2019 Plans – Last Year in Review 5/10, Just like my Fantasy Score – Out of Blog Space

The year ended 5/10.

As in, it was good, it was bad, it was even, and so forth. Thus is the rollercoaster of life.

And at the end. 5/10.

Just like my final spot in Fantasy Football. 5/10.

Better than last. So… still pretty good.

The year also ended with one cover picture (from last week). And one feature story (from today). YAY! CLICK HERE.

A lot of work to be done next year. And that’s always good.

Christmas was very slow and I ended up doing almost nothing. Buying presents last minute and wasting time waiting for the year to be over… still no car.

Work was good. Not the best. But good. I give it a score of 7.86/10.

Got 22 cover pictures and 20 written articles published. Shit. I could write way more, but I got busy doing several things…

I finished a book that some people read and liked. Some people did not finish and didn’t like. Only like 20 people read it. I’m not sending it anywhere. That’s what a first attempt is like.

I plan to attempt another one starting next year. I’ll be deleting old blog posts and eliminating pictures to clear space for the blog and to keep updating. I’ll mostly be eliminating a lot of the old paparazzi pictures and archiving into… oh you guessed it. A book.

That’s WHAT the fucking blog started as.

I wanted to write a book of what my LA life was chasing celebrities but I had no writing experience except writing shit tons of college papers. I wrote some chapters but went nowhere and felt super insecure (like I always am). I decided to turn into a blog.


I’m sure going back and deleting posts will have a lot of cringe factors. I’ve been blogging for far too long.

That’s what I plan to do. Go back. Delete. Organize it into a nice coffee book with stories or some shit like that. That sounds like a sellable book, right?

It feels like a Monday.

New Years soon. I don’t care about it. It’s just nice how it feels like a reset button.

For those who care. Happy NYE.

The world is a mess. Let’s hope 2019 is better for all.

Love/companionship gets a score of 3.39/10.

It wasn’t a good year for that. It’s crazy to think that the previous year I spent it all in a relationship that I thought would last for a while longer.

I still think about her daily, but not in the same way. My ex, not Bumble Girl. I still think of Bumble Girl but also not in the same way. I’m on my “I dislike her phase.” She fucked up (and I did too) and it’s over. Not worth it. I’m glad to move on.

Friends all seem to get married or disappear. I feel like I only have two friends I ever hang out with. Maybe three.

For the most part is just me with my cat.

Living arrangement gets a score of 4.17/10.

I didn’t get the fucking penthouse. Fuck did I want that penthouse. I didn’t move anywhere which is disappointing. But this apartment is not bad at all and the price is worth it. Not to mention that I finally have HOT WATER and I’ve been re-organizing it/cleaning it to make it more livable for probably another year…

Maybe less.

It depends on work.

But fuck did I want that penthouse.

I woke up with a terrible headache.

I took Ritalin (for the second time only) to try to help me get to work. I didn’t write much. However, I did clean the fuck out of my apartment and worked out a bunch.

And again, it made me feel better. More positive about life. Clear thoughts. But it’s not magical.

I read a lot, but couldn’t write much.

Not even this stupid blog.

I’ll attempt to write today sans Ritalin. I don’t have much going on still.

I still need a car… It’s so difficult to pull the trigger and just dish out the cash for one…

NFL Fantasy because they are asking for it.

Last NFL Fantasy post of the season.

Last blog post of the year.

I will probably continue blogging next year as I delete posts and get more room on WordPress, but no real concrete plans so far. It helps me get things off my chest and I don’t mind all you creeps reading so I will continue with this nonsense.

Finales con drama en el Fantasy.

Primer drama. Pelón no llego a la final. Un dia antes de que empezarán las finales hubo corrección de marcador y resulta que los Thunders hicieron un punto más gracias a Ezekiel Elliot y así el que paso de panzaso llego a la gran final.

Final Thunders 149.18 vs 128.54 SanchezStyle.

No fue una final muy emocionante, se definió temprano en Domingo, este no es el segundo drama. Y cuando salió la noticia de que Gurley no iba a jugar, la fe de el estilos se fue como Laura (no está, se fue, la fe se marcho de su vida).

Con un Sánchez debil, los Thunders arrasaron. El estilo de Sanchez resultó ser el mismo que el Cruz Azul, dominar la tabla, caer al final.

