Paparazzi Podcast with StillVinSane – Portrait Portfolio and Discounted Photoshoots – Am I Balding?!


Look at me!

I woke up to a message that someone is interested in my drone photography! An architect working on a new project in Tijuana! The only issue… this is for several months from now.


Look at me!

I appeared in a podcast yesterday with my brother’s college friend Vinson aka StillVinSane! The one I bailed on two weeks ago. He rescheduled me for March, but someone bailed on him and he asked me if I could jump in instead. I did.

It went great (I think).

You can find the podcast here (on Spotify)! Or wherever you get your podcasts!!

It’s my first time doing a podcast (officially)… The last time I did one was with my friend Justin but we got so high that he decided never to run it and it never went anywhere.


Look at me!

I woke up to a bunch of emails and voicemails about my student loans. Oh shit. I’ve been ignoring those for all of 2020 because I have no money (much less money to give to my student loans). I have several internet tabs opened about what happens if I simply just ignored them.

Ooo my credit score goes down (it’s already null).

Ooo the government takes my tax return (I get none).

Ooo the government can take 15% of my wages (I have none).

Let’s hope I get rich and do a one-time payment after selling both my books to Hollywood or some shit like that to turn it into a movie.



Or get rich somehow else cuz my books are still not selling (it’s a bit better, I am getting at least one sell per day).

You can buy my books HERE!

That link takes you to my Amazon writer profile with both books. Easier than linking both books each time.

Back to the podcast!

I just listened to it for the first few minutes. Couldn’t handle hearing my own voice. I stopped.

But hey!

It’s live on wherever you get your podcasts!

And it will also be on YouTube at some point in the near future so you can see me play with my beard while I spew stupid shit while talking to my man Vinson (it was so much fun). Vinson told me that my brother knew we would get along just fine. I barely remember visiting my brother in college (I barely remember college) but I do remember Vinson, Marc, Greg, Stu, and more!

And the one time I almost had a threesome with a German girl and a girl from the Czech Republic… Oh my. It was going to be a perfect threesome. One was super skinny, the other very voluptuous. One had a dark complexion, the other was a total blonde bombshell. And I shied away because I had a girlfriend and I loved her and then she cheated on me… To this day, I’ve never had a threesome (not that I care). To this day, I still love that girl that cheated on me (I’m dumb).

Hell yeah!

I write stupid shit like crazy.

You love it.

I might be balding.

I felt the top of my head thinning. I thought I was being paranoid so I sent a video to two female friends that I usually tell them all my stupid shit and instead of consoling me… they both said “well yeah, that was expected!”

WTF?! Since when do I look like I’ll be a bald dude at some point!?

I have (or had) full thick hair that will go grey (it’s already plenty grey). But balding?!!?



I don’t wanna fucking live if I’m bald (sorry bald friends). But keep in mind I also say “I don’t want to live” every morning when I wake up.

Good days are ahead.

This will be a good year.

It’s what I keep telling myself.

I could always kill myself.

Don’t take that seriously, it’s just always an option. And it’s something from Louis C.K’s comedy. You don’t have to do anything. You can just kill yourself.

No respawn.

I’m trying to adult.

I have a photoshoot soon with a friend. The lights are charging. I should clean up the studio and mount the set.

I have a  photoshoot on Thursday. The classic work that I used to do several times a week but now it has been reduced to perhaps once a week or every two weeks. It’s an easy gig and it should be fun (and paid well).

I feel like I have something to do tomorrow… All I know is my drone cover comes out tomorrow. Then it’s another cover I did not work on at all. Then it’s the cover I wrote and photographed!

It got moved from the awesome date of 1/21/21 to 1/28/21.

I’m not entirely in love with the title they chose but I understand why they chose it. More of that… when it comes out!

I’m excited about that. It can’t get here soon enough.

I’ve kept busy mostly editing old pics on Luminar. The face AI is amazing and editing is nice and easy (though a bit slow). I have bastardized an edit for female portraits that give it a matte look and softens everything. I like it. I’m not sure if everyone likes it. But I like it.

I haven’t yet bastardized an edit for male portraits. Certain filters look good in different people.

And yes.

I call them my bastard edits. I do almost the exact same thing with every picture. If I edit every single image differently, I would never finish. Luminar gives you a ton of great options and I’m comfortable with my bastard edit (on certain things).

That’s all for my portrait portfolio. I’m not sure where to upload it. In this webpage for sure. And on top of my Instagram stories.

I got distracted creating a Flickr portfolio. I’m not even sure if Flickr is the right thing. I don’t want to pay for SmugMug. I don’t want to pay for anything. I don’t have any money.

But here’s the album of 20 portrait shots I got so far on Flickr.

My website barely has any space to upload more pictures, but here we go. This is the album:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More portfolios up next. A portfolio for food. A portfolio for landscape. A portfolio for drones (that could go on the landscape one). A portfolio for prints. A portfolio for weddings. A portfolio for street photography.

A lot of portfolios.


My friend that was going to come for the photoshoot today just canceled.

This is why you charge people for just booking (I wasn’t going to charge her anyway). But shit. This completely ruins my plans for the day.

In a way, it works alright. I guess I’ll just take selfies.


Oh shit!

I just remembered what I have to do tomorrow. I have another photoshoot. This chick has over 5k followers (I know, it’s not that many but it’s a great start). She also has a fashion brand so she wants pics for that.


That should be good.

Oh no.

I finished my coffee and depression started to creep back into my soul. I know I have to write an article about Tijuana and I’m still incapable of doing it. I need to clean up the studio and mount it all. I still want to have a photoshoot today. I might as well take the first selfies of the year… It’s either go somewhere to fly my drone or selfies…

I wanted to post more frequently on my Instagram this year. I even thought about posting a picture every day. It’s been 12 days this year. I have 6 posts.

I should activate my Patreon…







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