44 Weeks, 3 Days: Past and Future Book to Read and Write – Life of a Paletero – NFL de Fantasía Semana 12

44 Weeks, 2 Days.

I’m typing this on Monday though I plan to publish on Tuesday.

Life has slowed down… or so it feels.

It’s Thanksgiving week which means a lot of people are not working. And my office seems to be one of them. I have no work.

I have no work until mid-December.

The last cover was an illustration, but many of my pics are inside. I have perhaps another cover coming up mid-December. That will be my cover #25 of the year.

But for now… I have nothing.

The last few days were a waste. I’ve been sleeping a lot. Waking up early to have nothing to do so I just sleep more. And it gets dark so early that by the time I wake up, I only get a few hours of sun and it’s night time.

Excuse to go out drinking.

And waste my day away.

I’ve been wasting away my last few days. Waiting for NFL to do my parlay bet with the belief I am going to fucking win it.

I didn’t.

Got 4/8 right. That’s not very good. I feel dumb for not being able to predict the future.

My future studies classes did not teach you how to parlay bet in sporting events.

My math classes did have plenty of information about odds and gambling. I know my odds. I’m still trying to beat them. And it’s fun.

I did alright on Fantasy Football. I won and clinched the playoffs. Just four more weeks of Fantasy Football and it’s over.

The only thing that keeps me entertained in life besides drinking.

I woke up to not having running water again. My article is supposedly about that. I started writing it again… to simply just stop and delete the paragraph I had.

That’s what writing for a publisher has been like.

I started a different article about Salsa Fest. Wrote two paragraphs. I decided that the story had expired and that my writing was shitty. I just deleted it.

I have been publishing my “book” over at Tijuana Adventure. That has been going nicely. I edited it a bit and just post it to an okay reception.

I can’t shower today because there is no water.

It feels like a waste of a day already.

It’s already 3:00 pm and all I managed was to get out of bed, get shrimp tacos, drink coffee, and clean the kitty litter shit.

Chad gave me a book by Adam Gnade called This is the End of Something but This is Not the End of You.


This book is not even published yet. How does Chad have this book?

The Wikipedia says that “In June of 2019[36] it was announced that his next book, This is the End of Something But It’s Not the End of You, would be released February 14,2020 via Pioneers Press and Three One G.”

And in one of the first few pages, after a few reviews, it says “February 2020.”

So Chad is from the future…?!

Ahh no… he hasn’t replied, but just a bit of research and common sense, Chad’s band (Inus) got signed by Three One G… He must’ve got it from them.

He gave it to me because he says we got a similar style. I read the first 60 pages in one sitting on Friday and took a nap. I woke up and it was night time already.

I took the book to the bars yesterday because I actually enjoy somewhat reading outside my house, not to look like a douche, though I look like a douche.

I only read one page.

I was distracted mostly by NFL.

And then I got distracted by a girl that was very flirtatious with me.

The bartender told me she worked in one of the strip clubs…

Friday was also therapy and I had a bunch to unload. Saturday was nothing. Woke up late, went to brunch, had beers, stayed with beers, went to bed early. Thursday was delivery and bowling (I did better). Wednesday was taking pictures and driving around San Diego with Chad.

That’s how I ended up with the book.

It’s been really slow. And sort of surreal.

I am not microdosing. The dose I had on Monday was enough. I sort of feel like doing it, but giving myself a bit of a break still.

I just need to work. And I don’t really have any gigs coming…

I have a very strange Instagram. It wasn’t me who thought that it was a Bumble match.

That Bumble match said I have Teletubby vomit running down my arm. She’s right. She’s funny. But she will never visit Tijuana (or so she said). So that’s not going to work.

And when you look at it… my Instagram is quite strange. My photography goes all over the place so it’s just… photos. A lot of them. No theme. Barely any photos of me. Sometimes pretty girls. Sometimes live music. Some sunsets. Some long exposures. Some insects. Perhaps my cats. Or my eye. Or doña Elvira serving me pulque.

I didn’t do much astrophotography this year.

Another match on Bumble does astrophotography.

It would be nice to have an astrophoto buddy.

I’m in a gloomy mood, yet I feel better.

Some sort of faith or hope that everything is going to be alright. It can’t get much worse than this. The year is almost over. I survived once again.

I’m going to finish reading this book soon. Then I will read more books. All the books my mom left behind. Then I’ll write my own books.

And maybe someone will read them.

Maybe I will get paid for them.

And today is Tuesday!


Tap Tuesday.

More drinking excuses. And tomorrow I have a bit of work, followed by being a delivery boy. And it will be Thanksgiving which means nothing but bowling day and more NFL.

So the week is not that bad. Just really slow with no work and I’m still incapable of writing the stupid water article.

My street still smells like shit because since it rained, the water box below Calle Segunda got filled with shit water and it is on a constant overflow. The neighbors redacted a letter to be signed by everyone and sent to the people responsible of the water shit.

That’s sort of part of the article.

But nicely redacted.

And it should’ve been short. And now I want it to go long and it’s nothing really.

I went to Nelson last night to watch MNF. A girl I hooked up with that I really didn’t want to see again was there…

She didn’t recognize me… but as soon as she was leaving, she did. And we had a caguama together.

She seemed to want to hook up again… I didn’t. Nothing happened.

She left and I watch NFL.

Goddamn is Lamar Jackson a sick beast.

That would have been an easy parlay bet and Master agreed. Ravens to win was obvious. And the over was somewhat predictable.

I benched Goff. And I’m also dropping him. He has been so bad this year. Beyond bad.

Especially with superstars like Lamar Jackson.

So you know what time it is.

Semana 12 de NFL Fantasía en Español

La semana de la fe para todos menos para Mora.

