Post 543: Book Report Print and Digital – I Don’t Want to Work Ever Again Though My Work is Awesome – Selling Books is Not Easy

This is post 543.

That’s a lot of fucking posts.

Selling a book is hard yo.

I should have done something else that I can sell.

Like cookies. People like cookies. Selling cookies is probably easier.

Or burgers.

Or brewed my own beer.

You know… things people buy.

People don’t buy books.

I just get messages of people saying they will buy the book or congrats on the book.

All in all.

I’m actually selling some books. It doesn’t make much money though. As of now, I have made $267.81 in total from my book. Deduct $150 because that’s what I paid for the model for the photoshoot for the cover.

$117.81 is my earnings so far.

I spent $50 on getting 5 copies for myself.

It wasn’t $50 even. I get “author copies” which Amazon sells to the writer at a very reasonable price. But then there’s shipping. And then there’s what I already had sitting on Amazon for a while, ice tray for nice ice for whiskey. That was $15. The books were around $20, then there was shipping.

So around $50.

For some nice ice.

And the copies of my book.

Those 5 copies already feel sold. People want to buy them off from me more than directly from Amazon… here’s the thing though… YOU buying it on Amazon helps me. It helps me with the rank and I show up higher up in results. And it also helps a lot if you leave me a nice review.

Speaking of which.

I’ve gotten 3 reviews.

One is from a girl that I do know because I met her recently in the mountains of San Diego and her tiny house. I wasn’t expecting her to buy it or read it. She did. And left me a great review!

Another great review is from someone who I have no idea who they are… and that person reviews a lot of shit on Amazon…

And the first great review was by a dude named Mike. I also never met the dude and he left me a great 5-star review.

Three 5 star reviews so far. Find them here.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #253,775 Paid in Kindle Store

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #111,622 in Books

Just moments ago I was on the top 100,000… but sales have slowed down and I’m under it now. That’s why it helps for people to buy it on Amazon.

I guess it helps…

Getting to the top 10 of Mexico travel or general guides would be something. #1 spot belongs to a famous writer. The rest are paid guides by a publisher that look nice and legit. You know. The type of books you get at the airport before flying to a different country for a week or so.

My book…

It’s not really that. Though it is. And it isn’t.

I don’t know what it is and there’s a beauty in that. And that I have been getting good reviews. That’s nice.

I had a photoshoot with a dentist. She asked for a paid photoshoot forever ago but it was not happening. She was still working on some details at her dentist’s office.

I need a cleaning. And more dental work.

I pressured her into the photoshoot in exchange for dental services.

It worked.

The photo shoot went great. It also helps that she is really good looking. I’m going later in the afternoon for my cleaning.

I’m behind little things.

Little things like behind me.

Behind me is the whiteboard.

On there I write my calendar for the month.

It still says January. It still says I have to go to the farm on January 25th. I already did that. February is ending. I never wrote February.

I shall now.

Other little things I’m behind…

I haven’t really backed up my files since November. I do it every month. Organize all my pictures into dated folders and types of pictures. Then back it up onto my hard drive.


February is ending and I haven’t done that. My phone is a mess of pictures like almost everyone’s phone.

I don’t like that shit.

I woke up really early today, at around 7:00 a.m.

I wanted to sleep. I was fully awake.

I slept half the night on the couch like sometimes. When I woke up at 2ish am to move to my bed… a tall can of Tecate was open and was left virtually undrunk.

I’m a bit of an alcoholic mess and I can’t stop. All I want to do is sell my book so I can quit my job and never work again except on the next book and repeat the cycle.


Write. Drink. Sell.

Write. Drink. Sell.

The selling part is the tough part.

51 digital units sold. 1 returned. 50 sold. 1 was me. 49 sold. Another one was Chad. 48 sold.

11 print copies sold. 11 have been… not sure. I’m sure at least 5 of them were friends. The other 6… I’m not sure.

The copies I bought don’t count. I’m still not sure who I am selling those too…

And I’m buying 50 more…

The cost of buying 50 more?

More than the money I made from selling the ones I have now, but a chance to triple my money. People don’t want books. People want cookies. I should bake cookies and sell cookies and a copy of the book comes with the cookies.

And I’m obsessed with checking how many books I sold.

I just checked.

All-day long. I check.


Still haven’t sold another one.

I talked to the guy that works in the bookstore in Pasaje Rodríguez. He says local authors can sell their book there at no benefit for them. That feels wrong. So I plan to still give part of my earnings to them for hosting my book.

You will find my book in Pasaje Rodríguez.

Let’s see how quick 50 copies sell…

Or if they sell at all…

New cover on the Reader.

I worked on that forever ago. And it’s finally out.

That’s chef Jojo of Serea and Lionfish. He prepared the best meals I had in all of 2019. More specifically the sunomono salad.

If I was a rich fucker, I would have that salad in my fridge all the time. It’s the perfect light lunch. Fuck. I want it now.

Many other things were prepared that were superb.

I’m behind at posting things.

I’m posting soon.

I have little work to do.

I don’t wanna do it. I just want to sell my book and not work ever again.

The tour with the Canadians was just last week. It feels like it was forever ago. I should have stopped drinking then. I don’t remember where my week went. I guess I drank it all way. I guess February is over and I just drank through the whole thing.

I don’t remember Monday of last week. I guess I did nothing. Like this Monday.

Tuesday was tap Tuesday. I also drank it away. I ubered home. I was still tired from the tour.

Like always, I crossed the border on Wednesday and did some work.

That same Wednesday I interviewed a guy I know for an article I’m supposed to be working on.

That’s all I did for work.

Thursday was the delivery boy as I am every Thursday. Then I went bowling like I do every Thursday. I didn’t want to drink so I ordered a Sprite while I bowled. It was a bad idea. Just tasted like sugar water. It left a bad taste in my mouth and it just didn’t go well with bowling.

I had to order a beer.

And then it was Friday. Which was inspiring to do absolutely nothing… I did the photoshoot with the beautiful dentist, then I started drinking… but I ended up going home early and editing the whole shoot. She’s pretty. So it was a fun shoot. It could be way better still. Like always.

Then it was Saturday. I was supposed to see Chad at 3 pm. That didn’t happen. So I had nothing to do with my whole day. I wanted pizza. I got the shittiest pizza in existence from Calle Sexta. It was like day-old pizza with a hard-crust and shit ingredients. I didn’t finish it… only ate it most out of hunger, not pleasure.

To wash it down, I went to have a beer at Dandy’s.

And there was Chad and his wife.

Had a drink with them before they left for their married couples double date. I saw them the following morning to start day drinking.

That was yesterday.

I drank all of yesterday.

And stared at my phone while drinking at bars all of yesterday. Gallos Blancos won.

I sold four print books yesterday. And I just kept drinking… Until this very moment.

That goes full circle to the opened Tecate I left on the table in the living room after passing out.

And today.

I should work today. But I don’t want to. I thought about having a tiny hit of acid. But I’m seeing the dentist in a few hours.

I try to work out.

10 push-ups feel painful. I do them anyway. But not enough.

Warm shower. Hot shower.

I just want to be in a hot shower forever.

Why can’t life be just one continuous super hot shower? Why do they feel so good?

Mmmm yes. A shower sounds good.





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