April 2020: GG I Suck at Starcraft II – Writing is my Only Gig Left (Beer Delivery!) – 90% Sure Roommate Found


I suck at Starcraft II.

Type “GG,” hit F10, surrender.

2020- Season 1: 1v1 Ranked Gold 1, Division Drone Delta. 15th place with 56 wins and 49 losses, 515 points with a risk of demotion.

Platinums swoop my ass easily with a rush, if not, I’ve been lucky and beaten a few. Gold 1 usually rush or medivac drop and that kills me. Sometimes I resist and delay losing for quite some time. Every once in awhile I win.


“Go buy my book about how I suck at SCII on Amazon. Look it up. Matingas.com.”

Yes. Even on Starcraft, I’m promoting my book. But more of a joke than anything else. I’m always curious to see who I just beat or who just beat me. Who is the person behind the computer doing so many APMs? They figure out that I’m going tanks and marines and just humiliate me. Starcraft defeat is always humiliating. It’s a game where losses hurt a lot. Even when I win, I feel bad. Unless they are higher ranked, then it feels great. If it’s someone lower rank, I feel bat for just destroying their army (with some good feels mix in as well). It’s one of those games with strange dopamine and addiction.


And it gets better even with 4 players…

When the team assembles… That gets fucking intense.

2020- Season 1: 4v4 Ranked Platinum 3, Division: Typhon Victor. 9th place with 12 wins and 9 losses.

That’s the dream team without Simbos.

With Simbos the team is in the Bronze league. But it’s not his fault. He is new to the game and already better than I was when I was new to the game.

It’s a steep curve to learn this fucking game.

And it’s an old fucking game.

I still consider it the best e-sport out there next to all the fighting games.


“Go buy my book about how I suck at SCII on Amazon. Look it up. Matingas.com.”

I even do it on the 4v4 matches. Of course, it translates to 0 sales. Perhaps one visitor to this blog. Maybe one curious. But Starcraft 2 is addicting. It’s easier to just go to the next match and forget what happened in the previous one. Who cares about the dude spewing his book or blog on a Starcraft battle. Much less when it’s not about Starcraft at all, but about all the stupid shit I’ve done in Tijuana.

My Starcraft team bought the book, except Sánchez, I don’t think he did. The captain just posted it about it. Mario has always been the captain. Even back then when he did “escolta” he was the captain.

He is also the best at the game.

The book at 99 cents generated 47 sales in total. I attribute it to a successful post on Reddit. I sort of regret not having it a regular price or at 1.99 or something since the success of the post was probably not the price. Who knows. But I sold 47 Kindle units that day, netting me around $32.

That’s nothing…

It ranked me as #1 for Mexican Travel for around 24 hours. It slowly trickled down to where I am now #13 and #48 in General Mexican Travel (I reached #2 there).

The success didn’t last long. The other discounted days barely had any sales. And now at a regular price, it barely even moves.

Still, people congratulate me, people keep getting it, and here I am, still promoting it. To get a bit of cash…

Oh yeah.

Buy my book!

Click here.

Or here.

How are you dealing with the weird world right now?

I’m sort of used to it… the loneliness.

I’m a lonely guy.

It is not what I expected from 2020 at all. I expected to still have my jobs. I expected the same amount of monthly money. That got cut before the virus hit. And after the virus, it cut even more.

Which has pushed me to the last gig I have… writing.

I still have the photo gig, but that’s non-existent in the current world as it is now.

Writing… That’s still a thing. I like the idea of sending an article every Friday of the week in Tijuana, how the city acted like. Even if I don’t get published, for the sanity of routine. For the sanity of doing something productive even if it didn’t net me money. I can send it to other publications. And if not, then I’ll just end up posting it here and promoting the book more.

That’s what I did last week and I got published!

Click here! 

Or here or the picture!

Low-quality pic because I still have very limited space in my blog and I don’t want to go back and delete all paparazzo pics.

That’s Luis Reyes of Los Reyes Cervecería. Because all bars closed, they had the great idea of creating a taproom to go on a motorbike. I also interviewed two other brewers who are dealing with the pandemic.

I think the article did fairly well. It never got posted in the official Reader FB, but I am sure it would have gotten a lot of shares… It did without the official post.


I have three ideas of what I want to write.

I plan to finish them all by Friday.

Wish me luck.

And I’m also going to keep writing my next book. I started it a month ago or so, and then abandoned it completely.

I have nothing to do but write now.

And play Starcraft.

I also have been cleaning my apartment and reorganizing the whole thing. More than a year later, I finally go back into what used to be my mom’s closet to clean it up more, move just a few things with me, find more writings, feel sad, feel better, miss her a lot, think of the current weird times, go back cleaning, then go back to pondering about life and doing nothing.

The room is clean though and it looks GREAT!

It’s not a makeshift studio/ glorified warehouse/ waste of space of nothingness.

I wrote that I needed a roommate. That same day someone asked me about it. He used to live in the building a few years back. He is 90% sure he is moving in May, but he is not sure for how long.

The room is clean and nice. The apartment still needs work and I have a lot of things to throw out still… but it looks nice. It looks like it’s worth what I’m asking.

That’s $75 per week or $225 per month. That’s how I plan to rent it out (services included). No parking. For parking, you have to contact the parking lot in front of my building.

Speaking of which, I haven’t paid rent there. And rent for my apartment is coming up and I barely have it.

Turns out the money I made in February for the book won’t come up until the end of April. That’s going to save me for a bit. And if I get part of the Corona check, that’s definitely going to be a lifesaver, though I’m not sure if I’m going to get it.

April seems to be like it’s going to be the slowest month for everyone. I have no other choice but to write and write and write. Stay home, be broke, save money, and keep writing. At least a friend gave me some beers for the weekend. And I bought some beers yesterday and a shitty bottle of gin. I’ve been cooking a lot and I’m pretty alright at it, I just fucking hate doing the dishes.

It would make me happy to have a few photo gigs and to still have my delivery and still go bowling. But that’s not what the world wants right now. It’s forcing everyone to stay at home. I’ve been doing that for years, I just need to learn to be productive at home again.


Time to play more Starcraft.





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