TJ Adventure is FREE FREE FREE (Digital Edition) – Life Seems Stretchy – Paparazzi Book is Coming Along Nicely!

It’s 3:33 p.m.

I woke up late. I just had breakfast. Not even halfway through my morning routine and the day is almost over…

I slept all day yesterday. I wrote half a chapter of my next book. Then it was too damn hot to do anything. I laid down for a second. Next thing you know, I was asleep.

Woke-up in the afternoon and spend the rest of the night awake, playing Starcraft, watching Netflix.

At around 2:00 a.m. There was police drama outside my balcony. I eavesdrop. The police shined a light towards me, so I shied away from eavesdropping closer. I thought they were dealing with drunken homeless or something. I was wrong…

Turns out, a child in the neighborhood is missing. Turns out, it’s my neighbor’s child.

They had some people over yesterday. I ignored it and played Starcraft.

And now a child is missing.

There is a heroin den a block away from here. That’s the place I suspect if she was abducted. I don’t understand how they just let that place be.

I’ve seen police and military drama in that corner before. The place now looks fortified with garbage. People with shit cars drive by the place, a gnarly dude comes out. They talk and exchange goods. People walking by knock on their shitgate and they are led in.

Read this story by El Universal. El Manicomio: El picadero mas grande de Tijuana.

That place is on 10th Street and Madero. Next to it, there’s a Carls Jr. and Baja BBQ Pit. It’s one of the largest heroin dens in the city. Police raided a few years ago, but it’s back to what it was.

The heroin den near my place is like that, except smaller. Or at least it looks smaller from the outside, but it is a similar disaster.

I hope she is fine and not there. Tijuana is fucking stupid. And the world is going fucking crazy.

I don’t do much but play Starcraft with my childhood friends from afar. When it’s around midnight for me, it’s morning time for Pablo who is in Edinburgh. The rest are spread in cities around Mexico. It can be Starcho time at almost anytime.

We also started playing Dota 2. I’m not sure I like it, not only because I suck at it. No. Maybe it is because I suck at it. It just feels a little too grindy and slow.

There are no photoshoots. Not paid ones. Not even free ones.

I’ve been investing my time in going through my hard drive to see all my old paparazzi photos and writing about it for my next book. I’m on Chapter 13 and it doesn’t feel like halfway done. It feels like 1/4 done. I don’t want it to be that long.

I saw way too many celebrities.

I’ve been posting my top 10 from each month I worked. I saw over 50 celebrities a month. I worked for around 36 months as a paparazzi. That’s a total of 1,800+ celebrities I photographed in my stint. And a bunch of my files are lost.

It’s too much. I don’t remember a lot about it.


And it feels fucking OLD!

I published it in February of this year (2020) and it feels like it’s been over two years, perhaps because I did write it two years ago and it just took me forever to publish. Something similar is happening to this book. I’ve told a lot of these stories, I just never formatted into a book.

I can’t wait to finish it.

My beard is the longest it has ever been. It’s a shitty non-attractive beard, but I like it. At least I got a haircute. I play with my beard most of the day. The last time I attempted to have a beard was when I was a 22-year-old paparazzo. It was way shittier than what I have now. And I had a lip-ring.

Life seems stretchy.

I can’t wait to finish it.

Or at least this chapter of it.

This chapter of life sucks!!!


The book is #126 on Mexican Travel right now. I miss it being #1 or at least on the Top 10. I have only sold one copy in June. June was supposed to be good (in general, not for my book).


And by “buy it,” I mean you can get it for free on Kindle edition ONLY from June 11th to June 15th.

I obviously don’t make any money when it’s free… but my rank goes up and I’m out of ideas to promote it. If you want to give me money, please give me money! Or buy the paperback edition. Or just give me money.

My mind is already on the next book.

October 2008. My fifth official month as a paparazzo.

I saw all the following celebrities: Rihanna, Jason Biggs, Kristen Cavallari, Nicky Hilton, Sidney Poitier, Macy Gray, Taye Diggs, Kendra Wilkinson, Rob Dyrdek, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Hudson, Mandy Moore, Selena Gomez, Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen, Russell Brand, Gisele Bundchen, David Cook, Sophie Dahl, Anna Faris, Randy Jackson, Kim Kardashian, Lil Jon, Benji Madden, Demi Moore, Amanda Peet, Kenny Rogers, Karina Smirnoff, Rachel Evan Wood, Ron Jeremy, Rebecca Romjin, and Jessica Simpson.

If you want to see the posts, check my Instagram: @Matingas_Photography

I forgot that I told a girl we should have a photo shoot and she said Wednesday. I should hit her up and see if she is still down.

More celebrity bullshit. People like it. This post needs a picture.

This is what I potentially want as a book cover, but there are a few issues. I don’t have a bigger resolution image of it. It already has words on it so it might be too wordy.

This had to be 2010 because I’m holding the famous Nikon D3 with the 70-200mm/2.8f. Fuck do I miss that camera combo.

For the back cover, I imagine a collection of shots in a disarray orderly fashion if that makes any sense.

An email has informed me that my DMV registration stickers for Donatella are on their way. One less thing to worry about. Next thing to worry about… produce money…

Somehow, produce money while everything is shut down. I applied for a job as a school portrait photographer for some company over Indeed. The company has mixed reviews. Most of the negative reviews are about not proper payments… that made me hesitate. I haven’t replied. It’s been two days. That’s already too late.

I have therapy tomorrow. I feel like I haven’t seen my therapist in months. It should help.

It’s so fucking hot out today. The fan does nothing to help. It makes me want to do absolutely nothing… until the fucking year ends or something.

Cheap commercial beer seems to be coming back. Mamut has two pizzas for 90 pesos today. I should get pizza and beer. And do work. What work?! Perhaps that girl will come over for a photo shoot, but that won’t pay me except with likes.

I need to work. Photo work is preferable. It’s the only work I want to do besides write my own book, but the $$$ for that is not going to show up until way later.





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