May 2018: One of the Best Birthdays – Even More Work (and More Pics!) – Lost Phone/New Phone

My birthday month is almost over. Traditionally, I hate my birthday.

Even since I was a kid, I had bad birthdays. Awesome parties where friends had fun. But something always happened to me that it would ruined it. Like getting kicked out of a trampoline. Like literally “kicked out” while playing Power Rangers.

I remember that I dramatically flew like Saint Seiya (Caballeors del Zodiaco) and hit the brick wall. I was in pain my whole birthday. Especially because my thumbnail was purple and it hurt a lot (besides having scrapes on every limb).

Point is. My birthday. I don’t care for it. Last birthday I spent it getting stupid drunk before sunset. I actually passed out at around 4 pm. It was not good.

This birthday. This one was better.

I got an email from the main boss at the magazing around noon on my birthday. I thought it was going to be an email about my birthday, but that wouldn’t make sense. What did the boss want? To offer me yet another job!


I have yet another gig with the magazine. And I’m going to get business cards through them. I’m some sort of staff now? Staff Photographer and Marketing Specialist. Something like that is going to be my title.

And they don’t want me to stop writing and keep going with the photos.

Speaking of which. I had four cover pictures on May. It was almost going to be five, but one story got pushed.


That was the first one from May. To read this story and view more pics, click here.

This one was more fun. And I made a friend. That’s James Gielow (or Jim). He runs his own blog called Mind Your Dirt. He is basically a decade older than me and saw some of my future-self reflected on him. Weird. Read his post here.

He is also a photographer and director of the San Diego Museum of Art. And he had video games in his house like a child just like I would. In a sense, it made me see that growing up is never a thing. He works in his garden and tends to his chickens. Has a beautiful dog. It’s his own property. He is a bit hipster exotic in a way. But it works. He seems to enjoy life besides its usual ups and downs and depression.

For the Reader story and more pics, click here.

I ended up hanging out with him randomly this weekend.


One of my favorite covers.


It’s not the pic I would have chosen, but I don’t pick it. So it’s fine. I’m just happy my picture is in the cover. And tons of pictures inside. AND ALSO, my own text about Tijuana Tacos.


For my text and pictures, click here TIJUANA TACO PORN.

For the whole cover and more pictures, click here Tacos 2018!

And you want more?!?!

I took so many pictures of tacos that I’m thinking about creating a coffee type book about tacos.

Speaking of a book.

I finished my book.

When did I finish it?!

On my fucking birthday. That’s when I decided I wanted to finish it. It’s missing a lot of editing and I actually forgot some text that I’m going to add… but I “finished” my first book. It’s an easy read. It’s sort of like this, but with old stories about Tijuana debauchery.

I sent it to a dozen friends. Only three have finished it and told me good reviews about it.

They are “fixing” my balcony right now. It looks like they are making it worse. So there are three workers on my tiny balcony doing a mess. Let’s see what happens.

It’s Monday. The month is ending. June is around the corner. And I have several jobs. Insane.

I also had a tour that went great.


So much fucking shit.

Here are more tacos:

Tacos in Tijuana.


Tacos in San Diego.

I tried to get to the front page. Did not achieve. I did get a bunch of karma and comments though. Also, some hate in both Reddit and Imgur. But who cares?!

El joto de Willfredo is here. Suspending this and finishing soon.

Alright. He is gone. He wanted to see if I could do him the favor of getting a gig for a friend of his who is a photographer.

Fuck that.

Can’t do that.

And finally.

Last cover.



I went to game 1 with the writer of the story and his parents. San Diego Legion won. It was great times. Here are more pics of the Rugby match.

That was picture work and text work with the magazine. I barely have been writing for them. Got busy with the book. Editing the book. And more jobs.

So lets rewind to the very beginning.

May started with a visit to my old roommate and to see his band INUS. I took plenty of pictures as well. Here are the ones I uploaded…


Instagram started blocking the URLs for pictures uploaded. Fuck.

I don’t have enough space on my blog to upload more pictures!

I guess you’ll have to check my Instagram if you want to see more pics. I’ve been taking way too many pictures and not uploading that many.

Also, the Tijuana Adventure Instagram has all the food pics.


I can circumvent Instagram by posting the Facebook link. Suck it Instagram!

Here are the pics I was talking about:

Mr. Bobby Bray tapping on his Samick.

And Chad Deal as a bass player ghost.

