January 2020: Tijuana Adventure BOOK! – More Photoshoots – Buy My Book for $6.64 ! ! !

That year is over. No need to keep counting. I lost count in week 22 or so. I still wake up daily and think of her. And lately, I’ve been having dreams about my mom. It’s weird in the sense that I think my dream is a reality and my reality is a dream. My dreams are nothing but normal except my mom is there and more family. And then I wake up to realize that the world is the dream and that this world is my reality.

It sucks. But such is life.

Kobe Bryant died.

I never liked Kobe. People who dislike him mention his rape cases. I don’t really care about that. I never really liked him as a player and in general, he just seemed like a pompous douche. I don’t really have anything against him. And then he died. With one of his daughters. Didn’t even know he had wife or kids. And again, never really cared.

Here’s the thing.

Everyone fucking dies.

No matter how rich or how healthy.

Just like that.


You dead.

Google Photos is acting strange. I’m trying to upload a photoshoot and it’s going absolutely nowhere. Only 2 photos out of 166 have been uploaded. I tried different things. And by that, I mean, I quit Chrome and restarted.


Still super slow. I think it’s Google. It has to be.

Yeah. I just opened YouTube and the video started streaming immediately. I clicked on a random video of Conan talking about Kobe.

I am trying to upload only 2 photos as I type this… It’s not working. I wonder what’s wrong. Google never fails me.

I did a photoshoot with my therapist!!!

It went better than I originally thought. Like always… I overshot. Like always… I wasn’t confident that I got the right shots. Like always… Once I started editing… they are great!

The other photoshoot that didn’t go so well was the latest cover…

I am not in love with that cover.

It’s one of my least favorites of all my covers…

But oh well… I had no choice. I have no idea how to make Paradise Hills interesting… I tried!

And it was at night time, which also didn’t help…

One picture out of the two uploaded. And it took more than 5 minutes. Google Photos be fucking up. Trying to upload 13 in a row now. It starts immediately saying it uploaded 4 already and then gets stuck there forever and doesn’t upload anything. The same thing is happening right now. Dumb.

I can’t work like that.

Speaking of work… I have another photoshoot tomorrow. Not fully confirmed, but it should be a nice and easy one. Tomorrow’s cover is finally not mine. The cover after that is mine. And then not mine. Then mine and mine again?!

Or something like that.

2020 starts alright.

It doesn’t feel alright. But it is alright.

I’m also doing the tours again. I’m not as broke as I should be. Somehow I’m keeping afloat. And I was thinking I was going to gamble it all on my book.

Oh yeah.

A cover that I do like.

The book.

I am finishing the last details right now. Or this week. Or after I publish this and I continue working on that.

This Friday is going to go live. Saturday I’m going to start pushing it everywhere. And in February, I’ll try to publicize as much as I can this fucker.

I’ll be happy with 100 copies sold. That would pay me less than any cover story I write, but at least it is not all a waste.

I fantasize about selling 1,000 copies. Ohhh that would be nice. It would immediately mean I’ll start working on my next and better book. It would give me a nice cushion to work a good three months on it.

I fantasize even bigger about selling over 10,000 copies. Fuck yeah! BYE STUDENT loans if that happens. Well, at least a big chunk of them. A big fuck off for a while, please. I would get rid of the more annoying ones and start paying little by little to the other ones.

But first… the smaller fantasy of selling 1,000 copies.

That would be nice.

Anyone that I talked to about the book seems interested. And they are willing to pay the low price of $6.64 for something you could get for free but they feel bad and want to support me so they say they will pay it so that’s nice because I don’t really care if they read it all I care about is having $$$ so I can stop worrying financially about my life.

OH BOY! Do I love run-on sentences or what?! I do it on purpose because it’s silly and I enjoy it.

I also love these fucking lines but I should stop overusing them all the time.

Uploading one picture at a time is working. But that is going to take forever…

Blog format change. I will only be blogging once a month I think. I really never know what I’m doing here.

I have to change the website as well. The Tijuana Adventure website too… A lot of work that doesn’t pay me but hopefully it will.

I have a tour next Saturday. It’s a bachelor party tour. It’s going to be a hoot.





So in a week.

It’s 22.5 chapters of Tijuana fun.

Drugs. Sex. Rock n’ Roll. Crazy roommates. Crazy stuff. Some Rumble Fest. Some of this. Some of that.

I’ll be annoying the fuck out of everyone about it starting next week.

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