August 2018: Food Pictures Goes to Cover – No Car, New Lens, Cosplay Shoot at the Beach – Meow Cow Moo A Lot of Stupid Shit like Meme Music

And just like that, it’s September.

Holy shit! Where does time go?!

Only one cover on the month of August. This one:

And oh boy! Was that a fun cover to work on!

Tons of fancy food pics.

Read the cover, here!

I also had one story inside that issue. This one!

And another one much later. This one. And that doesn’t print until next week.

That feels like forever ago. I did a lot of other work in August… I think.

Yes. Yes, I did. I do office stuff now. And keep clients. CLIENTS!

So I signed a bunch of contracts, made a bunch of money, and I gotta keep doing that while at the same time balancing writing and pictures.

The first cover picture of September will be mine. And probably the second picture as well. And the third.

September seems to have a lot of work…

Starting with Stage Manager of the Burgers and Beer festival. And a story I sent forever ago, the editor told me I have to re-write a lot of it. And a shit ton of pictures…

I was supposed to write about burgers, but one burger got me food poisoned that burgers sort of disgust me at the moment. I still have three more burger places to finish off some work. But I’m not writing about burgers anymore.


I never thought I would get sick of burgers, but yeah, can barely stomach them.


I should also warn my bosses that I’ll be out in October for two weeks.

This song also came out in August.

Bitch, I’m a cow.

And I’ll be again for Halloween.

It’s a very stupid song, but somewhat addicting and relaxing. Meme music. That’s a genre. 2018. Weird shit.

I downloaded Tinder again yesterday. So stupid.

In other news, Gallos Blancos are doing great and are on fourth place!


Next Thursday! My fantasy team is alright. Could be better. But let’s see what happens.

Oh yeah.

Tijuana Adventure food reviews are going.

I changed the whole website.

It looks like this now.



Voodoo Stu’s is gone and I miss it so much. My weekends would always start there. And now there’s nothing.

Yes. I’ve been bored lately.

I went to Caesar’s to eat solo yesterday. It wasn’t that bad. The bar is good. The oyster Rockefellers are great so I’ll go back for that. The tapa de lengua was meh. The fried calamari was okay. Oysters and bone marrows are the reason to go back though.


Remember that I was supposed to have a car deal in the middle of August?

Well, that didn’t go down.

So I am still carless.

And I don’t care.

I am back to ground zero. I don’t know what I want. I was convinced in that little Jetta though it wasn’t my favorite. Before that, I’ve been close to multiple Hondas, but nothing.

And now.

Now I don’t know.

I could afford something nicer now, but a clunker is probably better. Or I could be a truck guy. Or I can continue just using Uber and shit.

The car will come now by Novermber or December. Or till 2019. Who the fuck knows.

Right now, I’m saving money.

Nah. Not really. I’ve been spending more than ever before. But I’ve also been earning way more than I have in YEARS. Since I was 25. That’s a lot of years without really making much money.


7+ years barely making $1k a month.

Not even. For many years I was making around 600-800 a month.

That’s fucking no money.

And the money I have now is still no fucking money. But it’s better. It’s an improvement. It’s something. And I’m so spread thin with diversification of how I make my money, that if shit goes sour, I always have a fallback plan.

And photography.

Photography is where my money comes and goes. Instead of a car, I got a new lens. Problem is it hasn’t arrived. Or I’m not even sure if they shipped it.

I shopped the new lens on Abe’s of Maine, camera store recommended by a friend. The lens was $200 cheaper than Amazon, so I went for it. But they don’t seem completely trustworthy. Hopefully, that lens gets to me soon. It’s going to be my prime lens and always on the body. I’m so excited.

Except, fucking Abe’s of Maine not sure if they actually shipped it. I might have to buy it in Amazon for $900 or whatever.

Speaking of photography. I did one photoshoot with a cosplayer on the beach early in August.

It wasn’t my favorite shoot, but HEY! She’s happy with the results and uploaded a bunch of them. That’s what matters to me.

Here are three that I chose of like 500+ that I took:

Cosplaying Little Mermaid at the beach. Beach shoots are fun, but sand is a fucking issue. So that’s a disadvantage.

She does different cosplays. And I’ll probably work with her again on a different cosplay.

I took way more pictures. I just uploaded three that she liked here and my IG. She liked a bunch more and uploaded tons.

Follow her FB here. Killer Cat Cosplay.

After that, I went to Valle de Guadalupe with my brother, his family, and his friends.

They rented an awesome Airbnb. More on that is over at Tijuana Adventure as I slowly mitigate blogging over there. Concentrate on food, drinks, and Tijuana. Not in all my stupid shit.

Seriously, can’t believe it’s September already. 2019 is around the corner. If every thing continues as it is, life is going to be golden for a while.

And despite that, I’m all bored and mopey. I have nothing to do. I’m sort of lonely. Almost 2,000 friends on FB and I basically only hang out with el pinche Bryan. And I know I have friends, but they are all over the world. In Tijuana, I have bars and beers and food.

I have no suitors. Or more like I’m not suiting anyone?

I guess that’s why I downloaded Tinder. Horrible application. I still don’t even remember how that shit goes. Talk to someone new. I am not interested.

And thus I’m bored if I don’t have work. And it’s a long weekend. I have nothing for today or tomorrow. I still have to take pictures of burgers, but this weekend seems to be a horrible weekend to try and cross the border to go to places that most likely are going to be busy as fuck.

I have till Thursday. Five days, three+ burgers. 500+ pictures. I already sent 4 places and that’s a lot of pictures already.

Three more… Three more.

Here’s a behind the scenes pictures of me taking pictures.

There was a group of photographers at the same place when I was there.

Chad came to hang out and so did Tortilla Española (Marta) because I can’t eat more than one burger at the time and I already had one.

It looks like some sort of BK commercial. Light was great. The pictures are fantastic.

This one had a bad crop, but the pic is way better.

And another bad crop. But that’s Chad munching on a burger. The last pic is mine, the rest credit goes to @BeersandCameras a group in San Diego that mostly shoots film and goes to bars to get beers and take pictures. I will join them in the future. I need to fix me some film cameras first.

Carrying on! It’s September!

Labor day! A day in which we don’t do labor. I considered this shitty word vomit my labor for the day. I need to do more labor soon. And chase that $$$. New lens and I’m excited = new photoshoots.

One more month and I’ll fly twice. First to Houston, then to Seattle.

It seems like Octobers are the months of flying to weddings. I still can’t believe 2018… 2019 is going to be stupid.

I have no idea what I’m going to do with Bisho in October…

I have no idea what I’m going to do today. Starting with breakfast.


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  1. Damn you for making me listen to that dumb ass Moo song. I loved it. I’m now singing it while cringing at myself for loving it.

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