July 2018: TJ Adventure Changes to Food & Drink Reviews – Busy as Fuck (and loving it) – Only One Cover (again)

How do I do this?

I’m not sure.

Life is so fucking weird. Just reading what happened last month… It was the World Cup. And that shit already feels like it happened forever ago.

Nope. It was just a month ago.

Move on. Liga MX time. I only watch Gallos game. And so far so good. I’m hopeful to at least liguilla. Champions?! FUCK YEAH! The dream… but probably not.

Move on. NFL Fantasy starts next month. That will be next game with my friends from Querétaro and around the world.

Time to plug in the hard drive and relive July.

The World Cup was still in July. It seriously feels like it was ages ago.

It was a good World Cup. I enjoyed it. Like always, heartbreaking for Mexico.

I even wrote an article about it.

Here it is.

It got published on my mom’s birthday.

I got her tequila and wine for her birthday.

And she also did her first gig in San Diego. As in job gig. She worked Comic-Con. She had no idea about any of the cosplayers or how massive it was. But she managed. Full week of working the craziest even in San Diego. And crossing the border…

I also did shit tons of work.

My deals changed.

Now I can make more money on my own effort. And that’s what I have this upcoming week. Because I did shit tons of work in the past few weeks…

A lot of photo work.

Speaking of which. Only one cover in July, just like June.

That was a real fun cover to work for.

First round, I invited my trusty old buddy Chad to go around bars. We just drank whiskys and I took pictures as necessary. Obviously, got drunk. Ubered back to Tijuana around midnight. It was around $22. Not bad. If it was shared, it would be nothing.

Reliving old times. Love that dude.

Oh yeah.

I am getting a car soon.

Because I need one. And I’ve been talking about it.


Not what I wanted, but a great deal from someone I trust.

2006 Jetta. Color: tan. Miles, 102k+.


I don’t mind VWs.

I wanted something Korean/Japanese like a Honda, Mazda, Toyota, Hyundai, or Kia.

But a nice Jetta will suffice. I like it. The color. The deal. I think it’s sort of destiny. Though I don’t believe in that shit. So, a nice coincidence. Mutually beneficial.

Better than getting it from a stranger on Craigslist or a rando from the street. After months and months of looking…

The other cover stories.

One was an illustration and the inside pics were already done. I basically didn’t even participated in that issue besides on my other task helping in sales. LINK!

Two was not my picture but the writer’s. I actually worked hard on that one, but I guess not good enough. Plenty of inside pictures are mine, so still great. LINK.

Three was Andy’s picture with the Shebaccas. I knew they were going to go with that. It was about Comic-Con and needs to come out during the event. That was probably Andy’s favorite picture of the hundreds that he takes each year. LINK!

And finally it was mine! The one mentioned above. About bars! LINK!

Aeroclub was the best bar… but it’s closing down. Or supposedly moving.

We’ll see San Diego. We’ll see…

Took this picture early July.

I was on my way to Plaza fiesta from República Malta… a new brewery collective that opened near my old stomping grounds when I first moved to Tijuana.

My personal Instagram activity diminishes in favor of Tijuana Adventure’s account.

It’s an alright place. Let’s see how long it survives. It’s better than Plaza Fiesta for sure… but it lacks something…

So here’s the plan for now.

Tijuana Adventure is no more about tours. I said this before. But now what?

Well… now it will be full-on reviews of food and drink places. That’s going to be on for a while. I need a personal outlet where I can still write a lot of stupid shit.

And because it’s “Tijuana Adventure” a lot of fucking strangers have no fucking clue who the fuck I am. I like that bit of animosity. Though it’s obvious who I am if you go through the site.

It all clicked when I attended a private dinner with a bunch of foodies from San Diego/Tijuana region. Those who control popular Instagram accounts with food. Baja Yummy, Baja_Cali_Food, A Gringo in Tijuana, a writer for City Beat, and Priscilla of Tuetano Taqueria.

I didn’t bring my camera. I should have. But I had a tour before that. With a girl from Turkey and American dude (married couple, they met in Brazil, oh boy did we have stories to share, they were awesome! THANKS FOR COMING!).

