Mid-October Blogging: H-Town Love (Beer Adventure) – Sadness Overrides Joy – Fantasy Football (in Spanish!)

I am sad.

So I am going to blog for a bit.

I am sad for a stupid reason. And I should focus on the positive instead of on the negative.

The negative. Something I wanted got delayed. Also, I lost in Fantasy Football (again).

Not that bad.

The positive. I’m getting paid. I have a lot of work (and several stories in mind). I leave to Seattle in a couple of days. I got a new lens (and an off-shutter remote). The year is ending. And I might get a car for cheap. And perhaps another job!


The sadness still overrides the happy thoughts because that’s how I am.

Mid-October blogging.

Because I just visited Houston and next it’s Seattle. Both will get their own story.

Speaking of which. I already wrote part 1 of the Houston story. It came out pretty okay so I am going to try to send it to the magazine to get it published and make an extra $50 (or whatever the travel section pays, it might be less now).

I try to hard.

I could write way more and way simpler.

But I try to hard.

I’m not that good of a writer. That’s the problem.

And I am terrified of editors. All kinds.

So how was Houston?


I’m still undecided if I want to send it to travel section or simply post here.

Or why not both?

H-Town Love

Ahh, Houston!

As soon as I landed my shirt got stuck to my body as I breathed in that humid thick air. Siri told me that my week visiting Texas for my cousin’s wedding was going to be filled with rain. Siri lied. Yes, it rained, but it was heavy and sporadic. The rain acted more as mosquito revitalizing juice than a wet inconvenience. The weather remained very hot and damp. I had to constantly race from the car to inside a building to avoid the instant moisture.

Ahh, Houston!

A giant concrete slab with skyscrapers in the middle, surrounded by warehouses and square houses with AC at full blast. Circles of highways surround the city as ripples in a lake. Gas station, strip mall, neighborhoods with their political ideologies projected on their lawns, bigger mall, warehouse or car dealership usually with Mexican, American, and Texas flags, rinse and repeat.

Ahh, Houston!

Because of family, I have visited my whole life, but never truly as an adult. It was always family time with the occasional shopping. This time, besides visiting for my cousin’s wedding, I was ready to know H-town as a grown-up. Meaning, I wanted to try out the Lone Star state’s craft beers.

First stop was Spec’s the local liquor shop to buy all the booze for the wedding. I took this opportunity to sample a few cans while the bride and groom bought a ton of liquor for the party. From the nine I sampled, Four Squares dry-hopped pale ale by Real Ale Brewing was my winner. Stash IPA by Independence was nice and piney, but nothing beyond the norms. The rest were very drinkable, alas not very memorable (and some weren’t from Texas).

That was my first jump into the Texas world of craft beer, and then came Big Star Bar.

“Don’t tell me we came all the way to Houston to visit a bar that looks like Tijuana,” commented my sister-in-law as we walked into the dive bar.

A big metal star with half-functioning lights is near the entrance, a broken guitar counts as decoration as Christmas lights go around in no particular direction. Vote for Beto sign, an old jukebox, pinball machine, a Mortal Kombat II arcade near a pool table and regularly dirty bathrooms. Near the door to the back patio, an old childish drawing of a colorful caterpillar smiling reads “Hi! I’m painfully ordinary!”

The outside is very spacious but swampy with dozens of picnic tables. Mosquitos and cockroaches abound that a courtesy “Off” repeller sits at each table. A Houston Oilers truck is usually outside in the parking lot.

Ting Ting, the bar’s cat, goes in and out of the bar as it pleases.

Most drinks (included craft can beers) went for $3-5. I could tell why this was my cousin’s favorite bar.

Behind the bar sat empty cans of the craft beers available with poor illumination. With the intent of trying only Texas beers, I tried ordering “the one in a yellow can.” The bartender opened a yellow with green can before I could tell her that wasn’t the one I meant. She yelled at me for not describing the can appropriately as “yellow and black,” and told me she was going to throw it away. I told her not to worry and grabbed what turned out to be Squatters Hop Rising Double IPA.

Piney, resinous, and simply put, delicious, especially for a beer with 9.0%, Squatters delivers a great beer, but it is not from Texas (it’s from Utah).

I returned to the bar to try the “yellow and black,” Crush City IPA by Buffalo Bayou, a super drinkable crisp IPA brewed not far from the bar. The bartender apologized for the previous encounter and turned out to be super nice once I told her I grew up by Mexico City. Yellow Rose, a single hope (Mosaic) by Lone Pint was recommended as some of the best Texas had to offer, and though it is a greatly executed beer, I have had countless of single hop brews that tasted similar. Also locally recommended the Hans’ Pils (by Real Ale) a grassy smooth German pilsner.

