like it. Then I got angry that a dude kept changing the music I was playing on the TV to Creedence Clearwater Revival… Nothing against that band, nothing against the dude (he is actually chill), but fuck… I loved playing my music. Battles, Crumb, and more that I thought I was gaining the old crowd at Nelson’s interest. Alas, that dude also had control of the TV and he played what it is always played. Stale ass Nelson that I love.

I also wanted to go to Dandy del Sur, but it was suddenly 10 pm and I shouldn’t. My excuse is that I’m working on an article about the re-opening. I haven’t written dick.

And here I am. After a weird Monday writing dick. I woke up at 5 a.m. and anxiety kept me up until 7 a.m. Then I had a series of weird dreams. It’s 1 pm now and I haven’t had fucking breakfast.

At least I did something yesterday. A few things I guess. I wrote all this stupid shit, I went to therapy, I played guitar, and I flew my drone.

Here’s the drone shot.

I only have one long gig in my schedule. I need to write. I need to get more photoshoots. I need to open my gallery/showroom/pop-up store soon. No reply from Nett Nett though…

I’ll keep y’all informed.



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