47 Weeks, 2 Days: Hibernating Like Every Winter – Final Gigs for the End of the Year – Finals in NFL Fantasy and the End of the TJ Adventure Book

47 Weeks, 2 Days.

I made it to the fantasy finals!!!


Besides that, I’m going to say it again. It’s been weird days.

And the year, just like that, it’s over.

I have three gigs before the year ends, and that’s before basically next week because next week I fly to Houston for Xmas.

The border is shit. And I’m trying to fit them all in one day. It’s probably not going to work. Two days is fine. Two days of border crossing, taking pictures, and home to edit pictures and send.


And my story.

Michael Jackson de Tijuana.

Transcription is done. That’s a pain in the ass.

Translation is done. That’s a bit more fun because translating Mexican slang and the way he speaks and still be accurate is somewhat fun.

Now the most difficult and the most fun part is next.

Except for writer’s block. That’s the part I like. The descriptions. The going at it with my style. That’s the part is gone. That’s the part I would send my mom right away.

I would actually send her what I got so far and she would help me a bit in deciding where to go next.

And then the actual piece.

I know I need to finish it.

It’s almost the end of the year.


A photoshoot has been set for tomorrow at 1 pm.

I don’t like the location but it should be a quick and easy photo shoot.

The other one is set around 4 pm. And the other one I’m just going to show up because I tried setting it up on the phone and it didn’t go well. They didn’t understand me at all.

Tomorrow will be a very busy day. And the border has been shit. I’m going to have to wake up early and be at the border by 10 a.m. or so.

Money money money though.  And I need it.

I’m not as broke as I thought I was, but I do need it.

And that’s why I also need to finish the Michael Jackson piece.

What I already finished is posting my book!!!


Over at TijuanaAdventure.com

Honestly, I’m not happy with the beer chapter which is the penultimate chapter. And since 22 and a half is my favorite number… I’m going to add chapter 22.5 with an update about beer.

That’s the only thing I’m going to modify to the things I wrote a year and some ago. Then it will all go up in a nice link on both websites (why not).

The Patreon is active. My friend Cristina sponsored me $5 so that’s $21 total I made from posting my book!

4 of them were personal contacts for $5. One of them was $1 from a stranger.

But also, other strangers have been really nice about all the stupid shit I’ve been posting. So it’s all positive.

And then it will be on the internet in one big link for anyone to read. I’m going to try to send it to a publication or two or more. I guess it would be up to them if they think having it up there online for free is a good thing or a bad thing. For now, I don’t care it’s free. I’m happy enough that on my first attempt at a book I have people reading it and donating some money. That’s pretty crazy.

Chapter 22.5 will come later.

25 photo covers for the year.

Pretty good record.

Almost no articles published.

Pretty bad record.

2020 will be different.

2020 will be better.

We all tell the same lie every year.

And ponder about the gym. Because that belly is not going away. I’ll be 34 next year.

This Sunday we celebrated Chad’s 35th.

I remember my crisis at 25. It felt crazy to be that old. 30s just feel like 30s. And just like that, I’ll be 40.

And just like that. I’ll be dead.

The celebration was a classic Tj stomping grounds on a slow Sunday. Of course, Chad could have drunk until the next day and more, but his wife (and also me) get tired earlier. They had an adventure the previous night and as for me… I’ve just been tired in general.

This winter has me sleeping a lot and hibernating. I wake up and it feels like it’s late in the afternoon. By the time I have breakfast the sun is already setting.

But… I made it to the finals!

That’s guaranteed money for the 2nd place. And a shot for the grand prize of 1st place. Money is nice… but honestly, victory is all.

I’m happy to be in the final. And I’m sad that fantasy is over and will have to wait next year.

A great year of fantasy football. Perhaps next year I’ll play in 2 leagues…

NFL De Fantasía Semana #15 de Playoffs

Todos rompieron más de 100 puntos. Varios haciendo mas puntos de lo normal. Pero… TODO PARA QUEEEEEE… Ya nada importa mas que los semifinalistas.

Entonces, empecemos con el partido que más importaba.

Queretaroosters 115.68 vs 136.42 Don Bacardi’s Team

El partido empezó desde el Jueves con Ingram que le dio buenos puntos a Kirby para que no sea Shiruk… pero Don Bacacho no se dejo y le puso con todo para no ser el último lugar. Kirby necesitaba un milagro de Jared Cocinero el Lunes para salvarse de la desgracia, pero no se pudo y por 3er año consecutivo se corona como Shiruk. Metió las manos en sus últimos partidos y trajo varios para abajo con su desgracia. Espero allá obtenido un sarcastico placer en joderles el fantasy a todos. Puto fantasy.