The following day, I convinced my cousin to visit a brewery before the wedding’s rehearsal party. We visited Eureka Heights brewing as soon as it opened its doors at 3:00 pm. The spacious warehouse felt particularly big with only two people there. They have colorful labels and silly beer names. I sampled five for $12, Mostly Harmless (Kölsch), Buckle Bunny (cream ale), Space Train (IPA), Mini Boss (IPA), and Pew Pew (pale ale). All straight up very drinkable beers but nothing spectacular, their cutesie labels give them an edge of a fun brewery with easy beers. Mini Boss was the best of the lot.

Then it was wedding time…!!

H-town beer adventures to be continued.  


Feel a tad better.

Wish I could also just post my Tijuana story. I mean. I could. But that would be a dick move.

I’ve been waiting for a year…

Who cares?

Who the fuck cares?!

I got paid. That’s what matters.

And speaking of getting paid. I need to send payment request today.

You know that while I am away I still get cover pictures. That’s because I work in advance. Here’s the latest.

CLICK the image or here to read the story.

The issue previous to that also had my pictures, but not cover.

No cover story tomorrow, but next week should be a good one. Where my story was also going to go. I was excited for that. But not anymore… Just a bit. Because the writer for the other cover is really good and it’s a subject I really like (beer!) and it’s my pictures….

As long as I have this gig I should be happy. Oh yeah. And new LENS!!!!

FUCK do I love this new lens.

First pic I post with the new lens taking by “el Willy.”


Many pictures taken through the lens already. Posted none.

That’s a lie. I also posted this one.

Damn tasty tacos. I’m going to have that for breakfast I think…

Sigma Art 18-35mm/1.8f.

Built like a tank.

Feels damn nice.

So damn nice.

I need more gear still.

… I always need more gear.

And more money.


Now let’s talk about Fantasy Football. IN FUCKING SPANISH!

Show off them bilingual skills.

La Importancia de MNF.

Semana muy drámatica en la liga Baquetons Forever. Comienzo con mi partido contra los Irving por qué es el mas fresquecito que tengo en la memoria… y por que me dolió. Y dolió mucho.

Como dice el pinche Bryan “Fuck this fantasy shit!”

Ahh.. Bryan también perdió.

Al final del Domingo, estaba sentado comodamente con 127 puntos con una ventaja comoda sobre Kirby (Tijuana Hookers vs Querétaro Roosters). Aunqué Rodgers jugaba contra 49ers, la ventaja se sentía bien, el TE de Kirby no es muy bueno, entonces tenía fe. La cague machín dejando a mi banca al Cangrearbol (Crabtree) y al Ajedrez Divertido (Funchess), ambos con un chingo de puntos lo cual me hubiera dado la ventaja. También en la banca, la defensa de Houston… Puro error de banca, por que pensé que los Raiders jugaban en casa, no en Londres. Y eso me costo el gane. Pinches Raiders todos jet laggeados no hicieron nada, ni metieron las manos. Pero Kareem Cazador me dio 29 puntos el Domingo y todo parecía apuntar que el error no me iba a destruir.

Rodgers después del 2 minute warning, en el último juego de la semana me robo el gane. Los 49ers no le hubieran regresado la pelota, ya que también les costo el juego. Pro-tip: Rodgers rifa machín. Aún cuando parece que va a comer pito… se salva y gana. No solo para los empacadores, pero también salvando al Kirby de ser el último lugar junto con Simbos. Mientras yo caigo, poco, a poco.

Hablando de caer poco a poco y de Rodgers con sus mamadas, Jaiba Brava vs el otro QRO (los Thunders). Rodgers le mando un regalito de cumpleaños a los Thunders igual de último segundo con un pase a su WR1, Devante Adams. Y así se firmo la victoria cumpleañera en un partido que parecía traer nada y lo tenía casi olvidado. Pues antes del MNF ambos equipos se encontraban con menos de 100 puntos y parecía que se iban a quedar chatos. El drama de último minuto en dos partidos causo la atención y paros cardíacos con un pinche partidaso de MNF.

Y de dramas a DRAMAS! Lion King se lleva la victoria arriba de Miami DolphLundgreens por .12!!!