Yo ya ni tenía partido, lo unico que podía hacer era ver la final e imaginarme que la jugaba. Le hubiera ganado al estilos , pero no a los Thunders (me quede con 140 puntos el tercer mejor de la semana).

Al que no hubiera alcanzado para nada era el pelón sus Dolphlundgrens y sus 217.86 puntos los mas puntos de toda la temporada en un partido desperdiciado por el tercer lugar.

Dolphlungrens 217.86 vs Ocelopilli 117.66

Mario no hizo nada. Ni pareció que le importo el tercer lugar dejando a un buen Kittle TE en la banca que siempre cumplía. Pero aún así no le hubiera llegado ni a los talones a le destrucción que se chingo el pelón. Con ese puntuaje se queda con los más puntos a favor en la liga con 1795 (y yo en segundo con 1763, seguido de inmediaton por Mario con 1761).

Pero esto no es de puntos a favor.

De hecho ni el tercer lugar importo. Ni el último. Ni nada. Lo unico que importo fue el primer lugar.

Y ahí el siguiente segundo drama de la final.

Quién gana que?

Algo que se discutió al principio pero nunca quedo claro. Lo unico que era claro es que la entrada era de 200 pesos. Bara bara. Pero sin poder hacer un banquito ya que todos andan por otras partes del mundo, se hacía dificil meter un banco neutral.

Se acabo decidiendo por voto y el ganador se lleva todo. 1,800 pesotes y espero que con eso invite la peda. Todavía faltan a pagar varios (incluyendomé) pero lo prometido es deuda.

Ahh… y de la final de los perdedores.

Simbos y sus Mongooses ganaron esa 129.10 vs 107.94 a una Jaibita que le dio sopa a todos.

Y el perdedor fue Roosters con 94.00 vs 116.92 con un Bryan que nunca fue bueno, pero si le toco suerte de Noobz. Y unos Roosters que jugaron como los Gallos en los 90s, a perder y descenso.

El perdedor por ahora, no tiene castigo. Se me ocurrió hacer esto, pero no ha cambiado su foto de perfil.

El siguiente año tiene que ser firmado online o de alguna manera como va estar los premios/castigos.

En total, el Fantasy es muy divertido pero poco estresante. Se me antoja hacer mi propia liga pocha Tijuanera pero is too much work ese.

Hasta la próxima baquetones.

Edición final de ENEFELE de Fantasía.

Oh fuck man.

Depression is getting to me. I can’t even write about shitty fantasy football. I couldn’t write for the past two days. I hate it when it happens. Nothing comes out.


At least is not about her anymore. I’m not even sure what it is. A lack of motivation for sure. I’m super apathetic. Is not even depression.

I did wake up thinking about her. I like remembering the happy moments. And her smile. There were really great times. And I liked her a lot.

We weren’t right for each other. I still miss her.

At least I’ve been doing shit. My apartment hasn’t looked this good in ages. And I have hot water and a stove! I spent a lot of money on getting those two going.

I didn’t get paid as much as I wished.

I still don’t have a car but keep looking daily for that perfect fit (there are a lot of options for my price range).

And the year will begin.

So let’s finish the fantasy football review I started a few days ago…

There. Done. And posted.

I still have a couple of days for the year to end. I tried making it to the front page yesterday.

With this picture.

I just ended up getting roasted. And I tried three times…

It got me some karma. But I need to get them overalls and try harder if I wanna make it to the front page.

I thought about going out at night because it was Friday and Bryan was in downtown, but my neighbor ended up bringing mulitas, I had some beers, Willy came over as well, and we ended up finishing the beers and playing Smash all night. I destroyed. I want the new Smash now.

I’ve also been speedrunning Celeste. 1:26:30 is my best time so far (on my third attempt speed running it). My cousin’s is 1:23:30… I’m going to beat that soon. Perhaps today.

Still feels like vacation time though I’ve been doing some work. I still want to do so much more work. I need to make more money. Student loans are up my ass.

Hopefully, having a car will generate more income. Perhaps more photo clients. Or clients for the other thing. And more stories. And yes.

I need a car.

I’ll wrap this up later. Say… by the end of the year. I should finish the other two articles I’ve been working on.


I woke up a bit more depressed than the day before. She was in my dreams. Almost a nightmare.

