29 Weeks, 2 Days: Great Days / Bad Days – Work, Errands, Broke, Book, Work – Business Cards Photography

29 Weeks, 2 Days.

Honestly, I lost count. Which seems like progress.

I have to look at my previous blog to remember how long ago it was.

Weird that it’s also the count of how old is my baby niece.

I saw her yesterday.

My niece and nephew are cool. I shall try to be a better uncle.

There are good days.

Then there are horrible days.

Horrible days make me feel like giving up and crawling into a ball and not doing anything for the rest of my life.

Good days give me hope for more good days and to enjoy life.

There are more horrible days than there are good days.

I wish there were more good days.

After blogging about not having the best days… I had a great day.

One of the best days so far in the year.

And I got paid for it.

My favorite writer for the magazine is doing a feature on top chefs around the city. I was tasked with pictures and to basically follow him while he writes the story.

The job…

Go to one of the nicest restaurants in town, talk to the chef and his team while taking pictures, go behind the kitchen, then get served the most amazing food I’ve had…

I like amazing food.

My happy days depend if I got amazing food or not.

And I wish I could eat lavishly every time. Alas, I’m short on cash.

Very short on cash.

The shortest I’ve been in a long time.

Partly due because $550 payment is missing… I should have gotten it by Saturday.

Partly because I just paid rent.

My student loans are still on my ass.

I have been ignoring them… Which I shouldn’t.

I have a bunch of work upcoming this week and the following weeks. And I should finish the texts that I started.

So I shall be fine.

… More than fine.

I hope…

The day after my magnificent day, I had a quick moment to pitch the idea of a book to one of the CEOs of important shit here in Tijuana.

I asked for a lot of money. Because I want it to be a must-have book for Tijuanenses. I want it to be perfect. Like always. Strive for perfection. Fail. Get depressed.

I will have another meeting about this next week.

I’m not sure if it will work… But if so… I’ll be working on a book to be published by Spring 2020. A nice book.

With all my pictures, text in English, and Spanish.

This usually requires a large team and a larger investment. So… though I’m asking for a lot of money… It would be 6 months of straight just working on the book.

Let’s see what happens.

Let’s see if it happens.

If not…

Life will carry on.

I guess.

That’s what life does…

That day I went bowling as well.

Bowling makes me happy.

It was a good day of bowling. Over 150+ for my average of the three games.


That’s a good day of bowling.

I sort of want to go bowling right now.

And after those two great days… Where it felt like everything that had to go right, did go right…

I rested.

I didn’t have much to do on Friday.

I did nothing all day. Tried to conjure up a last-minute photoshoot just to keep busy. It didn’t work. I fell asleep in the early afternoon and woke up at around sunset.



Went out into Tijuana’s Friday night.

It was uneventful.

The ATM wasn’t working. Not just for me. But for everyone. I had 50 pesos left.

I went to Nelson.

And got a caguama from Selene without charge because I needed the 50 pesos in case I got hungry in the morning.

Saturday I worked.


It was a bit awkward, but I made it work.

And I got great pictures.

After working on Feast and fine dining then having that incredibly catered dinner with a top chef… well… this food looked… miserable.

And I didn’t get to eat any of it. I usually get a ton of free food to go. Nope. Not this time.

Honestly… that’s fine. It would have been gone straight into my fridge never to be touched and then discarded.

My friend Erik is coming over from LA. He is the brother of the dude that I visited in LA. I also worked with Erik a lot. He used to be TMZ. He was also on Scrubs. Like… he worked on the show as a cameraman and acted a couple of scenes as the veterinarian of the show. Maybe a scene.

Last time I saw Erik was here in TJ. Probably like three or four years ago. He was considering the border life back then… but it didn’t work out.

He should be here soon.

Things to do.

So many.

Get Global Entry. Photoshoot on Wednesday morning. DMV that same day. Thursday photoshoot (and it should be a good one). Sunday photo shoot.




I have a bunch of stories to type out. And I have to force myself to write them.

I was going to do that yesterday but I ended up just posting a bunch on Tijuana Adventure and changing my profile to more about food photography.

Here’s that Instagram.

Business cards.

Business cards.

Gotta get those.

I’m getting some from the Reader soon. Gonna make my own.

Oh. And FB retainer work I got through Andy.

Tons of work.

Can’t wait to get the fruits of my labor… Hopefully… I mean… yeah…


Money is good.

This post needs a picture.

Completely unrelated:

That was that good Wednesday I kept talking about. What a great day. Except it was August 7th, not 8th. The sandcastle builder probably did it on purpose for people to wake up to their birthday castle.

August 8th is also my ex-girlfriend’s birthday. It’s super easy to remember. 8-8.

It was also my brother’s birthday.

He is forty now.

I remember when thirty seemed crazy old.


I’m almost there.

Yadda yadda yadda.

And then you are dead.


And yes.

I did say happy birthday to my ex. She seems very happy. Her smile is contagious. Which used to make me so happy though I’m a bitter person. She never is bitter. Just radiantly happy.


One response to “29 Weeks, 2 Days: Great Days / Bad Days – Work, Errands, Broke, Book, Work – Business Cards Photography”

  1. Felicidades por tus nuevos proyectos! .
    será un buen libro ya lo quiero leer.
    Que vengan muchos más días felices.

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