36 Weeks, 3 Days: October is here: Christmas Decisions to Make it Less Shitty – Comedy Stand-Up Cover – NFL In Spanish Week 4 and A Lot of Word Vomit

36 Weeks, 3 Days.

Like I mentioned before, I actually lost count. I just know by looking back at the blog that it’s been in fact 36 weeks, 3 days.

It’s a weird feeling because it feels long ago but at the same time very recent.

Long ago, because I am already sort of used to it. It’s so fucking weird. To just think “my mom is dead,” but that’s it. I still choke up when asked about my parents or anything. I wonder when that will stop…

It also feels very VERY recent…

Because I realized this is my first Christmas without her. EVER.


Every year of my life that I remember, I spent Christmas with my mom. No matter what or where we were in the world. And I left home at 17, it could have easily been more than a dozen Christmases in a different country or different place…

But no.

I always made sure to spend Christmas with my mom.

So that one is painful right now.

It’s October already. Halloween is my favorite… but also, Christmas is coming. And that’s the meaning of loneliness. Christmas without my mom just sounds like the shittiest Christmas ever.

And I’m undecided about it… but leaning towards going to Houston.

I have family in Guadalajara that I want to visit, but they all have their own family inside their own family that I would just feel like an extra dude. Yes. Part of the family. But not usually there on Christmas…

And that’s what Christmas will be like.

I’m the extra dude that has nowhere to go for Christmas. So whoever offers, I’m good.

Christmas is no longer Christmas.

It is just lonesome sadness.

If I ever got a gift that I like it, it was from my mom. I’m sure she would have given me socks this year. I like socks as presents. Socks are nice.

I have some PJs from her. And some underwear.

Those were the last Christmases.

There have been so many great ones.

In Puerto Vallarta (well, technically Bucerías), in Houston, in Guadalajara, in Mazamitla, in Chapala, in Los Angeles, in Michigan, in my old house in Querétaro, and for the latest ones… all in Tijuana.

Mazamitla was a great one. I must have been 12 years old because F-Zero 64 just came out. I knew I was going to get it for Christmas, so I took my N64 to a huge cabin in Mazamitla but with no TV.

Christmas came… I got F-Zero. I wanted to play it so badly that I figured out a way to plug in my N64 to a camcorder one of my cousin’s boyfriends had at the time. And I played F-Zero in a tiny camcorder screen.

Mom got me F-Zero. She also got me Mortal Kombat 2 when I was 7 years old. It was supposedly coming from Santa, but I figured Santa would never give a kid a game rated M for Mature. Yep. It was mom. And it’s not like she didn’t care about the rating. She knew it was just a video game and I wouldn’t turn out all weird because of it.

I loved the fuck out of early Mortal Kombats when I was a kid…

I had a good childhood.

And I thank my mom for 99.9% of that.

That’s more than what most people have.

Christmas is gonna suck.

So I’m going to try to make it the least sucky. Houston with my Gringo family is the correct choice. It’s the closest to my mom. And I’ll feel alright with my aunt and my cousin who is one of my best friends out there.

He also just lost one of his best friends…

I didn’t even notice. He posted about it, but I thought the post was about the guy visiting him…


So weird… because I had just messaged the dude a picture of a bottle of Topo Chico. You see… his girlfriend started arguing about not having Topo Chico in California (which you do see around) and got angry at me for saying that it exists in California…

I saw a bottle of Topo Chico on a cemetery in Old Town San Diego and took a picture and send it to him…

That was the last message I sent to that dude.

But HEY!

October is here!

And I’ve worked two haunted houses already and have a third upcoming. I was exhausted for the first one and it was a very very very difficult shoot. I realize now I could have taped my lens on focal point infinity to get better results…

I have to basically walk through a dark maze of a haunted house and TAKE PICTURES?!

Obviously, I have to flash. But I have no idea what’s going on.

I don’t see how anyone can do better than what I did… I mean… yeah… probably…

A better flash and a battery pack would help for more constant frames. An off-camera flash cable too.

I should try to pick those two for the next shoot.

The other haunted thing was WAY WAY WAY better.

The details on their props were terrifying. The park looked eerie. Even the sky helped me on that shoot.

Again, could have used a better flash… it’s difficult to go back and forth from bouncing the flash to direct flash.

With the bounce flash, I got great dark Halloween results.

I’m really happy with my frames. I only posted one on my Instagram, but… I should have posted way more. There are too many ones that I liked.

And that’s what I’ve been up to.

