The Final Point, Astro Photos in La Baja – Five-Star Reviews on Paparazzi Daze – Not Many Book Sales…

I applied for a job this morning. I am not certain if it’s for me, but it might be. A few people ask me to do a podcast. It’s a podcast related type of job. If I get it, it will be a new life. It’s a serious job. And one that would benefit my career.

If I don’t get it, life continues the same way.

With a desire to escape my own life.

It’s been over two weeks since I published my second book. I haven’t sold many copies. Just like the first book, I thought it was going to be a hit and I could stop working for a while so I can write another book. I was wrong. It’s selling way less than the first book.

At the same time, I haven’t promoted it as much as I should. 

Despite both being about something specific, neither are. Both are approachable to the general public. Even if you are not interested in either subject, I feel like they are interesting and good reads.

If you haven’t, buy my book. It’s worth the $4.99!



I just checked it and I have a new review!

That makes me happy.

It has two 5-star reviews so far. It needs way more reviews. It needs to sell way more.

I bought 50 copies for myself. Amazon shipped three last week. I have three in my possession. Then shipped 46 more. Those arrived at my San Diego address… I need to pick them up. Then they are sending one more later. Makes no sense. But sure. Thanks, Amazon!

I’m not sure what to do to promote it… so I’m going to start spamming everyone on my friend’s list. This is going to be the message:

Hello friend,

I self-published my second book this year. Sorry for the spammy message, but I am not asking for money (I am asking for money). My second book is about my four years when I was a paparazzo in Los Angeles (and more). The digital download is only $4.99 on Amazon (you do not need a Kindle). I don’t want your money, I want your support. If enough people buy my book, it can be featured on Amazon’s top 100 New Releases. From there it could snowball to a best seller. I promised the book is worth a read. If not, I can give you your money back ($3.50 after Bezos takes his cut).

Thanks for your support. I owe you a beer or a taco just because I sent you a spammy message. I hate spammy messages.

Link to the book:

How’s that?!

Ahora en Español:

Hola Amigo,

Este año publique dos libros, uno sobre Tijuana y el otro sobre mis días como paparazzo en Los Angeles. Disculpa que te mande spam, no te estoy pidiendo dinero (si te estoy pidiendo dinero). Mi segundo libro en manera digital solo cuesta 99 pesitos (no necesitas Kindle, en cualquier smartphone funciona). No quiero tu dinero, quiero tu apoyo (y tu dinero). Si suficiente gente me compra mi libro, puedo aparecer en el top 100 en Amazon de libros nuevos. De ahí puede llegar ha ser “best seller.” Te prometo que el libro vale la pena (aunque esta en English). Si no te gusta, te doy la mitad de tu dinero de vuelta (ya que Amazon me chinga con la otra mitad).

Gracias por tu apoyo. Te debo una cheve o un taco solo por leer mi mensaje. Odio que me manden spam.

Link al libro:

¿Que tal?

Fucking stupid right?!

Well… I need to sell more fucking books.

Woo! I just checked again, another 5-star review (but no text). Here are the text reviews so far:

Justin A Crown

Reviewed in the United States on October 9, 2020

Verified Purchase

I have no more photography gigs. The one I was dreading went beyond great. The rest went alright. I made good money. I already spent all that money last weekend.

It was worth it.

It was my best weekend in a long time. It was refreshing. And I wrote a story about it.

It’s a long story.

It’s 6,250 words and I titled “Fear and Loathing in La Baja: The Final Point.” Yes. It’s a copy of a name and it’s dumb to use something like that. But it makes sense once you read the story. It’s somewhat of a love story…

I sent it to my bosses on Thursday after spending three days writing it and editing it. I think it’s one of my best works of late. I hope they accept it. If they do, it should be a cover story before the year ends. I should hear back at some point this weak. If they don’t want to run it, then I’ll have to search for an alternative channel that wants to run it and that wants to pay me as well…

I hope they run it.

It’s a great story and I have great pictures to go with it.

Here’s one of the great pictures:

Single exposure at 20 seconds, 800 ISO, 18mm/1.8f on the old trusty Canon 7D.

I know it could be better. I wonder how it would look if I pushed the ISO higher.

I liked the trip so much that not only I wrote the long ass story, I also ended up buying my own picture. I’ve been buying a lot of shit that I can’t afford on Amazon, believing I’m going to be rich soon with my books. I bought a print of that 16 x 20 on acrylic. It should arrive at my San Diego address on Saturday.

It’s the first print I buy. The other thing I bought of my own picture was my first astrophoto. And it’s my mousepad! $10 to get a mousepad with a picture I took! It’s getting old… I’ll need a new one soon.

I have nothing to do for the rest of October but wait for more gigs or create my own. Wait to see if they will run my story as a cover. Wait to see if they are interested in me on the job I applied for. Perhaps find flights to visit my uncle or for the upcoming holidays. Go on more random trips down La Baja. I loved that trip and astrophotography. I want to try that again this weekend. Perhaps Laguna Hanson. Perhaps Punta Cabras.

2020 nears its end. We’ll see what life brings in the upcoming chapter.

In the meantime, more bookwhoring. BUY MY BOOK!


Buy it once! 

Buy it again!

Give it to a friend! 

Just keep hitting BUY!

Oh yeah. Speaking of spamming shit. I did another YouTube beer video:

It has 10 views. I forgot to mention to hit like and subscribe and all that shit YouTubers tend to do…




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