The show was awesome. I got pretty drunk. The band after INUS, Atomic Ape, was fucking fantastic too. But after that… I got pretty drunk and my memory fades.

I think Chad’s girlfriend doesn’t like me anymore after that night…

Not all of May was great though…

And liquor was part of the problem. I was drinking a bit too much.

It was Sunday the 6th. I had one gig in San Diego but the line was a bit too much and they never confirmed. I skipped it. And since I was already out, I started drinking at Nelson at a very early hour of the day.

They called me from the gig. They were expecting me. I explained that it didn’t get confirmed so I didn’t show. I felt guilty. Really fucking guilty.

I did the gig two days after…

But that Sunday…

I drank a lot. And I was looking for a thrill, but I went back home at 6 pm because I was already drunkish. Thinking I was going to pass out, I watched some stand-up on Netflix (John Mulaney, it was alright). I sort of sobered up and I still had a desire to find some thrill.

So I decided to go out drinking again.

Day drinking + night drinking = disaster Matt.

I kept pushing it. And pushing it. And pushing it.

Until ending at a gay bar at 3 a.m. Then realizing it was Sunday and this was shit… I walked home very drunk.

Got stopped by the cops on tranny street. They went through my pockets. Then they gave me back my wallet and keys and told me to be on my way. I didn’t notice they took my phone.

A tranny was nearby (only one and there are usually a handful). She approached me after the incident and offered sexual services. I entertained the notion of a second until I quickly sobered up when I realized MY FUCKING PHONE WAS GONE.

I yelled at her. She looked scared… Fucking cops.

I later confirmed that this is what happened thanks to my Pokemon Go activity… Yep…

I spun a pokegym by the Cathedral at 2:43 a.m. and received 3 items: Nanab Berry, Razz Berry, and a Pokeball. The altercation with the cops happened at around 2:50 a.m.

My phone disappeared shortly thereafter and I came home angry and drunk.

I passed out and woke up feeling horrible and realizing my fucking phone was gone.

I put my iPhone on lost mode immediately and started deciding on a new phone.


There goes buying a new car.

Lost a phone.

I had the option of buying a 6s a friend of a friend was selling for cheap. That would have been a small downgrade from my phone but a cheap option.


I wanted something more. And I had the money that I had saved for the car…

After a lot of market research and deciding on what seems fucking important in this futuristic life… I ended up with an iPhone X.


I also needed a second body or another camera so I don’t have to carry my DSLR all the time. iPhone X has a superb fucking camera. Only beaten by almost nothing by the Huawei Mate Pro.

I’m a Macfag so I’m sticking with Apple products and ended up paying for this stupid fucking phone cash. $1,000 + tax. Fuck me that’s a lot of money to be carrying around my left pocket all the fucking time.

The incident with the cops made me sober up a bit. I didn’t drink for a couple of days (HOORAY FUCKING ME). Then I said I wouldn’t drink until Jeopardy was over.

That didn’t last very long.

And I’m back to drinking all the time.

But… more responsibly. Especially when out. And I’m taking an Uber back more and more. Fuck risking losing my phone over a stupid short walk.

This was my first picture with my iPhone SE.

I didn’t really use Snapchat much more after that.

This was the last picture.

The Canon needs a new battery. The Nikon needs lenses and possibly more…

I paid the Apple store online and ordered a pick-up in their Fashion Valley store. The very next day after I lost my phone, I went to go get a new one. Like a crack addict… it’s all I wanted. My phone back.

Recovering my Apple ID that got stolen was a bitch. It took me more than a week to do so. After jumping through several loopholes.

My iPhone SE remained in lost mode. My friend Willfredo got a call from someone who was trying to sell it. Nothing came from it.

The phone got turned on once a few days later.

It’s been off ever since. Just a brick. No one can use it in theory. Unless it comes back to me. Which seems impossible. But at least it’s just a brick from now on.

This is my first picture with my stupid expensive phone.

The camera can really do wonders. And so much futuristic tech crap that it’s incredible.

STILL…! A fucking expensive phone. Need for work or so it’s my excuse. I also need a car.

Phones call Ubers and Lyfts. So I’m good with a phone for now. But also definitely need a car.

I also had another photo shoot with a girl I used to have a crush on. It didn’t go well. And my crush on her is no more.

After all that, I did more taco pictures. Those are already posted above.


Tacotopia Weekend!

