Drone Adventures – Flying is my New Favorite Thing – NFL Fantasía Semana #8

I want to fly!!!

That’s all I want to do.

My friend Danny, a guy I toured a few years ago, lent me his DJI Mavic Mini. A nifty little drone that weighs 249 grams, making it legal to fly in most places in the United States. In Mexico, drone laws are a bit confusing but they seem to imitate the ones by the US, so I think I’m good.

Day 1 of flying it… I just flew a bit overhead in my apartment.

It was already thrilling to fly it for three minutes directly overhead and maneuvering the little fucker. Later that day, I went to my brother’s place because he has a nice balcony and flew from there. I learned to play with all the preset flights and made pretty nice videos. It is a bit too easy.

I eased up and started loving it. Flying it far away.

Day 2, I had some work in San Diego. All the way in Rancho PQ. A co-worker, sort of my boss, lives all the way up there. She invited me to have beers after getting the job done. From her patio, I flew the drone again. This time feeling more confident with the air space, I flew the little fucker far. FAR! To the point, I couldn’t even really see it anymore. Then you just double-tap return home and that fucker comes back to you.

I had some long exposures I took in San Diego so the photos are a mix of drone pictures and some landscapes I took around San Diego in several locations.

Day 3, Halloween. I wanted to fly so bad that I went out early sunset with my camera and my drone. Like every Halloween, I planned to take thousands of pictures of the people on the street. I ended up taking the classic drone pics over the Tijuana arch to amazing results. A friend accompanied me to it. She also gave me a weed gummy. The idea was to go back to my place, drop-off the drone, and get back to the streets to take Halloween pictures. I never went back outside.

The results of the pics are glorious. And this little fucker only shoots jpegs… If it was raw…

I missed Halloween. I’ve seen some pics and I missed a huge Tijuana party during corona times. I guess that’s good.

Day 4, Sunday, November 1, 2020. Holy shit. The year is almost over. It’s November already. I find myself with nothing to do but watch the NFL on a Sunday. I lost my stupid parlay, I won in fantasy. More on that later. Also, fucking time changed. It gets dark early now. Fuck. Sunset is before 5 pm and I didn’t even know.

I rushed out the door to fly my drone anywhere. Cine Tonalá and the new construction will do. Not amazing like before, but still pretty fucking great. I love flying. The drone disconnected while flying above Tonalá. I panicked. The wind seemed to move the little fucker around. I tapped to come back home. The drone hovered almost on the same spot launched. Amazing and my heart was racing. It’s not even my drone. I want one though.

Day 5, I flew it over my apartment in the morning. Got cool shots. I wanted to fly it in the afternoon but I also had a work photoshoot that afternoon. Work trumps flying the drone. I need to get clients with this drone so I can sell aerial photos and/or videos and buy my own. Or even a bigger one. It’s a good investment. Flying is fun. I’m good at it. And drone pics are trendy as fuck. Pictures are mixed with Day 4 batch.

Day 6 is today.

Danny texted me this morning. From CDMX he and his friend were flying to Monterrey to spend the day and then flying to Guadalajara to spend another day. From there, back to Tijuana.

“My friend fell in love with a girl in Monterrey. He is staying here.”

Danny missed his flight. His friend bought a plane ticket to Tijuana for Danny and skipped Guadalajara altogether. His friend fell in love through bumble hard. I fell for a girl from Monterrey once… She emailed me not long ago. I still love her dearly. But as an ex… which is weird.

I’m happy for Danny’s friend. Hard love like that is rare and I wish him the best in his new Monterrey love endeavors. Seems intense. Seems fun.

Speaking of love.

I have nothing.

That crush is long gone though it was not that long ago.

2021 is around the corner.

Feels hopeful.

It could be worse than 2020.

All I want to do is fly. I’m in love with flying. I’m playing Learn to Fly by the Foo Fighters now.

Flying is fucking fun.

And the results are mind-blowing.

Insert gif of Eric Wareheim doing mind-blowing motions. PUM!

