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I don’t know what to do with my day. I don’t know what to do with my life. I say that a lot.

This girl that I like and she likes me back always says the same “start writing.” I don’t know what to write anymore. I’m not a writer. I just have stories to tell and I already told them.

My cover story comes out on Wednesday: 1/28/2021.

The one I’ve been talking about. I titled it “Fear and Loathing in La Baja: Final Point.” It got the title “Bad Trip: I never saw María again.”

It’s my favorite things I’ve ever written. Someone asked me what it was about. I told her a summary TLDR of what the story is. It then sounded stupid.

But hey!

It will be a cover story.

And the pictures are great.

Here are the pictures with excerpts of the story:

I’ll publish those on Reddit and other places when the story runs and add a link to the end of it.

And also, a lot of Instagram posts.

It’s amazing how I always feel stuck.

The two toughest things I face on a regular day. Getting out of bed. Getting out of the hot shower.

After that, it’s deciding what’s for breakfast.

After that, the day goes numb.

I waste my time online doing nothing with the excuse that I am doing something. I sent a couple of emails yesterday. I wrote a paragraph. That was it. I couldn’t do much more.

Then I did nothing.

I don’t even remember the nothing.

Before restaurants (or bars) closed, I went for some food and beers. The chicken sandwich at El Casimiro is way better than the first time I had it. Now I can recommend it. Get the chicken sandwich.

Back home, I played Left4Dead2 with my Chilango friends online. I went to bed at around 1 a.m. and set my alarm for 9:30 a.m. to wake up and do some work.

I didn’t get out of bed until 11 a.m.

I missed some work thing that was optional. I wasn’t needed. I am not really needed. After that, I sent a couple of texts and emails to set up work on Saturday.

I have work on Saturday. One gig. It should be fun and easy, though I have to be in San Diego at 8 a.m.

It’s fine.

I hope the line is fine.

That always gives me anxiety.

Everything gives me anxiety.

It might be the state of the world after four years of constant news and one year of living in fear. Still living in fear.

It’s almost the end of January.

I feel like I tried, but did I?

The sexy photoshoot with the other girl went fantastic. I haven’t posted any pictures. She posted one as soon as I sent them. It got up to 400 likes and I got new followers. When I woke up, she had deleted the post. A few hours later, she posted it again.

This is the post on her profile:

She posted more pictures and she has an OnlyFans, go check it out!

All credit goes to her for the idea of putting all that shit on her body. We had a good session. Almost 200 pictures. I liked more than half of them and sent her a whopping 128 pictures. From that, I ended up choosing only 16 that I like and from that, I’ll end up posting just a handful.

That’s how photography works.



And she actually paid me.

We have plans to keep shooting different styles and sexy stuff for her OnlyFans. And I’ll make some money!

I hope it does become a regular thing. And with more girls.

At least some part of my plan is working.

No niche photography.

That’s my new thing.

I took a bunch of drone pictures for some Luminar fantasy creations. This was my favorite one.

The lightning bolt is fake and it went through some Luminar stuff to make it look like that.

It was featured by an Instagram with 48k followers. In less than an hour, it had over 1,000 likes:

This is my post which has way fewer likes because I have way fewer followers. Swipe right to see it without the Luminar edits.

Instagram rule to post in threes.

I posted these other shots as well:

The first pic is flying right above my apartment, the rest are just flying around the city. I want to find new places to fly…

This was a new place I found to fly:

I also posted about my Paparazzi Book to no success at all. No copies have been sold at all for the end of January. My rank plummets. The advertisements didn’t work.

One copy of the Tijuana Adventure book sold. I wonder who bought it. I still get comments about it. I still hear that people love it and that it will be a success. It’s been a year already…

I need money, not praise. I don’t eat or drink praise. I don’t eat or drink Instagram likes. They do help to get other gigs which is pathetic as fuck. But hey. It’s the world we live in.

Oh yeah.

There’s a new Drinking Beer with Matingas, Chapter 27:

María says I should stop drinking. I tend to agree.

Maybe if I stop drinking I won’t feel miserable daily. But I like drinking soooo much. It’s not like I get wasted and it’s not like I drink cheap shit. I just love drinking nice craft beer.

She makes it sound easy.

“Stop drinking for 6 months, then you can drink again.”

I only not drank once this year. It felt normal. Maybe I did feel a bit better. But I already crave a beer right now.

I should activate my Patreon…

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