HAH! Turns out they were my last tour by accident…

Oh yeah, because my September 1st tour got canceled. Bryan is going to be in charge of tours for a while. Though I don’t fully trust him.


DINNER was at Toshi Toshi, a new truly authentic Japanese restaurant. I was mindblown. Went home and instead of just posting pics and writing a paragraph… I went full on review.

You can only see one pic because Instagram is dumb. But go to my IG and see it all. (pictures from the iPhone)

Here’s the stupid shit I wrote:

“I came expecting just good and left beyond amazed. Mis plegarias of not having quality sushi in this city were heard by la Virgen de Jiro and she delivered in the shape of a sushi speakeasy bar (sure, let’s call it that). I would believe Jiro would share a tear of joy at the efforts put by chef Pedro (of Saketori-Ya) and Toshi.

Before going in, they asked about allergies, and those who know me, know I hate avocado. That was my only request. The response “none of the items to be served have avocado.” Fuck yeah, avocado and cream cheese don’t belong in what I consider sushi.

My inbox flooded right away after posting one little clip of the place asking where it is at. The answer is… Toshi Toshi, in La Cacho. Is not open yet and when it does, be prepared to wait for a long time to actually eat there. Only sitting 14 people, this is as exclusive and real as sushi can get and I predict high demands.

I haven’t had sushi like this since my favorite LA spot “Sugar Fish” by Chef Nozawa. Shit, I just googled it, back when I was in LA the Marina location was the only one, and now they have multiple locations and has expanded to New York. I used to go with my old roommate, Scott, and just order chef’s suggestions for the month either #1 or #2 and get some Sapporos.

I recommend a similar approach at Toshi, just tell them “wow me,” they’ll know what to do. And that’s what I did, just let the chef serve us what it was best (with a group of other foodies organized by Adrian).

Every single bite was a bit orgasmic and I moaned and kept muttering “oh my god, oh my god, wow, oh my fucking god, wow.” My apologies to other guests in the bar for moaning in pleasure, but every bite is moan-worthy… and bite?! BITES!? This is my test of great sushi, do not use your teeth. Just squeeze with your tongue against your palate, great sushi will melt like butter and go smoothly down your throat. And this is exactly what every piece delivered by Toshi was, just pure perfection (the only one I had to use my teeth was the squid with Japanese mint, it was chewy and I didn’t enjoy it at first, but it left a lingering aftertaste that made me happy).

Highlights. Fucking everything. Sashimi, nigiri, and rolls were all outrageously good (the otoro is incredible). But near the end, there was a showcase of intriguing new stuff that my tongue had never tasted before. Sea Urchin with salmon eggs roll was an umami as fuck delight (a lot of them were). Lastly, an experimental version by the chef of a sushi parfait. Yes. A mother fucking sushi parfait. Made with top-notch ingredients, it was mind-blowingly good (play Eric Wareheim’s gif).

If you are looking for sushi that has chipotle sauce, cream cheese, and fried shit… avoid this place, you’ll leave disappointed. If you want a true sushi experience that Jiro would approve instead of weep…. Come to Toshi’s. You won’t regret it, though your wallet might suffer, it is worth it, unless you earn dollars… then it’s a joke.”

People seemed to like it. It got shared a couple of times.

I mean… the sushi was superb. I want to go back. I haven’t.

That’s the idea. Go to places and pretend to be a foodie. I’ve been getting invited to places to eat for free. Take pictures. Write a review. Invite them to advertise on the Reader.

I already got a few clients.

But I need to work more. And more. And more.

Voodoo Stu is closing soon, so I’ve been going to that.


And also ended the month working for the upcoming FEAST cover story. That’s the food issue. So I’ve been going around San Diego having amazing food… but WITHOUT A CAR!

It’s been quite an adventure.

And I’ll be doing my own sort of reviews about it once it’s out. Double dipping but not really. Basically just promoting and helping my own magazine because I have my own ideas of how to grow and survive in this dying press media world.