It was dumb. I went out with her and her friend (some random person I’ve never seen). And at some point it was obvious, they were an item. He kept cuddling her and kissing her, she kept avoiding it but gave in. I awkwardly said I had to go.

And I woke up.

Plotting my dream revenge. I was hurt. So I went back to bed thinking of what I can do to inflict the same pain she inflicted towards me.



I hope she’s okay. But part of me hopes she’s miserable without me.

And in reality, she probably gives 0 fucks about me. So there’s that.

I’ll keep trying to move on.

Yesterday was a shitty Saturday. At least I started I wrote half the article. I should write the other half today.

And then boom.

The year is over.

Last day of the year.

Last Sunday was okay. Spent some time with the family. Watched some NFL though fantasy is done and it’s SO BORING without fantasy.

Went out for the last NFL Sunday of the year. Had some lonesome beers. Had a couple of mezcales just to end the year with that. Had a hot dog though it’s “salchicha artesanal” and not a hot dog. Fuck off, dude. If it’s sausage and bread, I’m calling it a hot dog.

That place is not going to last long. It’s not very good.

And now… Monday.

Yes. I woke up depressed and still thinking of her. But much better than the day before.

I also woke up thinking of a car…

From the thousands of craigslist postings I’ve scanned throughout the year, I messaged three people so far. It’s not really the car I was expecting, but for some reason, I feel like it should be my car.

I emailed her today to see if the car is still available. I hope it is. And I’ll just get it at the start of the year!

And… they replied.

We have agreed to meet on Thursday morning for me to buy a car. For the first time in over 7 years, I’ll have a car again. Crazy fucking thing.

It’s not what I was expecting, but I woke up thinking about that craigslist post and that I wanted the car. I like the color. I like the Calvin and Hobbes sticker. I like the shape of the car… Never owned that brand before… So let’s see how it treats me.

I connected the Wii Fit because I know I’ve been gaining tons of weight. I’ve also been working out more than usual. And by working out, I mean I do a lot of push-ups.

I saw a dude I haven’t seen for a few years. He told me I looked fat. Then told me not to do drugs. He lost all his top teeth in jail. You can imagine what happened there… Poor guy.

I drank a couple of beers with him.

That’s why I am fat.

And I eat a lot.

Don’t work out enough.

Need to work out way more.

Wii Fit told me I’m 187 pounds. Last time I weighed myself I was under 165 (that was a couple of years back). According to the Wii Fit, I have a BMI of 22 and a half. That number again. Yes.

It also told me I’m 42 years old instead of 32. Great. Thank you.

So I need to work out more and eat healthier. At least I started eating one banana every morning with my coffee.

I took a bunch of semi-naked selfies thinking that with my new weight I look better than the skinny fucking twig I usually am.


Turns out I am pasty white and doesn’t look good at all. Need to work on abs. I fucking hate working on abs.

And way more work out.

Regular work.

I’m doing that now.

381 words out of the 500-800 I want.

Should be done soon. It’s taking me way longer than usual.

Finished that regular work mentioned. Should get published soon… waiting… and here’s the link!

And holy shit. I’ve been sitting on this post for more than a week!

It’s already the second day of 2019.

I took this picture at midnight.


Tried to upload it. Not enough space in my WordPress harddrive…

Here’s the Reddit link instead.

It looks purdy.

I start the year with a cover picture in Hillcrest!

It’s a much smaller pic, so I can post with the last memory I have in WordPress.

Here’s a link to the cover story by Thom Senzee.

It was a really fun shoot. It was a really fun night. I will probably post the picture soon.




And I’m with a full positive attitude. But that’s just the beginning of the year. I’m eating a banana with my coffee for breakfast every morning because I never eat fruit and I should. I took 1,000+ pictures yesterday and the model liked over 100 of them. I shall post those soon too.

2019 is going to be a crazy fucking weird year.

But by the end of it, the dust should settle. And life will move on this craziness. The end of the decade is always sort of whack.

I’ll keep blogging as soon as I clear space to post more (by deleting really old post and many of the paparazzi pictures).

Till then, no more posts.


I’m hungry and I have a very long day tomorrow. Buying a car, some work, then DMV, then more work!!!

I’m nervous… I haven’t had a car IN FOREVER!

Wow. I just got a lovely email from another reporter. Heartwarming. It should be a good crazy year.





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