Her Name Was Lola – More Work, More Interviews, and an Impromptu Tiny Tj Adventure – Only One More Word Vomit to Go


I was going to skip the word vomit today. The one before the very last.

Not because I wasn’t feeling like it… but because I was busy.

My brother picked me up at 8:00 a.m. to cross the border so I can borrow the car and do a simple gig.

Pictures for a story that runs next week.

Had breakfast at La Marque coffee shop in Hillcrest. I took a nice picture before and they sent me a message on Instagram thanking me and telling me that they will comp me a drink. I said thanks, but that I’m never in the area… well…. this time I was. I got a free tall coffee and asked for a croissant sandwich again. It was better the first time, but still really good. Ended up being a pricey breakfast…

I met with the lawyer mentioned in the story, his offices were closed to the coffee shop. That took less than five minutes as he seemed to be a busy guy.


Went to a house by the University of San Diego to take pictures of the property because it’s part of the story. The owner couldn’t meet me, but her daughter was there. She let me in and we chatted briefly and what not. She was cool (and cute).

And… they had an awesome dog named Lola.

My favorite breed!

My favorite as of last I guess. Because I still love Dalmatians. But Great Danes… I’ve been wanting to adopt/take care of a Great Dane for the past couple of years. Awesome long tall dogs. Just like me!

And Lola was HUGE!!!

I went inside the gate and she started running like crazy all over the yard and house (stepping on her own massive turds plenty of times). She was very difficult to take pictures since she was running like a wild horse.

And she finally stopped for a second.

Booped into my lens.

Did this silly move.

And stretched her paws on my stomach (with some poop on them…). She’s…. sitting down!

If she was standing all the way up, I’m pretty sure her paws would be on my shoulders. But most, likely because they are children in the house, she’s trained not to jump that high.

I wanted to play and hang out with Lola some more… But the gig was done!

I was going to run some errands for my brother… when my phone ran out of data.

Navigating San Diego and doing errands for him without being able to use Google Maps or texting him to know exactly what he needed was going to be tough.

My brother canceled the errands he requested. Said he didn’t really need it anyway until maybe after Christmas.

Noon. I dropped my brother’s car with him.

I was virtually done with work.


And now I’m back home.

2:55 p.m. I already edited the pictures and sent them to the editor. Let’s see what they will use next week.

And I already got paid for the pictures…

So let’s rewind a bit to yesterday.

The cover story came out. It looks like this:

It’s softer on paper than online… so I’m a tad disappointed with that.

The double spread inside looks great though.

They used this picture:

With Chad’s text by where the old man is. And again, Chad’s story is a wonderful read.

They all are!

I wish I partook in the issue. Alas, I was late to the party and didn’t write my Christmas story.

So the magazine only has two pictures that I took, the cover, and the inside spread.

It also has the text of the Uber Tijuana Report. They printed the meme and it looks hilarious.

Next issue should have another one or two of my stories but none of my pictures.

Then the first issue of the year should have another cover photo and another inside spread and maybe some more. That was a really fun shoot. Can’t wait until the first issue of next year comes out. I’m proud of how those pictures turned out.

My sister-in-law called me at around noon yesterday. When I was done with the word vomit.

She was at Teléfonica with the babies and my mom. I quickly got dressed and headed their way.

I got two pulpo with huitlacoche tacos and garlic sauce.

And I have some bad news.

They are as great as ever… but they are more expensive now!

From 42 pesos to 55 pesos. That’s a 30% increase!!!

Fuck. I just tried to wash my hands and face and there’s no water in my apartment (or building). I hate it when this shit happens.

After tacos and hanging out with my mom and family, I went to my mom’s place to see how packing is going and to discuss future plans. She’s moving in here soon, probably after Christmas or New Years. And we talked a lot about what 2018 will be bringing.

I got to clean my apartment and throw away some shit. There’s a lot of garbage in here and I need the space.

Mom Roommate! Woot woot!

I’m glad I’m stopping the blog and focusing on other things… Stranger Things. Strange life.

And I said before and I said again. I’m not excited about 2018. I want 2018 to be over already. For it to be the summer of 2019 already. I have high hopes of what my summer of 2019 will look like… and I’ll be fucking 33 years old. So fucking old. And hopefully, not the same broke mother fucker.

Hopefully, successful in all the gigs I do. Learning how to actually charge money for the work I do. And maybe with a real job. I’m going to ask for a real job in the beginning of the year. If nothing… then I’ll just try writing more and more and focus on getting paid photo gigs. Make Tijuana Adventure grow more.

I won’t have to worry about word vomiting daily.

It’s been a great distraction.

Add this shit to my summary.

Wrote 1,000+ words a day every day for no reason at all but to express myself and my life. Accompanied with quality pictures. And more!

After octopus tacos and helping my mom. I came home. Continued writing the article that I’ve been talking about. Transcribed the interview I record it. Translated the quotes I want to use it. Wrote a bit more… got more ideas. Felt stuck… got hungry. Left my place and I asked one of the owners of Cine Tonalá if she was there.

I wanted to talk to her. She owed me a burger and I was hungry.

And not only that.

She also just opened a new space (with more people) and I was talking about new spaces. And I realized I probably should get more quotes. So I told her that I wanted to talk to her about my article and poke her brain to know how she feels about the Tijuana year that just passed. And the Tijuana year that comes ahead. And Tijuana in general.

Ryan, an actor friend from San Diego, messaged me that he was coming to Tijuana with a n00b. I told them I would help them with basic Tijuana but I couldn’t party much.

The Cine Tonalá (Adriana)… let’s call her by her name.

Anyway. Adriana also had guests coming to meet her (they were also going to interview her). They came from the Basque country in Spain.

We told all our guests to meet at Nelson.



I played Beatles (2), Hendrix, King Crimson, Coltrane, Edgar Winter, and another on the jukebox. I say another because it was a mistake, so I’m not sure what I played.

We left Nelson towards Tonalá for one more beer/cocktail.

Before I knew it was already midnight and they were closing down.

Adriana went home. I accompanied the Spaniards to their car.

And drop off Ryan and his buddy (EJ) near Zona Norte. Because TJ n00bs gotta do TJ musts.

I would have joined just to help them out. But I needed to get up early for work.

Came home. Slept at around 1:45 a.m. Woke up one hour before my alarm (at 6:00 a.m.)… forced myself back to bed. The alarm rang… and it was SOOOOO PAINFUL!

But it was fine.

Work was super easy and I already got paid. I can’t complain. I got paid more than I thought I was going too. I can’t be lazy now. I need to work more. I need a new lens. I need to pay Brozo for the lens that I have (I owe him half). I need more gigs.



Holy shit. I just read the lyrics for Lola. How was I not aware of this?!

I’m hungry. One last post tomorrow.

Then Christmas weekend.


The blog has come to an end. At least in the form it currently is.

Expect my resurgence in my other webpage Tijuana Adventure.

I barely pay attention the Facebook or Instagram but it gets a bunch of likes daily. It’s the obvious name. I get tagged in so many things.

Tijuana Adventure will be easy to grow. Blog a bit more simple. Post more pictures. And … BAM!

Bye, Y’all!

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