From the last blog, I went bowling then Tap Tuesday (I drank a bunch).

Then Wednesday I worked far and then delivery boy (I didn’t).

Thursday I “allow” myself to drink, finished my delivery, and I went bowling again. It was a mistake, I was still sore from Tuesday… still played 6 games.

My average, 144.

It needs to be better…

Maybe I should learn to bowl properly…

I want to take my mom bowling…

She loved it.

I miss her.

Friday I worked the first haunted house after WORKING on a different photoshoot all day (hence why I was exhausted).

On my way back home, I still made time to pick up cat food and litter and… FUCK IT a 12 pack of Elysian’s Space Dust because I deserved it.

They are delicious. I gave one to the dude in charge of the parking lot and 4 are left in my fridge. Drank 3 that Friday night. Drank 2 on Saturday night. Drank 2 yesterday.


You know. The classic. An exhausted man coming from work deserves a beer before bed.

I looked back at my calendar… realized it is still in September.

I have emails to send just requesting them to pay me. Nice. They owe me a handful of photoshoots.

I have to figure out my October.

A new cover picture comes out tomorrow! My picture! (I believe).

AND same thing the week after that. The cover count for the year increases.

Sunday was NFL.

After talking so much shit… I lost. My team still did alright, but the opposing team destroyed.

I was so tired from working all weekend that I napped during the middle of Sunday during the Rams and Tampa Bay games. Both my QB and my WR1 did alright, but still, not enough.

And before I jump to all the NFL shit… because I still had a chance yesterday on MNF… really quick.

Yesterday was weird and I had a TJ adventure.

It was like a ghost of my former self.

Saw a girl at the bar. She was there early. We ended up hooking up.


There’s a saying in Spanish that I will try to translate into English.

“In times of war, any hole can be a trench.”

Yeah. That.

That was last night.

If I could take back… I would.

Now for NFL.

My MNF miracle didn’t happen. Fucking Bengals. Spanish time.


First… cover from last week.

Stand-up comedy!

Cameron comedy and Jordan Coburn on the cover. I had to sit through a lot of comedy. Yes. Sit through.

I am a huge comedy fan and well… all I could think is, I could do better. Not than all, but many of them. Most of them do 5-10 minutes and leave and some are… not good. I like to think I do better, but here I am sitting on my computer and not really trying.

Cameron and Jordan were actually quite good. And they were both really nice that if I ever want to give it a try, I’ll hit them up and do an open mic.

I’ve been working on what I would say… And though is dumb, the opener would be talking about my weird accent and how I’m a 6’4 white Mexican with some Jewish blood and all weird.


Something like that.

But ok.

Fantasy, for sure!

Semana 4 de NFL Liga Baquetons Forever

Que semana! Que desmadre! Pocos con mucho y muchos con poco! Pero al concluir la semana 4, la tabla esta pareja divida en tres, los que llevan 3-1, los que están tablas 2-2, y los que tienen el 1-3. Kirby se salvo de tener un 0-4… no… no se salvo. Gano con ganas.

Queretaro FC 151.68 vs 97.10 CDMX Ocelopilli

La batalla de David vs Goliath y pss ya se la saben… Excepto esto fue una destrucción total de David, castro a Goliath y le alimento su escroto. Y eso que puso a Mariota en su alineación y eligió bien ya que hizo mas puntos que Mahomes. Davante Adams por fin saca la casta, pero también saco un dedo de el pie y ya esta lesionado. Hasta Steffon Diggs que era un bello durmiente le saco puntos y la defensa de los Jets con 24?! Quién se espera todas estas chingaderas… Su jugador estrella… hace menos de lo prometido. Del otro lado, Mariobot simplemente no. Nadie hizo su prometido mas que Cooper CO-OP Kupp. Putiza.

Mas putiza.

SanchezStyle 76.30 vs 145.78 Guarren Luna

Fue el juego de Chubb para Guarren Luna con 3 touchdowns 183 yardas, llegando a correr casi 21 millas por hora. Y así se fue corriendo a la distancia destruyendo un SanchezStyle que es raro que no llegue ni a 100 puntos… de hecho de todos los años en la liga, no me acuerdo ver tan mal resultado para al que gana las odiseas matématicas. Eso es lo que pasa cuando se te va tu RB1 que tuvo que depender de un RB de los Dolphins, sorpresivamente, hizo mas de su prometido (por poco) pero sin Saquon Barkley, este equipo la tiene dificil.

