A Myriad of Indecision – Early Drinking with Santa for Cover – The Finish Line is Near

Life is a myriad of indecision and self-doubt. That is why people opt to believe in god(s). Life is much easier when higher powers decide for you. If you succeed, it was god’s plan. If you fail, it was gods’ plan.

Nothing really matters.

  • Metallica.

The end of the blog is near. Mom was supposed to move-in today, but I have a feeling she’s not ready and she doesn’t really want to either.

Afterall, she has her house for a while longer.

It’s much easier to have a regular life. A regular job. A regular wife. Regular kids.


Wish it was that easy.

But I’m a creep. I’m a weirdo.

  • Radiohead.

Fucking really hate both those songs. I’ve been listening to them since I was 10. I learned how to play them when I was 14.

Who the fuck spends money on the jukebox to play either song?

Or listens to it willingly!?

That shit still sounds in radio stations, bars, live covers, and other shit.

It’s ear torture.

People don’t get how I can hate certain sounds/music. They think that it’s just easy to ignore.

For me… it’s like a bad smell.

If something smells bad, you are going to fucking go somewhere else or cover your nose. That’s what some music is. Shit to my ears.

And a lot of people like shit.

Let them eat shit.

  • Marie Antoinette.


I can’t decide on breakfast. I think I want bacon and eggs. I think I want molletes. I think I want tacos de birria or maybe some shrimp.


I think I want to write that. Or maybe that. Or interview this person. Or the other.

Maybe I’m going insane.

Top 10 music last year.

  • Monobody
  • Charles Mingus
  • INUS
  • Sleeping People
  • Covet (and Yvette Young)
  • Chon
  • Enemies
  • Delta Sleep
  • Totorro
  • Elephant Gym

I’m listening to Elephant Gym right now. So fucking good. So fucking good.

I want a bass. Start (or join) a band.

Get more photo equipment. Have a photo studio. More work. More and more work.

I don’t trust my own talent. I don’t own up to it. I strive for perfection and don’t even come close and I beat myself up heavily for that. Creative minds are exhausting. That’s why I get drunk.

Tap Tuesday yesterday was good. Had a burger at Indie Burger. Talked to Beto the bartender in Barrica inside Colectivo 9. Thought about Teorema/Lúdica but I wasn’t feeling their line-up (curious about a strawberry saison, but didn’t want to spend money on it).

Norte. The best tap Tuesday there is.

One beer there… then one of the owners of another brewery (Border Psycho) hit me up that he arrived. I had some questions for him for the article I’m writing.

I don’t know why I’m fixated on this idea when at the same time it feels wrong. But I’ve done that before. And it worked out…

I have to finish the article in the next couple of days so I can move on.

A cover photo comes out today!

I’m excited about it. I’m not sure what photo they used. But that it is already out, means I can share the best pictures!

And oh my! What a fun photo shoot that was. Oh boy!

Oh my!

The shoot happened a couple weeks ago with the boss man and one of the editors from the office. *Edit, the graphic designer*

Boss man bought the breakfast beer back then. I don’t even like drinking in the morning. I don’t get why people do.

Once I have one beer, I crave another. So I rather avoid them in the morning altogether.

Or it’s a slippery slope to real alcoholism.

9:59 am… stores can sell booze in one minute. I could go for a beer right now…

I’m kidding. There’s one in my fridge and I want it for much later. Right now, I should go to the store for some eggs and bacon and coffee and more.

But I fucking hate that supermarket.

Maybe it is time to move out to a different city. This place gets exhausting. It’s too much. It’s too easy. It’s too hectic. It’s too crazy. It’s too intense.

My top 10 of the year will come out tomorrow. This is post #468.

Friday, December 22nd, will be my last day of blogging daily.

Because I crave this (yes), the idea is that my craving will translate to write more interesting shit in a form of a book. People say that they would read it. So… why not!?

If it turns out to be shit… then too late! Already wrote it! Someone had to read it! Who cares!

And I’ll try again.

Or something.

I don’t know how many lives I have left. I need to collect 100 coins. Or rings. Or a green mushroom.


Top 10 soon. I’m still thinking about it.

Spoiler though, it’s barely going to contain any new music.

Aleks Santa instead.

The cover hasn’t come out online. It will in a couple of hours or so. Chad’s story inspired the cover. Here’s his story. Or also click the picture.

Yep. Light painting galore. I did this extra pic for myself… but the art editor likes it! So it’s in the middle of the magazine.

I’m not sure what the cover is, I just know it’s Santa with a beer. But I took so damn many.

So it could be this one:

I have a feeling is that one.

Here’s more.

Getting ready to leave the office.

Driving to Star Bar.

Reading the bar info.

Bum Santa.

Drinking outside a bar at 11 am.

And with the bartender.

Happy Santa.

Drinking at 11 a.m. on a Friday.

Ok… I took way too many pics.

Switched to the short lens and flash for fun stuff.

This is such a paparazzo shot.

I love light painting with Christmas lights…

Playing this game.

That game is actually really fun… but I never play it because it’s always just at bars and it’s really expensive and short.



I love doing those too.

In general… that Tokina 11-16mm/2.8f is one of my favorite lenses ever. I just like wide angles and flash… I used to love the 17-40mm/4.0 f… that was my first lens. I loved the fuck out of that lens. But the wider the better.

Also… lower f stops is always better.

I need a 50mm/1.4f because I only have the 85mm/1.8f and that with a crop sensor is basically 100mm and that’s way too tight.

Speaking of the 85mm.

Back to it.

Santa playing pool.

Super dark inside Star Bar. Only the neon lights above the pool table were illuminating Santa.

This one was so dark I just fucked around in Lightroom until it gave it this cartoony vibe.

And under the neon lights.

It’s dark and I like it like that.

I know they wouldn’t publish dark. They always want bright and colorful…

But them pics look almost like a Coors ad.


Because very grainy. A real ad would do this shit in a studio or simply with better gig and way more illuminated. I like it like this though. Real. But less grain would be better.

Last idea.

Santa waiting for the bus.

And drinking.

We should have put a bottle or can in there. Not necessarily beer… but you can tell the bag was empty. It looks more like Santa is huffing glue than actually drinking.

Last one.

Like always… Pics could have been better.

Which one is your favorite?!

I’m going to throw a bunch on the ole Instagram account and try to see if Reddit likes any of this…

The cover hasn’t come out.

And I’m hungry. Want to post this. Get some breakfast. Start working out. Go back to the other article.

BTW. I have 750 words already. With the interview, it’s easily 1,000+ and I’m not even 1/4 done. So it’s looking like 2,500 maybe.

Hopefully. Let’s see what happens.

But I need to finish that pronto.

The finish line is near!

Two more posts to go!




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  1. Haha I know. I keep it simple to not give out explanations… but I can edit it (I should have said one of the office guys instead)…

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