Super Bowl Shit – Steady Cover Photo Life – Prints Are Expensive As F


That Super Bowl game was shit.

I wanted the Bills to win it since I got Diggs as my wide receiver and I was loving what I saw from the team. I never really liked the Bills or their fans, but I was digging this team. And my cousin Dennis is a huge fan of the Bills. Jaime (a friend) is not happy. He is a huge Chiefs supporter… I like seeing friends happy for their teams.

Except if that friend likes Tom Brady.

Fuck Tom Brady.

I know it’s stereotypical, but seriously… fuck that shit. That game felt rigged. No dis to the Tampa Bay defense, stopping that offense is impressive. But it didn’t even look like the KC offense out there. And the refs helped the Bucs. Not a lot. But just enough for them to dominate the first half. It was done after that.

Then half-hour halftime show with The Weeknd. Not my thing. I went outside with my cats for a few minutes, came back, and caught the end of the show. He has that fucking catchy song that sounds like a cover disco song from the 80s. I always end up whistling that song. I don’t mind the dude. He has good songs.

More on Tom Brady. I shot him once during my paparazzi career. It is mentioned once in the book. It says he was with Gisele Bundchen. I meant to write “he wasn’t” with Gisele. I honestly do not remember. I remember I shot him on Terminal 2 and that he was a dick. But I don’t remember any other interaction. And those pictures are lost.

Here’s a rare picture of Gisele smiling at a paparazzo (me). I said something in Portuguese. Something plain and stupid.

It’s in Chapter 26 of my book. The James Franco chapter.

Link to my Paparazzi book.

The books don’t sell anymore. Someone bought a digital copy of the Tijuana book yesterday and someone read 113 pages through Kindle Unlimited. That’s the only action my books have had this February. This usually depresses me. And though I’m not happy, I’m not that depressed.

I have too many links and that’s why I made an account on LinkTree. I still have to figure that out. I also have to figure out TikTok. And SmugMug. And my Patreon.

Thanks a lot to my new patron Melocalypse all the way in Seattle. I hope to be in Seattle soon. And I’ll spend all the money you gave me in Jupiter Bar. I’m not even sure how or why you follow me… but I truly appreciate it!

You can now support me on Patreon!

Thanks to Joe, Kevin, Shelly, Dylan, and Roberto.

I’m still working on my incentives, but for now, your support means I can continue doing this blog every week as same With Drinking Beer with Matingas.

A new episode of that every Saturday on my YouTube:

The money you give me will definitely be spent on beers with the person that gave me the money. I want better and more incentives, so to you my patron, tell me what you want and I’ll do it.

Speaking of doing more things… More prints!

More and more prints!

That’s why the lack of book sales don’t depress me anymore. I feel like I finally created something that people actually want to buy. And that’s my prints. Especially of that one shot of the city.

This one:

Prints prints and more prints!

A picture of my pictures in my studio but with my phone instead of taking the actual picture.

The big print in the back I DIY, so the cost wasn’t too high. I plan to make five of those this week. Like… as soon as I’m done with this blog post. Those are selling for an undisclosed amount and they will be the only five of their kind. Undisclosed because I’m not sure yet.

The three canvas were printed in Colonia Libertad and then framed in downtown Tj. They look nice from far, but not that great up close. Those are selling for $50 or 75. I plan to make a couple of bigger ones and sell them for double (let’s hope they look nice).

I am also printing more today… Maybe. Let’s see how today goes.

That’s why I also need to figure out SmugMug. Or a way to sell my prints easily online. And my Patreon. One of the incentives is full access to my files so you can print the pictures yourself (please, do it for personal use and not commercial). That’s the idea. I need to choose the best of the best for print pictures only… And that’s also going to be a difficult task. Combing through my portfolio once again.

More things!

I also had a new cover shot:

That’s three for the year!

I love that shitty baby Yoda made it on the cover.