Queretaro Thunders 107.14 vs 73.98 Miami DLG

Pss ni tan putiza por que los dos con muy bajo rendimiento, pero el pelón con el score mas bajo de la semana y también un resultado raro de un pelón que sabe de todo, menos de que novatos escoger. Todavía tenía el milagro con Juju en MNF, pero no llego a absolutamente nada. Mason Rudolph no mando un pase de arriba de 7 yardas y le dio mas pases a sus RBs que a sus WRs. El futuro de los Steelers es incierto igual que el de el pelón que depende de dos RBs con backup QBs. Del otro lado, el Thunders tuvo suerte de jugar contra alguien con tan bajo rendimiento, esos 100 y algo de puntos no le hubieran servido contra rivales mas fuertes, pero le sirvieron.

Jaiba Brava 122.70 vs 90.50 Don Bacardi’s Team

Aquí el error de Don Bacardi fue meter a Brady contra una de las mejores defensas en la liga y banquear a Winston, ese cambio lo hubiera acercado al gane, Brady apenas 4.70 contra los 30.30 de Winston. Y aunque le insisto que confié en sus vaqueritas, dejo a Witten en la banca por abuelo Vernon Davis… y con ese cambio, lo hubiera ganado. Del otro lado, la Jaibita se pone brava con un equipo donde su WR estrella es el que hace menos puntos y su K pateador hace el doble (yo Gay). Ya no hay excusas para Don Bacardi, es semana 5 y ya sabe que se espera cada semana. La Jaibita ya tiene experiencia en ganar con equipos callados y quedarse bien posicionado en la tabla sin mucho drama.

The Lion King 97.30 vs 134.62 MyBeerAndMe 

Wentz hizo justo lo que se predecía 19.70… cuando pasa eso?! Pero Lion King no hizo lo que se prometía y aún así hubiera perdido. Por fin se encendió Gurley II y le hizo puntos después de no hacer nada las primeras semanas, pero el resto de su equipo se apago… y se apago feo. Su TE rookie estrella de los Lions se dio un tremendo putasote que parece que se va a quedar sin TE (y escasean). La tiene difícil en las siguientes semanas, pero de alguna manera resuelve, por que es raro verlo tan bajo en la tabla. Del otro lado, MyBeerAndMe que decepcionado con el juego ya se quería salir, pero ya con dos victorias creo que le esta gustando mas esta chingadera de volado semanal. Ni uno de sus estrellas le sumo lo prometido, especialmente un OBJ que no es el mismo que de años pasados y todavía no saca su rol que se esperaba con los Browns. No importa por que Godwin de Tampa Bay se llevo los puntos que fueron para Evans la semana previa (y TB en general se paso de lanza con tantos puntos). El RB de los Steelers, Conner, también le dio mas que su merecido aunque acabó con Q… Va contra su cuñado la siguiente semana y a ver que tal.

Tijuana Hookers 131.38 vs 160.10 The Mongooses

Confió en mi equipo. Tengo buen equipo (excepto RB2). De último momento saque a Duke the Fluke Johnson por abuelisimo Frank Gore contra la defensa de los Pats, me dio resultado aunque por fin Duke empezó hacer algo. MCM obvio sumó a lo pendejo que era lo que esperaba. Mis TEs super estrellas decepcionaron cabrón… Daniel Jones nada más se la envió a Engram 7 veces y le mando muchos mas pases a Sterling Shepard y quien es el dueño de esos dos? Simbos y sus Mongooses. Pero sus puntos verdaderos todos vinieron de 3 RBs que jugaron de primera y una defensa de los Pats que simplemente destruyó a los Bills y sumaron 25 puntos mientras que mi defensa me dejo con solo 2. Partidaso donde me quedé super corto después de chingar a Simbos por privado de que me la iba a pelar. Aún así soy muy feliz con mi equipo y tengo la confianza de que ganaré mas partidos, soy el 2ndo lugar de puntos en la liga aunque 4to en la tabla… Simbos destruyé en primero de tabla y primero de puntos y un equipo estelar construido sin fe en los Steelers pero con cabeza decisiva de lo que es mejor para sus Mongooses.

That’s a wrap!

Holy shit.

A lot of typing.

Oh yeah. On Friday I went to therapy as well. I want to go again this Friday, but she recommended every two weeks and that’s fine. But I want to go this Friday.

This Friday I also work.

That’s the only work I have so far besides being a delivery boy tomorrow…

So October will start slow, and I need a break. I might get out of town this weekend… I hope.



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