26 Weeks, 5 Days: Bracketed and Blended Photography – Starting to Shoot for Getty (iStock)- LA Weekend Coming Up

26 weeks, 5 days.

Boy! Is hot out.

It feels like I’ve been working non-stop. Last time I posted was my last break. I slept all of that Saturday. It felt like a waste of a day. But I rested.

Sunday I went to Valle de Guadalupe to get some fancy dining on at Deckman’s with Colomdiana. She has gone back to Colombia.

I’m not sure what happened.

With me.

When I met her, I liked her a lot. And it fizzled out quick.

I mean… I also went to Mexico City right after meeting her…

I also don’t think I have space for any emotions right now.


So back to work.

I enjoy work. It makes things go by quicker. And then MONEY!

I’m very low on cash. Lowest in a while. But I get paid soon! Recovery!

And I need way more gigs.

My buddy Andy hit me up with a $50 gig translating a website.

I should get to that.

Driving to Ensenada was great. Donatella behaved and it was only over half a tank to get there and back. I enjoy driving. I should go to Ensenada more often.

I will be driving to LA tomorrow.

Let’s see how that’s going to be.

Going to hang out with my buddy Justin and his wife. Hopefully, getting stuff that my brother left behind. Building a studio.


I had to go back and delete a bunch of old pictures from old posts because I am at maximum capacity on this blog.

The upgrade = $8 a month.

I really don’t have that extra money to spend on my own website. So… I’ve been deleting all pictures. The paparazzi pictures.

Too many of them.

Too many similar.

On the Getty manual for editorial, it says one important thing that I am horrible at.

“When in doubt, leave it out.”

I’m so bad at that.

I overshoot. Then I look at my pics and I’m like “whoa, this one is great, and this one, and this one!”

And I end up with 100+ from 300 pictures shot.

It should be less than 1/4.

Should be more like an 1/8.

I’ve also posted all my cover stories of the Reader highlighted on my Instagram.

Silly to think Instagram has such importance.

It’s the media I consume the most next to Reddit.

Speaking of which… new Reader cover:

Came out yesterday. Link to the story, here!

Tuesday, I crossed the border by foot for one photoshoot. The other one got canceled.

Or more like… the writer got the restaurant wrong. I set up a photoshoot with the wrong restaurant. Embarrassing. Not my fault.

Also. Way too many restaurants with & ampersands.

That’s why the confusion. So many restaurants in San & Diego using the goddamn ampersand.

I made it early. The shoot was easy. I went to Chee Chee’s cuz it was HOT out and I’m an alcoholic that wanted a beer.

Then crossed back.

On trolley.

And went to Norte.

And since I had my camera, I played around a bit.

That’s 6 bracketed shots blended into one outside Norte Brewery.

I had to learn how to do that to apply for the Airbnb photo position. So might as well do it some more. I’m getting ideas of where to do it…


Instead of single exposures. Oh well. New things!

And I sort of want to print this one…

The blend of 6 images results in one mega file with a lot of information that you can do so much with the colors and the processing. The image I uploaded is the copy of the original… because I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH SPACE IN THE BLOG to upload the actual massive image.

That one is only 2 megabytes.

There is some ghosting and haze on the clouds. That gives it away that’s a multi-shot. You really can’t tell while scrolling on the phone or whatever. So I like em.

I’m going to try some more.

And I’m getting other ideas that I just thought off… >.>

Just got my neighbor to take care of the cats for the weekend. I bought them food at Trader Joe’s. It was at an okay price. I just hope they like it.

Bisho eats whatever the fuck.

Chimba is picky.

She likes to drink water straight from the faucet every morning…

She meows loudly for the water.

A lady I met at Pride send me a contest for Pride photos. The winner gets $200. I just submitted my pictures…

Let’s see what happens!

Also, Getty has a challenge for photographers out there: to get Latin Americans in the workspace. And I have the perfect people to do this. I’ll give them a free photoshoot in exchange of… well… the pictures.

Getty is meticulous though. I need a model release form from every single person photographed.

I have 89 days to do it and I plan to do it before August ends.

If all goes according to plan, shit will be perfect. And I feel like that will be my first successful submission to Getty. Let’s see how much it pays once I get that.

And again. They are meticulous. Before getting paid I have to submit a tax interview.

Today I’m a delivery boy.

And a translator. I should finish that website translation for Andy in the next couple of hours. Then go delivery the rest of the mags… then BOWLING!

Every Thursday.

Bowling at around 4:30 pm.

It’s fun.

I’ve been getting better.

I wish I could go with my mom every Thursday. It would have been an awesome tradition.



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