I haven’t done much besides flying.

I’ve been playing DotA with Sanchez and Edu. We also had a gamer night on Friday and played Left 4 Dead 2 for hours until almost dawn (for them, it was 3 a.m. for me). This time Kirby joined the party. Four friends playing video games all night with the power of the internet. Just like little kids. Except for miles away.

Technology still blows my mind.

All I want to do is fly and play video games.

Like the little kid that I am.

Let’s hope I can make some money flying.

NFL de fantasía semana #8

Seis equipos con record 4-4-0. Mariobot perdió el invicto contra el segundo lugar, Thunders. Y los dos de hasta abajo se llevan victorias que les dan aire de fé.

Tijuana Pimps 75.98 vs 59.84 The Lion King

Wow. Que mierda de partido de puntos bajos. Me cague con el gane.

Miami Dolphlundgrens 171.02 vs 104.26 SanchezStyle

El pelón se cocinó una victoria deleitosa lidereada por un RB que anotó los mas puntos de cualquier jugador en la temporada. Sanchez no jugó mal… pero tiene la mala suerte de que le anotan muchos mas puntos de los que hace (aunque realmente nada mas le pudo haber ganado a 5 otros). El pelón le puso toda su fé a su QB novato de los Dolphins que no hizo nada pero su Miami y el van sorpresivamente bien en la temporada.

Zavasaurus 133.34 vs 103.16 Queretaro Roosters

Una semana para Metcalf la otra para Lockett. Eso es lo que hacen los Seahawks. Y a esta semana le toco a Metcalf, el Dennis Rodman de la NFL, sumando 40 puntotes, practicamente los puntos por los que gana Zavasaurus. Roosters esta comodamente a mitad de tabla, pero se enfrenta al casi invicto Mariobot la siguiente semana.

CDMX Ocelopilli 80.00 vs 91.06 Queretaro Thunders

En papel, era el juego de la semana. En la realidad… parece que Mariobot se canso de ser invicto. Otra mierda de partido que fue rescatada por la mediocridad de las vaqueritas y un movimiento inteligente de los Thunders que metió a la defensa de los Eagles. Ese movimiento le dio la victoria y el reino de el invicto cae en un mediocre partido.

Don Bacardi’s Team 116.52 vs 94.94 Jaiba Brava

La Jaiba fue sopa la semana pasada. Y esta ves estuvo ahogada en Bacardi. Tres partidos seguidos perdiendo. Desde que se fue Michael Thomas de los Saints, la jaiba se fue de brava a blandita. Don Bacardi gano sus últimos dos partidos pero va contra los Thunders la siguiente semana. Un partido que puede definir ambas temporadas. Tranquilizar a Thunders y mantenerlo arriba en la tabla o hundir a Don Bacardi para ir pensando en la siguiente temporada como sus vaqueritas.

Guarren Luna 127.64 vs 119.82 The Mongooses 

Guarren y sus partidos cerrados para acabar perdiendo tiene otra ves un partido cerrado… que acabo ganando (por fin). The Mongooses actualmente esta en tercer lugar, pero engañoso, ya que comparte la posición con otros cinco equipos (incluyendomé) y la diferencia de puntos no es extrema. Los Steelers van invictos y parece que de esa energía se comparte con los Mongooses, pero en actitud, por que en resultado puede que lo pierdan todo. La siguiente semana va contra mi, en lo que es el duelo de los empatados a 4-4-0. El que lo gané trepa y aplasta al perdedor.

El DEADLINE de los TRADES es Noviembre 14. The Lion King y Guarren Luna ya entraron a buenos terminos en uno de los últimos trades. Los demas… a ver que sucede. Suerte para todos.

And that concludes another week of NFL fantasy and parlay. My parlay was beyond horrible. I did it in a rush on Sunday. But that’s no excuse. Betting is always like that. You win some. You lose some. In my case… I’ve been losing all.

About my books.

Those don’t sell…


This post needs a picture. So how about the best aerial photo I’ve taken so far.



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