130.50 vs 130.38, resultado firmado en último partido de el Domingo con el drama de KC vs NE. Y otro pinche partidazo (irl igual que de fantasy). Los patriots de Tom Brady (el QB de Lion King) se llevaron la victoria apenitas… mientras que el QB de el pelón no hizo absolutamente nada. Super error de banca, ya que Winston hizo 33 puntos (contra 7 de Watson). Y este partido, honestamente también lo tenía olvidado ya que parecía que el pelón se llevaba la victoria. Pero no solo Brady ayudo, Tyreek Hill con masivos 39.20 puntos le dio el suficiente puntaje para robarse toda la gloria. Si a mi me dolió el MNF… no me imagino el dolor de el pelón… Ok. Chance y no le importa tanto. El cabrón juega como en 17 ligas.

Hablando de que no importe… el Bryan con sus Noobz, entre mas pierde, menos le importa y pierde la fe. El verdadero Noob, Mario con sus Ocelopilli tiene el mejor puntuaje de la liga. Eso es suerte de principiante. Y principiante de verdad, ya que cada semana pregunta que significa tal cosa con RZ, O, o cualquiera otro indicativo. Su suerte es acompañada con la suerte de otro novato, Saquon Barkley para los NYG es el #1 de todo el pinche Fantasy. Y Ocelopilli lo tiene…. por autodraft! Quién chingaos esperaba un corredor novato ser el mejor de todo la liga. Lo peor de todo es que los NYG pierden todos los partidos gracias al pendejo de Manning que no saber lanzar un pase para salvar su puta vida (gracias Manning… arruinando mi #1 draft). Barkley destruyó con 38 puntos, acompañado de Matt Ryan con 27 y una defensa que tiro Noobz con 21 (con 11 sacks, rompiendo el record de los Ravens en toda su historia).

Los Noobz de Bryan… Pues… Primero, tiro su defensa por la de los Eagles. Nadie se esperaba que cambiar pajaros iba resultar tan feo. Y el resto de su equipo… Pues Bryan depende de su homie Mahomes y de Thielen. El resto de su equipo es un super volado. Nadie es garantía. Y así andaba el Domingo en la noche. Fantaseando de Fantasy. “If only Mahomes can do 40 points and Michel do 40 points I can still win this,” says Bryan con las esperanzas al 1%. Le hicieron puntos, pero no lo suficiente ni para llegar cerca a los Ocelopilli que son algo que temer.

Y hablando de temer… Sánchez. Pinche Sánchez y todo su Style. The Mongooses de Simbos el Europeo, el peor de toda la liga, dio un partidazo. 141 puntos mas puntos de los esperados y mejor que la predicción del estilazo. Por primera ves, Simbos no confió en sus Steelers tanto, y decidió meter a Carson Wentz en ves de a Big Ben. Buena elección, aunqué nada más fueron 3 puntos de diferencia. La mala elección es que aunqué no meta a Big Ben de titular, Simbos juega con el corazón y esto significa que no pudo meter a A.J. Green de los Bengals por que jugaban contra los Steelers. Y obviamente no quiere celebrar un TD en contra de su equipo favorito y por eso lo dejo en la banca por Coutee, un WR de Houston que era un volado. Un volado que no le funciono para nada (hubiera acabado 151 puntos).

Aún así… Sánchez y su estilo son imparables. Destrucción total aún con WR1 Kupp lesionado. 162 pinches puntotes gracias a II y III (Gurley y Gordon). Cam Newton sigue siendo una buena garantía de QB. Los Browns que están teniendo una super temporada también tienen un TE que hace puntos y con estilo (ese pase de Mayfield a Njoku fue tan fácil, Njoku parece ser un TE garantía con su tamaño y su manera de cachar).

Y así el último lugar con 1-5, Simbos, cae todavía más por su fe en los Steelers y no en sus Mongooses. Y el estilo Sánchez queda invicto con 6-0. Ya no hay ni un equipo invicto en IRL, pero en el Fantasy, el estilos es imparable. Necesitamos un milagro para poder detener esa fuerza… y lo peor de todo es que voy contra el la siguiente semana y no tengo muchas esperanzas.

Lion King se enfrenta a los Roosters (sin Rodgers). Thunders contra The Mongooses (apatece a buen partido). DolphLundgreens contra Ocelopilli (la suerte parece favorecerle al novato). Noobz vs Jaiba Brava… las Jaibitas si empezaron Bravas, pero ya se calmaron. Noobz… sigue buscando por donde caminar.


Back to English.

I’m hungry.

Breakfast. Then real work. Emails. Write stories. Get ready for Seattle (… not packing, I gotta do laundry). And somehow, get ready for 2019…

The October blog 2.0 is going to be busy. Seattle + Halloween + more work + perhaps car + year near the end + I might quit alcohol for November + MORE!


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