2 Years of Afterlife – Where Am I Headed? – All Sorts of Photoshoots

I don’t know where I’m headed, but I’m going straight there.

It’s my niece’s birthday tomorrow. It’s been exactly two years since my mom died. It feels like it was forever ago. Maybe it was because of the non-existent 2020.

The eternal bond of mother and child broke. My mom and I had a strong bond. It’s a different life. Afterlife.

Maybe that’s why time seems warped.

Or again, maybe it was the non-existent 2020 and where we are all headed.

Where am I headed?

I haven’t sold any books in the past 5 days. The ads started being displayed. So far I have 2,480 ad impressions and 5 clicks. This means Amazon has charged me $1.15 for my ads so far and I have 0 fucking sales.

From blogs and other shit I’ve been reading, 2,480 impressions is too low of a number to make it count. And 5 clicks is nothing. If I get 20 clicks and 1 sale, I should be fine. If more than 30 clicks go by and I don’t get a single sale, then I’m headed to trouble.

Both my books now have an ad campaign worth $100. I thought I could edit the campaign, I can’t. I can edit how much I bid per click. And I believe I can delete the campaign whenever I want.

The Tijuana Adventure book campaign just got activated, none of the impressions or clicks have been for that.

I might cancel the Paparazzi Daze book campaign and re-make it. I’m not happy with the blurb. It was a bad blurb.

Neither book is really selling though as they stumble down the Amazon ranks. The Paparazzi Daze book sold in Pasaje Rodríguez with Tony under the stairs for 300 pesos. I am supposed to give him 100 pesos from that, but he ruined two books by leaving them in the rain.

At this pace, I’m not going to break $100 this month on book sales.


Where am I headed?

I made 500 pesos from a sexy photo shoot. It has been the only paid photoshoot I’ve had all year. I did it for free, but the girl gave me 500 pesos at the end. She has a lot of followers in her diverse social media. I thought it went excellent and I love the whole set. When I sent it to her, she wasn’t that thrilled.

It depressed me.

A few hours later, after napping, she started showing me the shots that she liked. Then it seemed like she changed her mind and started liking even more.

Luminar is some great software to edit portraits but it has some flaws. I should use it less. I think I overdid it in some shots.

I had one gig for the magazine, but it was canceled. I’m taking care of that later this week.

The sexy photoshoot is a spicy one. I haven’t posted any of the pictures. I’m not sure which ones to post.

It’s probably the best sexy photoshoot I’ve ever done. And though I haven’t posted any pics, something good came out of it.

Her friend really liked her pictures. She wants a sexy photoshoot as well. Even sexier. This other girl has a very popular OnlyFans and she is looking for a different photographer. Her previous photographer is amazing, but she doesn’t want to work with him anymore.

I don’t know where I am headed.

From paparazzo to OnlyFans photographer and a lot of shit in between. I still find it funny the ways I’ve managed to earn money in my life. Two books, hundreds of articles, a lot of photos for the magazine, soccer shoe salesman (this was probably the lamest), guitarist (the one that has made me the least money), video game tester (for Activision a few times), translator, tour guide, festival organizer and creator (ok, I lost money on that one), and more random shit.

I wonder how I’ll be earning money next.

Taking pictures of nalgas?


I don’t really want to be known for that.

My photos are all over the place.

This is the dream for now:

  • Monday, take pictures of food and/or beverages at a restaurant/bar anywhere in San Diego or Tijuana. Get paid $100+ for it. If I can, do two or three more photoshoots of whatever comes at me.
  • Tuesday, business, or whatever portraits in studio or location. Professional headshots for professionals who do professions. I have taken pictures of psychologists, real estate agents, doctors, dentists, models, actors, celebrities, and much much fucking more. I can handle random clients in the area. Same thing. $100+ for it. And if I can, do two or more per day.
  • Wednesday is sexy Wednesday. Sexy pictures of girls in lingerie for their OnlyFans and more (or guys or trans or whatever, I’m LGBT friendly). Same thing. $100+ for it and more photoshoots if I can.
  • Thursdays are magazine Thursdays. I still have work for them and I still love having a cover shot every other week or as often as possible. Unfortunately, Thursdays can happen any day since my magazine might ask me to work at different times. I still want it to just be Thursdays. That will be my America day. No more photoshoots. Just the one for the magazine.
  • Free for all Fridays. Fridays are busy. People have events. They have events usually throughout the weekend. I’m not fond of Fridays or people. If I’m to work an event at a place, $150+ to work it. If there will even be events this year…
  • Saturdays of landscape or faraway from the city. I’m conflicted by this one because Saturdays tend to be busy and I don’t like stereotypical weekends. I want to take pictures far from the city, be it the beach, mountains, desert, or whatever. I like to get away. With or without a subject. Astrophotography if possible. Drone photography as well. But Saturdays also tend to be event days… $150+ if there is a simple event. Weddings and the rest are way more expensive.
  • I rest on Sundays. There is also the possibility of events. But fuck working on Sundays. I don’t work Sundays.

That is the master plan.

Eventually, I just want to do travel photography and writing since I think that’s my favorite.

Speaking of Thursday work and magazine covers, my first drone cover and my first cover of the year came out last week:

This week’s cover is not mine. I did not take a single picture. I still haven’t written a single word for the magazine though I promised I was going to…

I’ve been busy with getting likes on Instagram…

The last cover of the month will be my cover and my text. The one I wrote a few months ago. I love that story. It’s finally coming out in two weeks. Maybe after that, I can start writing again. I really need to start writing again (and not in this stupid blog).

I played guitar for the first time this year. I haven’t played in a long time. My skills deteriorate but at the same time, they are still there. I need to practice more.

I need to take a nap.

I woke up very early to edit. I woke up as if I had an office job. I feel tired.

I need a nap.

I should activate my Patreon…





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