Next week’s cover should also be mine. The week after that isn’t. Then one that should. And then another that it isn’t.

That life is still steady. I get 2, 3, or 4 gigs a month doing that. My pictures get to be on the cover and I make a bit of money.

If I wrote articles for them I would also be making a bit more money.

My Patreon is another bit of money (thanks so much again).

My books, a bit of money.

Selling prints… hopefully, a lot more money. I daydream about it and get excited. Selling a lot of them. Then my manic depressiveness kicks in and tells me I’m not that good. It’s not going to make that much money. And prints are expensive as fuck.

I test the markets this week.

A few people have already ordered prints. A few have shown interest. Not that many have actually seen them in person (just the canvas and I don’t love those). I should hit up my neighbor to see if she can judge them right now.

I have two photo gigs for the Reader that should go smoothly. Then I have to deliver prints to Tony Tee who ordered a few. I plan to have extra prints with me and try to sell them while Tony Tee runs his taco truck. I wonder how the border will be with a bunch of prints in my car…

New Instagram posts with the drone flying around Tijuana.

I posted that in Reddit and Facebook groups and it did great. I almost printed that picture on canvas. There is a HUGE mistake of editing in the picture. While stitching the pictures, Abe’s beard got copied weirdly. Look at his chin again. I didn’t even notice until way later. Now I can’t look at it and not see it. I almost printed that picture… I printed a different one.

The second picture of that. I’m sure Tony Tee wants the pictures as conversation pieces about Tijuana… what is best but the Lincoln statue with dirty water for Tony Tee to start rambling?!

And finally… pretty sunsets:

That was while I was at MegaPrint ordering… uhh prints. The sunset looked fucking amazing and I couldn’t resist flying right above. It wasn’t very well thought out or anything. It was just “the sky looks amazing, time to send my flying camera to capture it.”

The others are from my house and some around Dylan’s house who had me over for carne asada and beers (and he is a patron! So a lot of thanks to Dylan). The last picture is just me fucking around with Luminar. My fascination with the software starts to wind down as I run out of options to photoshop in and it makes me want to download other sky replacements to do more silly shit.

My neighbor came over to look at the prints. She loves the huge one and says I can easily sell it for over $100. I’m thinking $150 as the final price. It’s pretty huge. So that might still be cheap.

Now it’s time to take a cold shower and head out to print more pictures to see how they look.

Prints are expensive as fuck!

That’s what I learned yesterday… though I already knew it. I ordered three cheap prints that I have to pick up later today. But I also went to a nice photo lab with an actual photographer. His prices were $5 more expensive than Copy Pronto (which has been my favorite print so far). An hour after paying for my print, I went to check it out. It’s virtually identical to Copy Pronto’s. After talking to him, he told me they have photographer prices.

With those new prices, it is virtually the same price as Copy Pronto. This guy wins. Color Profesional Lab is what is called.

Final print prices for sale by me:

$10 or buy me a beer for the simple poster signed print.

$50 for a canvas print (not my favorite).

$150 for a huge print and my DIY framing (my favorite so far).

More expensive prints coming soon because printing and framing are expensive as fuck. SmugMug is supposed to do both and manage acrylic and metal prints and more. It’s expensive to sign up for their website… but I might have to take the plunge.

As of now, I’m going to make 5 huge prints and framed them myself. I think I already have the five buyers. Here’s me with my own print:

Also, my Patreon will get an exclusive portfolio with full-size files to print. First… I got to make my portfolio.

I got an email about doing a tour. I forgot I did those and had plans to do more. Whenever I am available to do tours, I will start doing specifically craft beer tours. This is the plan: $125 gets you a walking tour of 4 breweries, one restaurant, and one dive bar, all expenses covered, and receive a gift bag at the end (tote bag, 4 pack of beers, shirt, and a book is the idea). That sounds like a good deal right?!

Perhaps tours coming soon in 2021. Perhaps…

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