Mixed with all of that. I’ve been going out frequently. Eating everywhere. Drinking everywhere. San Diego. Tijuana. Doing business here and there. It’s pretty insane.

It reminds me of my LA days where all I did was work. And though work is fun and in weird ways is not really work… It works. And it is work!

I’m getting paid. And though is still not as good as how much money I was making in LA, it’s definitely way better than how I’ve been living in the last half-decade.

A sigh of economic relief.

I still would never survive in San Diego with the money I’m making, but Tijuana…

And hopefully, it just keeps getting better. To the point, I could live in San Diego if I wanted. It’s going in that direction. But I rather stay in Tijuana, save money, buy gear, buy instruments, move to the penthouse, live the dream…

When I move to the penthouse… if it happens… Y’all invited.

Extra. Here’s my attempt at a minimalistic picture:

This was in Liberty Station in San Diego. Again, without a car. Two stories hit. One food, and the next cover, which is not my picture, but all the inside pictures.

August already.

It’s my oldest brother’s birthday. Haven’t seen him in many years.

It’s my ex’s birthday. Haven’t seen her in many months… almost a year.

Life is so fucking weird.

Here’s a picture of my baby niece and nephew.


And Nila by herself:

My brother borrowed my camera for a couple of days to try product photography.

He is awful at it…

But he will learn. Photography is relatively easy.

That last shot is a lucky shot. I was holding the camera by my knee while walking. So yes. It was a blind shot. Sometimes you gotta just click and get lucky without looking.

I didn’t pose my niece or anything. I was just following behind her holding my camera low waiting for a click. She turned around, gave me that smile and three clicks. That was the best one. Edit a bit. And tada! (there was a lot of empty space above, so it was a big crop and then minor touch-ups).

(note: quality here is shit because I am linking them from Instagram and Facebook, which destroys quality. I ran out of space on my WordPress so I can’t upload nice looking pictures).

People ask me to give photography lessons. And my answer is always the same.

Fucking learn through YouTube and read the tutorials. Even reading the Wikipedia page on photography helps SHIT TONS!

The rest is just practice and fucking cake.

It’s more about learning about gear and what gear you want for the style. The rest is done by itself. Cameras are too fucking good these days.

And editing.

Well. I’m not even fucking good at that. Just play with the settings until you are happy.


Some drunk white dude talked to me in Nelson Bar. I tried to ignore him but I indulged a bit. He rambled and I wrote.

Then turned into a short little story.

Here it is.

I learned a new word, “pithy.”

At first, I thought it was a negative comment. Pithy and pity sound very alike. But then… well… the definition makes me think it was actually a positive one?

Definition: (of language or style) concise and forcefully expressive.
synonyms: succinctterseconcisecompact, short (and sweet), briefcondensed, to the point, epigrammaticcrispthumbnail

And mixed with all that, I’ve been going to play soccer.


It’s today!

I’ve been going to a bunch of random ones… Tuesdays are the official match, but I didn’t feel that great on the last one I went… so I haven’t gone back.

I’ve been busy.

And I’m going to be busier and busier.

Fun stuff.

I like it.

I’m enjoying it.

And having capital is nice. Not stress about finances is nice. I’m getting a car, that shit needs to be insured and properly documented… and I would normally freak out because I don’t know how much money I have at the end of the month. But I’ve been stable. Very stable. And it will only improve.

Until next time kids!

Oh. And a Netflix story I wrote got accepted. Remember the actress outside my balcony? Yeah… I interviewed her via facetime. And we’ve been talking quite a bit.

No idea when the story will be published, but you’ll see. Another cover story I wrote that never got published is still not getting published. Oh well.

Money was earned.

Though text seems to have been wasted.

Speaking of which.

My book just sits there.

Not edited at all. Haven’t even revisited. Don’t even want too. But I eventually shall…


AND! I play a lot of fucking Pokemon Go. Like shit tons… I even joined a Whatsapp group with shit 81 people in Tijuana who get together to raid and shit… Funny stuff.

Now seriously…



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