Reddit Morning (Shitposting and Karma) – Slow Saturday – Post #465, Five More to Go

I woke up at 7 am for no reason. My brain was just like “wake up dude, it’s Saturday and you have nothing to do.”

You are correct brain.

I have nothing to do today. So why wake me up so early?

I went to bed around midnight… Fell asleep after the Hobbits deal with Gollum (the beginning of The Two Towers)

I’ve been on Reddit since early. Shitposting.

Yesterday was fried chicken Friday. It has been so long since I had it. And it was everything that I desired. It always feels like a nice homecooked southern meal. And friends are always there.

If he didn’t sell out, I might go get some fried chicken Saturday. Or maybe I’ll get the blackened fish.

Point is. Voodoo Stu’s is back and it’s as great as always.

I don’t know why I felt compelled to share this story in an obscure Reddit thread. Not that type of obscure. More like pointless subreddit where people share stories of pretending they belong when they don’t belong. This story is not even that much it. It’s just… dumb.

When I was 19, and in college, senior friends invited me to a bar in between classes (this is in Minnesota). I told them I didn’t have an ID for it. A friend checked my wallet and saw my driver’s license from Mexico (where I grew up). The license had the date when it was given to me and when it expired. My friend told me to just tell them that that date meant that it was my 21st birthday.

Not only did that bar believe it, I tried it in other bars and liquor stores in four different states (Midwest) and only one place told me that didn’t make sense and that I needed a US identification (and I just apologized and left).

Most people didn’t ask me much after telling them “that’s the date I turned 21.”

It’s amazing what a foreign ID can do in the US.


So when I’m done word vomiting on this blog I’m just going to infest other areas with my vomit. And the idea is to get paid for it. Somehow. At least with upvotes.

Are jobs as a blogger still a thing?

Speaking of the end, this is post 465. So five more to go to make it a nice round 470. And the space that WordPress provides me for the $16 a year or whatever I pay to host this page this will be full. I don’t plan to pay any extra. I don’t have any extra.

$32 a year for two websites is enough. One is just me and my shit (this shit). The other is Tijuana Adventure. That one still has plenty of space (I believe). So I’ll migrate over there to word vomit… But don’t count on it being daily or 1,000+ words. Or even on me doing it at all! I say I’m going to do things all the time and then I never do!

It’s cold.

I’m cold.

Anyone else cold?

My fingers are cold and that typing is slow and painful. I need breakfast. I’m not sure what I want.

It’s between eggs and bacon again or shrimp enchilado tacos.

It’s dumb how a small comment on a top post on Reddit will give me so much karma and replies. I seriously just mentioned that I keep my keys in my right pocket and my phone in my left. I mean, only 76 uptoots, but I keep getting replies in my inbox of people either agreeing or disagreeing with me.

Reddit is dumb.

And there I am.

My favorite social media next to Instagram. People are addicted to likes. It’s bad for society. Imagine being addicted to the front page.

And I want to get there so bad again… but at the same… not.

Of course with OC. Not crossposting or going through the web. OC only.


I am no /u/GallowBoob.

Fucking GallowBoob has 19,346,140 points of Karma.

That’s a lot of fucking stupid karma.

Compared to my measly 39,000.

Well… 39,019 because I’ve been posting this morning.

I liked the rounded 39,000.

At least it’s mostly all OC. Fuck you GallowBoob (I’m kidding, I would probably fanboy if I met him).


Combined karma of 55,207.

I forgot that top post was that burger. Dog Haus should pay me for that picture. It has 192.4k views. That’s a lot of fucking views. 15,336 karma points come from this post (89% upvoted). So some fuckers still saw this picture and downvoted.

I sort of want that sandwich now.

Dog Haus should pay me with unlimited burgers and dogs. Giving them that reach… Which I also cross-posted.

Not to mention I saw that picture in an article and they didn’t credit me. And a lot of fuckers probably stole this picture for other things.

So I’m sure a picture I took reached over 1 million views.

It’s funny to find your picture on the internet. Always not credited.

That’s been my morning on Reddit. Already scrolled so far down that the content sucks.

I had a couple of pints of Poolside Pale Ale with my fried chicken Friday. Bumped into a friend at Mamut. He told me to have a pint with him and so I did.

Then Nelson by myself because my friend went somewhere and didn’t really explain if he was going to be back or not.

Then he showed up at Nelson.

Beers at Nelson. Undecided what to do. Friday night. I could party. There was the big inauguration of the new club/restaurant on the rooftop of Sara. But nah. Nah. Nah…

I didn’t feel like partying much. I already go out basically every day. I’m running low on money. And I shouldn’t be partying.

I should be fine with money. The Reader owes me a couple of gigs, but not much. I will finish the article that I have in my mind before the 22nd. I want it to run the first month of the year. But let’s see what happens.

If they publish me today. I’ll be more than fine. It got rejected, I re-wrote it, but who knows.

Writing is hard.

Getting accepted is not an easy task.

It’s a rough freelance life. The gamble.

And I’m going to gamble after I’m done with this word vomit and email the bossman. Tell him I want something steady because I get tired of the freelancing. Something in the office. I’m not even sure what job I can do for them, I just know I can do more.

Yep. Eggs and bacon for breakfast. Need to buy the bacon. Wished there was better bacon in my vicinity. The shitty supermarket sells shitty bacon.

But I’ve been craving eggs and bacon for breakfast. And also, I shouldn’t spend money on tacos when I know I’ll go out later and spend it on other food and beer.



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