Puto fantasy para todos… menos a mi!! (y al Jaiba)

Jaiba Brava 157.04 vs 114.20 The Lion King

Putison. Destrucción. Y el milagro de Rey León desvaneció con la Jaiba Bravisima que viene con todo. 1751.44 puntos en total y 1402.16 puntos en contra. Jaiba Brava es el que tiene mas puntos y al que le han metido menos puntos a su ves. Una temporada perfecta. Una temporada donde se chingo a todos menos a 2 que ni se como le hicieron para ganarle. Un equipaso donde no le falta nada y merecido de estar en la final. La Jaiba vence al León con dominante victoria y a la final como inegable primerisimo lugar.

La otra semifinal.

Tijuana Hookers 133.72 vs 126.16 Queretaro Thunders

WOO!!! Gane!! Llegue a la final! Y la sufrí. Como la sufrí. Soy el segundo en puntos con 1713.70 pero el tercero con mas puntos en contra 1607.64 (el pelón fue al que le metieron mas). Y la perrie. La perrie para llegar hasta ahí. El que mas la perrio fue CMC que realmente cargo mi equipo. Decisiones tan malas como dejar a QB novato de los Broncos, Andres Candado, jugando bajo la nieve contra los Chiefs. Deje a Drake afuera. Iba ser demasiado triste si los Thunders se lo llevaban por mis errores. De el lado de Thunders su unico error fue no meter a AJ Cafe por Golladay. Tannecerro tiene mano caliente mientras los Lions están en su 3er QB. Adrian Peterson como el unico RB de los Redskins también fue un error dejarlo fuera, pero gracias a esos errores, balancearon mi gran error de dejar a Drake afuera.

Y ahora me encamino a la final… sin QB todavía, pero con CMC. Desafortunadamente, el matchup es favorable a la Jaiba… como lo ha sido todo el año… pero va ser una final de la cual me voy acordar DE POR VIDA!

Pinche 2019, lo unico bueno que me dio fue el Fantasy.

Para todos los demás, yo creo lo mismo que MarioBot que ya ni se entero si gano ni perdió hasta que le dije jugando Starcho el Lunes por la noche.

CDMX Ocelopilli 130.30 vs 113.48 Guarren Luna

Ya para que. Buena temporada de los dos. El 5to lugar no sirve de nada.

SanchezStyle 111.62 vs 114.56 Miami DolphLundgrens

Partido parejo que acaba ganando el Pelón con Michael Thomas y el estilo Sánchez de esta temporada fue perder toda la segunda mitad. Ya para que.

The Mongooses 147.58 vs 108.58 MyBeerAndMe

Partidazo de Simbos. Ya para que. Para ganarle a su cuñado que también vino de novato.

Y así el fantasy.

Solo queda la final.

Y ya es Navidad y se acaba el año. Nos vemos en el fantasy 2020. Suerte con el draft. Acuerdense de ponerse tan pedos como Mora. Es la técnica ideal.

Tomorrow I have a day en chinga.

I have a handful of photoshoots and I also have to swing by the office. And then the weekend. And then I’m in Texas. And then the year is over.

I didn’t hear back from that job I applied too. I’m probably not getting it. That’s fine. I still want to have lunch with who would’ve been my boss. Job or no job.

The girl I recently met on Bumble wants me to meet her right now. I have the Michael Jackson piece to finish. But I’m also hungry. And I also just recently showered.

The day has been productive. It can be more productive.

A bunch of texts, some phone calls, and a lot of emailing to set everything for tomorrow. And perhaps another job in the week. These last few days are going to go REAL FAST. Which I’m glad for.

This blog post needs a picture.

This is my recent haircute.

I’m not terribly happy with it. The beard is already uneven and I’m going to have to fix it a bit tomorrow before work.

The photo was taken in my extra room that’s for guests and also “my studio.” The continuous lights I got from the office truly not help, so I’m just going to use my flash and get other lighting equipment to compliment the studio.

And it’s definitely an extra room to crash. So if you find yourself in Tijuana and you are a friend, you are welcome to crash (bring beers).

Oh yeah.

One thing that also made me happy recently… I got free shows!!! For being an influencer! And I do believe in the brand. So a photoshoot and a post about that will be upcoming soon!

Seriously! Free shoes!

I mean… they are cheap. I spend more money on food and beer than on shoes… But it feels nice for people to think that I am that much of an influencer to get free shoes to just post about it. I will do a great post about it.

The wind is crazy outside. I do not like it.



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  1. You’re welcome for the $1!
    Honestly I feel kinda bad for being so cheap, but I wasn’t sure if I was paying per blogpost or what.

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