My Fan Died, Need Thousands More – Paperback and Digital Download Available – Buy the Book!

My best and only fan died this morning.

I woke up early to the smell of something burning. I drunkenly kicked the fan before going to bed. That kick might have killed the engine. The fan gets kicked around often and it’s filthy with cat hair. Maybe that also did it.

It’s hot in my room.

My only fan died this morning.

I should get another fan.

Perhaps even two.

It has been done.

My second book is published. Two books in one year. Both written somewhat forever ago but finally made into book format. In fact, this blog started with the sole purpose of one day writing a paparazzi book. This is the VERY first post here. And just like my book, it starts with Ryan Phillippe. Unlike my book, that post is horrendous.

My book is LIVE!!!!

You can get a digital copy on your phone or buy a paperback.


Search the book title, click on the image, or just search my name and it should take you the book. I’ve sold 13 copies so far. I thought I sold 16, but someone bought other 3 copies of my first book.

That other first book… here!

I make around $3.50 cents per each copy of the book be it digital or paperback. I need to sell 500 copies a month to achieve some sort of financial freedom in the Baja paradise. That would be the tits. Sell every month around that many books and travel Baja by myself writing whatever the next book will be and photographing the stars (landscape stars). I’m not sure if there will be a next book.

That’s a shit ton of books I need to sell. Book writing is not very profitable. It’s almost as trying to make it as a musician. No matter how good you are, a big chunk of success is attributed to luck.

Both books are #10 in their category right now. I need to get the paparazzi book in other categories. It needs to fucking sell.

I went to Nelson last night. To forget about the girl that I like and to try to forget about my published book.

One dude, despite knowing me, asked me what I did for a living. It’s a mix of things. And I’m still not sure how I manage to survive.

One girl with crossed eyes that is always there wasted told me “estas hermoso.”

EGO BOOST! Though it’s probably because the bar lights are dim and… well… she has strabismus.

It’s the second time she tells me this. I’ve seen her wasted at a bar more than a dozen times. She has tried to grab my butt before. I don’t even have an ass.

I have a somewhat busy week and I don’t want to do anything. It’s four gigs in a span of two or three days to be delivered before Friday. That’s half my average monthly income done in two days. I need way more gigs similar to this. I was getting way more before the ‘rona times. Corona times seem to be over, still no gigs.

Someone was also smoking at Bar Nelson yesterday despite all the new regulations…

Speaking of books and Bar Nelson, Chad’s book should be out soon. I wonder how that will do. I finished reading it last week and he did that for my book. I loved it. I want a series. A cartoon show. And more. But who knows what will happen. Dystopian future novels are a whole different monster of book writing. I can’t even fathom how he came up with a lot of it. And how precise it seems to be though it doesn’t exist.

Oh yeah.

And there’s a Bar Nelson in that book. Except it is not called Nelson.

It’s hot in my room. I should start doing some laundry and in the process of that, go outside and buy a new fucking fan, because sweating here while typing is not nice.

At least is not that hot anymore. But I still need a fan. More than just one only fan.

I don’t want fame, but I need it in order to sell books. Fuck me.

The border is not that bad right now… and it’s Monday. I hope this means that it won’t be bad for the whole week because I have a lot of work.

I also ordered 50 copies of my book. I should pick that up soon.

Mission accomplished!

I got a new fan!

Though I need thousands of fans (for the whole purpose of selling books).

The one I built is a nice and cheap plastic oscillating fan (spent $20). They had tower fans for more money. I never liked them tower fans very much.

I also got a cable to plug my iMac to my stereo. The old cable broke.


It’s so nice and loud.

I should fix my apartment some more. I started fixing it throughout the week. It still needs more fixing. Cleaning and re-organizing my space make me happy. I’m not sure why I never feel like doing it… It feels like work.

Friday, I went out with my crush. I’ve been going out with her almost daily. That stopped yesterday. That’s why I ended up in Nelly balls on Sunday (Saturday I took her to get pestañas on her pestañas).

The point is not her. The point is another girl recognized me from YouTube. I have less than 300 views in my most popular video. And this random chick recognized me. Fucking interwebs.

She’s too young (born in 98′). I have no idea why that matters in why this chick ended up watching my video. She also wrote snippets of my first book and was all around loving me. It was a bit weird. I saw her again in Nelly balls yesterday. She was with another photographer after a photoshoot… Fucking weird world.

I’m still in love with this band:

The stereo sounds nice. And I’m screaming with them. MMMM Screamo! My crush makes me feel like a teenager. So fuck her.




She fucking works at a wig store (and hair accessories). That’s like a fantasy of mine. Not that she works at a fucking wig store, but a girl that wears wigs just for fucks sake. I think all men like that shit. Maybe not all.

But hey. Go out with a brunette on one day and with a blonde on another though she is the same person with just a wig is cool.

She had a pink and curly wig on Friday. It looked ridiculous (yet still adorable). A lot of people thought it was real. Upon closer inspection, you could tell. But just as a side glance, it did look like she had bright pink hair.




Good thing I fall in love every other week. I’ll be over her.

But I don’t wanna fall in love anymore. So I keep my nerves in check while I half-dream of her…

I’m still singing. It’s a really good band.

Oh yeah!!!

Whoring out my book time. All my social media posts will be about that for a while. I have therapy on Friday cuz holy shit do I have conflicting feelings left and right about it all.

I feel like I accomplished so much today. I sent two emails to make sure my gigs are happening this week!

And got a new fan and built it!


So I’ll continue listening to screamo and singing.

I sold one more digital copy today!

WOO!!! … Sort of.




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