Don Bacardi’s Team 83.62 vs The Lion King 114.94

Nos despedimos de el equipo Bacacho con este triste partido donde no llego ni a los cien. Hizo bien en sacar a Tom Brady, pero sin su corredor estrella Dalvin el Cocinero, los demas valen madres. Tener a dos jugadores de los Rams con lo pésimo que es Goff también olía a perdición. Agreguenle que se lesiono Julio Jones y fue una receta para el desastre. Lion King gana y por ahora se acomoda en los playoffs.

Hablando de los playoffs…

Tijuana Hookers 119.08 vs  Queretaro Thunders 95.20

Ya aseguré los playoffs. También los Thunders. Lo que queda es la batalla por el segundo lugar. Aparte de eso, nuestro equipo se definió temprano y no tuvo muchas emociones. Thunders contento ya pasando y lleno de Byes no le movió mucho, y con CMC es garantía de salvarme. Y así fue. Y que bueno por que no tengo QB para nada.

CDMX Ocelopilli 108.90 vs Miami DolphLundgrens 131.86

Otro ya en playoffs y dandose por vencido con tres jugadores todavía para el MNF, MarioBot. Eso si, cayo a 4to lugar y puede caer un poco más. Lo que esta interesante es la tabla de en medio y la pelea por el 5to/6xto lugar y el Pelón con sus delfines malvados entro a la pelea después de estar peleando hasta abajo de la tabla toda la temporada. Gano el partido sin TE pero con confianza en un Tannecerro que saca la casta como QB1 y una defensa estable para el ROS (igual que el confiable WR1 Miguel Tomás). Se pelea todo de todo la siguiente semana y le toca contra la Jaibita Brava.

Jaiba Brava 149.20 vs Guarren Luna 103.26

Esa Jaiba esta demasiado brava y domina el primer lugar todavía con confianza y eso que su QB estrella no hizo nada. Comparado con el QB estrella de Guarren Luna que es el mejor jugador básicamente de todo el fantasy. Si separarás sus puntos de pase y sus puntos corriendo, sería QB1 y RB1 todavía… Solo le falta también ser WR, TE, K, y Defensa por que a Guarren le falta todo eso. Por el momento en 5to lugar, Guarren se la juega contra el último lugar los Roosters.

Queretaroosters 129.18 vs Mybeerandme 121.34

Ya fuera de la Playoffs pero con ganas de pelear, Kirby le arrebata la victoria al cervezas y roba fe. Por fin regresando de lesión aunque ya demasiado tarde, regresa Davante Adams, y no solo fue el, pero todo su equipo, menos los dos de los Broncos, que le dieron la victoria vs un cervezas que necesitaba el gane para pelear por los playoffs mas agusto. Ahora el cervezas tiene que jugarse todo contra el Thunders y esperar una mezcla de resultados para poder dentro.

The Mongooses 132.84 vs SanchezStyle 98.32

Las Mangostas se juegan toda su fe mientras Sanchez impone su nuevo estilo de como perder. 4ta semana consecutiva que Sanchez cae y esta ves no rompiendo los 100 puntos, ambos sus RB estrellas que han sido la potencia, no rompen ni 100. El Mangostitas en ves de despedirse se une a la tabla de enmedio a pelear por todo. Por fin le dio resultado el TE Ertz que le di dede el principio de la temporada, el unico de los Eagles con puntos. Los dos requieren ganar, los dos requieren una serie de resultados para poder pasar. Mangostas contra Rey León se eliminarán uno al otro. Y Sanchez tendrá que imponer estilo contra las Putitas que tienen sed de quedarse en Segundo lugar.

Semana de Thanksgiving y se juega todo! Semana que empieza temprano! Semana que define los 6 (2) que seguíran con la esperanza de llevarse el premio mayor y los otros 6 (4) que se quedarán pensando en la siguiente temporada mientras que juegan sus playoffs de consolación.

La semana de el volado mayor. La tabla de en medio se pelea con todo. Una semana de emociones… y luego los playoffs que pasan en un abrir y cerrar de ojos.

Fantasy football is silly, yet great. Football, in general, is silly, yet great. And my parlay bets are fun. So I’m going to continue those with the hopes of winning money and paying off my student debt like that.

It’s almost the last month of the year. Of the shittiest year of my life.

I haven’t cried much lately, but today I woke up crying a bit…

I haven’t mentioned her much. But I still miss her so very much and think of you every single day.

Life is so oddly different. So much more lonely. Nothing to do but embrace what it throws at me and make the most of it. It will end before I know it.


I don’t have an image as of yet for the featured image…


A random paletero walking down the street:

Seeing paleteros reminds me of a story I pitched to my editor that I never wrote (like so many of them…). I wanted to interview a handful of paleteros from San Diego and a handful in Tijuana and compare the different lives the same jobs have. There are paleteros on both sides of the border, selling virtually the same things, yet probably lead very different lifestyles with crisscrossing perpendiculars.

I have never interviewed any paletero. Yet every time I see them, I think of it. I just want to ask them questions about their daily paletero life. Do they still like paletas? Do they have a favorite one? Which one sales the most? What do they do when they are done? Do they enjoy it?!

The beginning of the article that I never wrote was going to start with the first paletero I’ve ever met when I was a child. That paletero’s name was Don Cirilo. Or it might have been Don Ysidro. He stood in the corner of my grandma’s house (my grandma’s house was pretty big that virtually took half a block). In front of my grandma’s house there was a church. It was a busy block. The paletero was on that corner every day. I don’t remember much of the details of his face, but it was the face of an old paletero. A man that sold over a million paletas in his life.

The life of a paletero.

A story I never wrote. There are a lot of them…


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