And I knew it. It meant that I was going to work Gator by the Bay managing social media and taking pictures. Long weekend. Got paid handsomely. I’ll probably be doing the same event for the rest of my time in the San Diego area for each year.

Here are some pics.

Yep. Zydeco and Blues Fest in the San Diego Bay.

It’s fun for the whole family. And I get to take pictures and write posts like that. A lot of more of my work on their Facebook page. And Instagram page. And official page. I don’t want to link you to all. You get the gist. Roughly 30-40% are my pictures.

Friday is a team of three and I’m the second shooter (sort of).

Saturday is a team of two and I’m the main shooter/social media handler.

Sunday is back to a team of three and I’m the second shooter (sort of).

Saturday is the heavy day. I worked from 10 a.m. to midnight.

My mom visited me on Sunday for Mother’s Day and my magazine basically gave her a free bottle of wine. She got a bit drunk. It was funny. And it was a blast. Here’s us double fisting beer and wine. Yep. That was my job.

I get to use a lot of other nice camera gear too. And Andy’s clips. Silly that I shot the Sony a7 with a mount for the 70-200mm/2.8f Canon. Clipped to my fucking belt. Just this gigantic stupid ass lens and a tiny mirrorless camera hanging on my waist. It was fun. It was handy. I still rather shoot a DSLR instead. But still. Those mirrorless can be fun.

This was my favorite band on Saturday.

And one of my favorite pictures. There were also some great pictures at night time with the J-7 Productions. Let me dig those out.

Well.. here are some more:

She was a great dancer.


The crawfish shot. I tried them for the first time… they are… They aren’t that great…

I mean… they are tasty. But so hard to eat for so little meat.

Yep. I just take shots of random people and get paid for it.


My bearded friend and great photographer, Joey, is in the background of this pic. This chick asked me to take her pictures and started posing. So why not.

The parade is also a great time. I did a video on Sunday with my new phone to check quality. I should check quality.

Parade leader.

And finally. These are the night shots I was talking about. I fucking love doing this. And lights + fire = awesome shots.

That’s Jay 7. She’s cool.

And the other one that got uploaded. Fuck do I love this type of shots.

So I missed Tacotopia because I have to work on the weekends. I stayed at Cassidy’s place (Andy’s girlfriend). She was so nice for having me. Extra bedroom. I rested well. I worked a lot. I made good money (they actually paid me less than what I thought, so I still have to see what is up).

Then it was my birthday! I got a bunch of Facebook posts like always. I played basketball with Willfredo, my brother, and my neighbor. And just had a few more beers at night.

It was a good easy day birthday. Also, my friend Joshua gave me a case of Colima Beer. What a great friend!

And my brother visited me with his wife and baby daughter and brought me a cake. Great times as well.

And like I said before, I got a gig offer from the boss man.

That weekend, I ended up working again. For another cover story that got pushed. Woke up early a bit hungover though I promised myself I wouldn’t drink that much the previous night.

The previous night?

I played tennis with el Pinche Bryan and beat him again. I found my rhythm. And I’m somehow getting good at serves.

I want to play now…

Anyway. It was another work weekend. And on Saturday I hung out with the roommate again. Then went to The Friendly because I was craving those fucking burgers. Then drove home and brought my mom a burger and another one for myself.

And I ended up partying later again… fuck me.

That week I met with the boss to talk about the new gig. It sounds great. I’m going to get paid nicely. I still can’t believe it. And the gig is somewhat easy. Especially because I’m well connected. Let’s see what happens.

I also had to go take more pictures that weren’t good enough for Saturday.

And while taking more pictures, I found some kids skating. Here’s my best picture of that.

I added a filter. I feel dirty because of it.

Here are the pictures without retouching mucho.

And since then I’ve been doing a combination of things for work. Pictures. Text. My book. And marketing. Hitting up people. Offering them free ads. Testing the waters. Deeper each time. More work. Much more work. Mucho mas work.

And the book. Let’s see what happens with it. I’ll finish editing it soon. And start shopping for a publisher. While writing another book. I want to write a fiction one. And a coffee table photography book.

Oh. And I ended up working this last weekend as well. Saturday tour that went great. Six people. Two couples in their 50s and one in their 30s. They all loved me. The tour went awesome. I had fun. They had fun. I got paid. Like always, I said I was going to retire. Who knows…

Sunday I ended up doing some more light work, more pictures, more connections. I’m not even sure how I’m going to get paid for this. I just know I’m going to get paid.



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