17 Weeks, 2 Days: Bowling Solo, Achieving High Score – Wrap Up Work, Vacation Time Soon – GoT and Such

17 Weeks, 2 Days.

Whenever someone mentions my mom… I get to the verge of tears and hold back.

Typing that I basically had the same reaction.

I know. I know. It’s healthy to cry. But trust me, I’ve done it enough. And I rather not do it in public.

I cry almost on every shower I take…

I didn’t have hot water. How fucking basic. And I feel guilty for having it now. I feel guilty for a lot.

You know, the usual thoughts of “I could have done this or that” to change the result of things. Could have, should have, would have.

The worst tense, past modal verbs, non-existence.

And it happened twice yesterday. Two people that I did not expect mentioned my mom. The brief moment they got to meet her. Or that she’s proud of me.

I appreciate the words. It makes me cry. It’s not like I don’t think about her all the time already… but yeah…

The one I don’t believe and don’t care for much is the afterlife. She didn’t believe in it. So the “she’s watching over you” is a no thank you for me. She watched over me in life. She can rest.

And life passes me by.

With how “busy” I got with work, projects, and more. I’ve had 0 time to focus on actual writing (besides this stupid blog). Or on stupid long Facebook posts. That’s what I just did. Wrote a long Facebook post, just to realize I fucking hate writing Facebook posts. And there it is. My shit opinion. Like all the others. Scrolling down, down, down. Giving likes to feed the ego. Feed my Eggo. Leggo my ego.

“I saw the last 20 minutes of GoT and that was it.

I learned Jon Snow lives by the snow.

There’s a dude or there used to be a dude called Drogon and I assumed he did something with dragons.

Queens and Kings have the same haircut. There are people with clean cuts but there are also many unkept beards.

Peter Dinklage never died despite having a clear disadvantage in that type of world and he is neither a dwarf or another race, he is just Peter Dinklage (I believe). That last scene with him not getting mentioned in the book reminded me of when he gets angry at Will Ferrell on Elf because he keeps calling him an elf. I was half expecting him to run down the table as he does in that movie.

Those last 20 minutes had no action. It was just slow panning scenes of people while other people reacted and maybe two seconds of dialogue. There were ships similar to Valinor’s when Frodo and company depart to the West.

I said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t care about GoT and I don’t mean it in a snobby kind of way that I am better than that. I do prefer LotR and comparing the two would be easy, but idiotic and unnecessary. After reading Tolkien, I also read Terry Goodkind and The Sword of Truth series (21 gigantic fantasy books), that’s all the fantasy I can handle in this life. I remember Galadriel and Kahlan Amnell (and well… much more from both series). My brain can’t process more.

Congratulations to those that love it and GoT closure.

Congratulations to those that hate it and also GoT closure.

Congratulations to all because we all now GoT closure and hopefully we can stop posting about it.

Not congratulations to me, cuz this was a stupid post about how I like to type a lot and give my stupid opinion. I have a blog to do all that stupid shit and not on this social media platform that I despise each moment more and more.”

That’s what I wrote. Cuz that’s what I did yesterday. Watched the end of GoT at Cine Tonalá though for all intensive porpoises, I went to finish my business project. Trying to do business on a busy night doesn’t fare well, but it was my chance. And success. One more for the map, just need to collect all the $$$ to make it happen.

Business business business. That’s all I did or pretended to do on the weekend. That’s what I got to run and do now. And also clean my apartment, get ready to leave on my vacation though I feel like I don’t even have time to go on a vacation but I shall because I’ve been craving it and need to get away from it all.

I also went bowling by myself.

I don’t think I have ever done that.

Just go bowl by myself.

I did great.

Paid for an hour. I learned that Sundays are pricier. So I paid 399 for an hour which = 6 games.

115, 125, 170, 134, 157, 155.

Average of 142.666667

That’s a pretty good score. I want to start a team and play on a tourney. Obviously, I don’t care about winning. I just like bowling. It’s also a sport that I can drink while I play…

Mom loved bowling. She even loved Wii Bowling. I believe my uncle also loved bowling. Not sure about my grandfather or grandmother. There are no pictures of them bowling.

That’s how I started bowling.

Mom went to a tournament with my dad and I’m not sure who else was on the team. I was little. I couldn’t play. So they hired a bowling teacher to entertain me at the end of the bowling alley while they bowled. She supposedly was the female champion of Mexico. She taught me how to bowl as a kid. I still bowl like that.

I used to whisper to myself “No pare, sigue sigue” right before bowling. Proyecto 1 was the shit back then and that song resonated in my head.

The other song “tu leche, tu leche con quick.” AKA Too Legit to Quit.

I whispered it this time. Except I whispered “tu leche, tu leche con….” bowled the bowling ball and if I saw an impending strike coming I yelled, “todas!”

Tu leche con todas.

Silly things that I whisper to myself while bowling.

After bowling I went to Insurgente where I got this:


I was craving tuna from Otto’s Grill. So I was going to do the classic Teléfonica round. But I was nearby Insurgente and I decided to treat myself to something great and new. They didn’t have lamb pita, and good, cuz that wasn’t originally my craving, it just sounded more filling.

So something I tried a bite before and found intriguing. And intriguing it is!

That shit should go on my Tijuana Adventure webpage. And I posted about it on Tijuana Adventure Instagram, but the webpage… Well… that’s forgotten again.

It’s tough to try to do a million things. Especially one that doesn’t pay…

Should keep posting nice pics, so here’s one of many that I’ve taken in the past few weeks on my Instagram dumps. I’ve been shooting… A LOT!

Finish cleaning. Start packing. Finish projects and some work. Vacation time is soon. Let’s see how that goes…

My hot water didn’t want to work. Spent an hour trying to fix it. It fixed by itself at the end. I took a hot ass shower for almost an hour.

Haven’t had breakfast, was going to get a shrimp cocktail, shrimp cocktail dude is not there. Birria tacos for breakfast it is.

I feel a bit sick (great, before going on vacation). It must be the bowling. Too many germs. Also, sore as fuck. 6 games of bowling in less than an hour is no joke.



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